Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wednesday's RidicuList; Wheel of Misfortune

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Jaanza said...

For dubious reasons, I didn't watch much of the first two segments of Wednesday's 360. Anderson started the show with more information on the Las Vegas shooting of five people (including the shooters). I'm still not in the mood to hear more about this shooting and went to MSNBC. Hayes was covering Cantor and Brat.

In his second segment, Anderson covered Cantor and Brat. Dana Bash had a pretty good report on the resignation as House Majority Leader, the immigration issue and the campaign money issue. When Bash appeared on screen she was wearing a tank top. More on that later.
But when Anderson introduced the panel - Newt Gingrich, Ana Navarro, John King - I had to change the channel. DH can't stand Gingrich's voice and I can't stand Navarro's.

I liked Gary Tuchman's report on children involved in the immigration issue and the larger picture of women and kids coming from Central America and what happens to them here. It was a little funny hearing Tuchman speak Spanish; he was doing it so slowly and carefully it sounded painful.

The segment on insurgents capturing Mosul Iraq should have been the lead story. The report - labeled LIVE - was the same one shown earlier on the Situation Room. Anderson talked to Jim Sciutto on what's been going on, whether the U.S. will help the Iraqi government and what the deal is with Iraqi President Al Malicki. Sciutto explained, 'Al Malicki is Shiite, he can't handle the Sunnis'. This story should have gotten more time in part to discuss the 'why it happened' and the Shiite/Sunni divide in Iraq.

I missed the start of Anderson's interview with TX State Rep. Bryan Hughes on the TX GOP "embracing' therapy to "heal" gays. The interview wasn't labelled LIVE which added to the feeling of deja vu. Has this been broadcast before? Was it brought back in reference to an Oklahoman state candidate advocating the stoning of gays? (The Oklahoma guy, Scott Esk, says it's because it's in the Bible.)

The Ridiculist was okay. The video montage of brilliant answers was impressive. I haven't watched 'Wheel of Fortune' in more than a decade so all the video clips were new to me.

I've been criticizing some CNN women for wearing clothes that appear too summery and casual. It just doesn't look professional next to a suit-and-tie guy or another woman who's not wearing a tank top. Today I watched the beginning of Rachel Maddow's show. She's always dressed in plain simple blazers and tops but never a tank top. Today she left the desk and stood in front of a big 'Modern U.S. Political Shockers Chart'... while wearing blue jeans. Maddow's piece was terrific but I wish she'd worn better pants. At least it wasn't blue jeans with a tank top.