Monday, June 02, 2014

Two Live Hours of AC360, A Canceled V. Stiviano Interview & The RidicuList

AC360 was live for both the 8PM & 9PM ET hours.  Two topics were covered; the deal to and release of Sgt. Bowe Berghdahl and the latest on Donald Sterling.  The second hour included new reports and guests, and a two segment report by Poppy Harlow on a hipster mega church in NYC.  The first hour ended with this RidicuList...

While Anderson briefly mentioned V. Stiviano being attacked in NYC he neglected to include why she was in NYC.  EXTRA and USA Today had the scoop.

From USA Today -
V. Stiviano attacked by men shouting racial slurs

The woman at the center of the Donald Sterling scandal was punched in the face by two white men who called her racial slurs outside a New York City restaurant over the weekend. Stiviano was in New York for a TV appearance with CNN's Anderson Cooper. CNN canceled the interview, but a spokesperson said it had nothing to do with the attack.

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Jaanza said...

Today's big story was Sgt. Bergdahl's release from being a POW in Afghanistan, the mystery of how he got to be a POW in the first place and the controversy of trading five inmates at Guatamano Bay for Bergdahl. Anderson spent three segments on this story, Hayes spent two.

There was a report at the start (from Joe Johns? Not sure), an interview with a guy named Bethea who was stationed with Bergdahl and claimed he went AWOL and then a panel with David Rohde, Dan O'Shea and Robert Baer.

The second segment was all about the trade - Bergdahl for the five Afghan guys at Guatamano - and "...did President Obama break the law?" I switched to Hayes who was covering the same topic and, like Anderson, talking to a Republican Representative. However I stayed with Hayes because I felt his interview would be more even-keeled.

After seeing Anderson start a third segment on Bergdahl, this one focusing on POW recovery, I went back to Hayes because Hayes had moved on to a new topic.

'Sterling Deal Details' was all about alleged shenanigans by the Sterlings. This story has elements that did interest me in the past but I didn't watch this segment. Brian Todd's report irritated me because the whole thing was labelled LIVE when Todd was narrating the footage of Sterling at an African-American church "...on Sunday Sterling attended..." On Sunday. Not LIVE. And then the footage of Stiviano and her big spacey visor from a while back...yada yada yada. Nearly everything labelled LIVE when it's clearly not. I went to MSNBC and I'm not apologizing for it because it was part two of his interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Which wasn't live and wasn't labelled LIVE.

So I missed the Ridiculist. Thanks, ATA, for posting it.
Here's the deal: I might have rated the Ridiculist as acceptable but unfortunately I saw the last few minutes of Burnett's show. Those few minutes had a Jeanne Moos piece all about the Tennesee bride who secured her one-month-old daughter to the wedding dress train. Moos' piece was terrific. Today's Ridiculist paled in comparison.

The 'Extra' clip stated Anderson's interview with Stiviano '...won't be happening..." apparently because she has some nastiness in her past. Left unsaid was who's choice it was to cancel the interview. I would respect Stiviano if she did the interview and owned up to everything. OTOH do we really need to see more of her?

aries moon said...

No matter what President Obama does, it is guaranteed that the GOP and the media will slam him for it--I'm convinced that nothing he does for the remainder of his time in office will viewed positively. Bowe Bergdahl's parents & hometown are pleased with the President's actions, although Jeff Toobin said he 'broke the law'-- but not still necessarily an impeachable act.

Can't wait until Donald Sterling and V. Stiviano are completely off 360's radar, they are both horrible people who just need to go away and shut up.