Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday's RidicuList: This Guy

AC360 Transcript
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doglover said...

6/25/14 unfortunately because of so many interuptions I only got fragmented parts of tonights program but thank goodness I did see the Ridiculist. This was one of the funniest he has had in a long time & because of Andersons life it was that much more hilarious.He managed to keep control quite well once he got that word out.Omg laughed so hard wish I could have it DVR. It sure made up for some of tbe less interesting parts hearx earlier.Hope there are more good ones like this.

Jaanza said...

The first two minutes of Tuesday's 360 was about several states' primaries but centering on the one in Mississippi. Dana Bash was in Jackson MS; she and Anderson gave a brief overview of the Cochran and McDaniel fight for the GOP side in the state's Senate race.
Then the subject was Iraq. Anderson stated the basics and a clip of somebody's "exclusive interview" with Sect. of State John Kerry. Nope, not an exclusive. I saw parts of the ABC and CBS 5:30 (CST) news and they had interviews with Kerry too.
Barbara Starr, Nic Robertson and David Sedway discussed the latest on the fighting, the Iraqi govt. and possible U.S. intervention. Anderson interviewed former U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford on how the Iraqi almost civil war is impacting Syria. Ford was very well-spoken and pointed out a couple times there "are no easy choices how to solve this problem but we can't ignore it..." and he called ISIS "a cancer."

Drew Griffin delivered another report on the VA hospital crisis.

Dana Bash came back with more news on the Cochran-McDaniel primary race and John King had news on other primary races in Utah and New York. Anderson's questions to King ended with one about the publicity stunt by several Congressional leaders joining hands and singing "We Shall Overcome" and looking very uncomfortable doing it.

I doubt there would have been a segment devoted to the World Cup if that Uruguay player hadn't bitten the Dutch player. But he did so Anderson talked to Angela Davies and Evander Holyfield.

I was checking in on Hayes throughout 360 and missed the start of the 'explicit tweet leads to Congressional aide quitting' story. Anderson had an update on a few primaries including the Mississippi one. Gary Tuchman had the Bulletin.

The Ridiculist was okay but not as good as yesterday's. While the topic - an American student getting stuck in a vagina sculpture in Germany - was certainly ridiculous. But it didn't have any cute owls and Anderson's act of being uncomfortable with the word 'vagina' for part of the time edged on corniness.

If I didn't watch Rachel Maddow's opening segment n the Cochran-McDaniel fight I would have thought 360's reporting on that race was perfectly adequate. But I did watch Maddow and have to say her time on the race, the men and the bigger implications was much better than Anderson's and Bash's.

aries moon said...

Former Ambassador Robert Ford seemed to be another sensible, measured voice on Iraq--his views on the difficulties faced by the U.S. in trying to stop ISIS and deal with Malaki and the Sunni and Shia were sobering.

Skipped Drew Griffin and watching Dana Bash and John King reminded me why I'll probably be avoiding CNN's mid-term coverage. I don't care about the World Cup but the segment was ok--I thought AC wasn't interested in any sports at all but he said he's been watching the World Cup.

AC had me laughing during Joe John's Congressional Aide sex scandal report--I think AC threw Joe off a bit when he started laughing during the report--Joe is all business and doesn't seem to have AC's ability to go off-script with ease, but it was still an amusing segment.

Welp, I'll admit I'm a sucker for the awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassed, giggling AC and that was on full display during the Ridiculist. Crazy subject and funny reaction by AC.

Anonymous said...

I found Tuesday's AC360 a mixed bag. I found Anderson's interview with Rober Ford, the Former Ambassador to Syria interesting. It is sobering to hear so many wise voices say there are no good options to the problems in Iraq and Syria and across the ME. I read an interesting article about the meetings President Obama has with his advisors concerning the military possibilities in that region. His question to every ption presented is "And then what?" Too bad some of our previous leaders didn't ask that question before they drug us into the was in Iraq. The fact that Richard Clark was in the room with both President H.W. Bush and W when the discussion to invade Iraq took place and it was predicted both times that it would break Iraq into pieces leaves one to wonder about the wisdom of some elected leaders. Yes, I'm looking at Cheney and W. W even stated he didn't know the difference between Sunni and Shia and seemed to be proud of the fact. If the "And then what?" question had been asked and respected prior to the invasion Iraq and the region may not be in the mess it's in today. I'm so happy we have a President who doesn't plow into action without knowing the consequences

Here's hoping AC360 continues to have on wise voices vs. war mongers and that people take note and quit expecting the U.S. to "fix" the ME. Would love to see a grass roots movement take hold and those in Congress that are war mongers and obstructionists voted out of office.

I was not really that interested in the primary coverage last night. I think they needed to go more in-depth about open primaries and voter turnout, etc. to give viewers a better picture of what the results may mean for the general election. Apparently Wolf anchored a later edition of AC360 covering the primary coverage. Not sure why Anderson didn't stay to anchor his own program, but rather taped a different ending of the repeat AC360 that tossed to Wolf, so it's not like he didn't know about the coverage. Some on social media are questioning if he's moving away from CNN since he seems to do his program and leave.

The Congressional Leaders holding hands and singing "We Shall Overcome" needed a little more explanation of why it happened and perhaps about the state of Congress and their unwillingness to work together for the greater good. The look on John Boehner's face spoke volumes and apparently today he spoke about a law suit against President Obama claiming he is not upholding the law. Guess the Republicans have short term memory loss?

I found the ridiculist hilarious because of AC's delivery.

Hoping for a better story mix tonight and if there are updates to the VA story, I wish AC would just present the new facts and leave Drew's past reporting repeats in the past.

Would love to see Anderson do a special report on how past U.S. actions brought us to this point in Iraq and the ME. He could use wise/education voices such as Fareed Zakaria and Peter Bergen to name a couple. Too many people don't understand the connections going back to arming the Afghans to fight the Russians and then leaving the country in a shambles once they defeated the Russians, to the Iran-Contra Affair, etc. There are many pieces to the ME puzzle and it's not going to be solved by once again sending in the U.S. Military. Perhaps not knee-jerk sending in troops takes a stronger leader than someone who deploys troops, spends billions of dollars and then just hopes for the best! If done right, it would beat the endless repeats of Bourdain's show.