Thursday, July 31, 2014

AC360 Web Exclusive Interview & Anderson Cooper's Discussion with Ari Shavit and David Gergan

Anderson's interview with Ron Dermer ran long and only part of it made it on air.  Anderson said it would be posted to

Web Exclusive: Anderson Cooper's full interview with Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer
Authorities in Gaza say more than 1,300 people have been killed there since the war began. The United Nations estimates 70-80% of the dead were civilians. 56 Israelis have been killed, all but three were troops. That disparity drives a perception in parts of the world, that the war is, if not wrong outright, then at least it is being wrongly fought. In Israel, there is overwhelming public support, with approval between 80-90%. Ron Dermer is Israel's Ambassador to the United States.

In the second hour Anderson had a rather interesting interview Ari Shavit, a leading Israeli journalist and author; and David Gergan concerning an article Shavit wrote claiming John Kerry is responsible for escalating the crisis in Gaza....

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

I am so fickle. Recently I complained there wasn't enough coverage of the Israel/Hamas war on 360 That's changed and for the past week I think there have been at least two segments on the war (don't know about Tuesday and Wednesday).
But during Thursday's opening segment on the latest from Gaza and Jerusalem and the new ceasefire agreement, I checked in on Hayes. Hayes reported on the failure of the border bill and other ways Congress is a failure. I watched this because it was a topic I didn't think Anderson would lake time for (and I was right) and I was interested in hearing about the topic.

In 360's second segment Anderson spoke with Palestinian Ambassador Maen Arikat and then former Ambassador Danny Ayalon for the Israeli POV. This was mostly about the new ceasefire but also got into other elements of the Israel/Hamas war.

This was the same format for the third segment focusing on politics and diplomacy. Peter Beinart represented the pro-Israel side and Yousef M for the Gazians. I did not get Yousef's full last name; it was on-screen for a split second and that was it.

I chose the ebola segment and Q&A with Sanjay Gupta as the time to go upstairs and take out my contact lenses.

For the last segment I could have watched Anderson cover MH17 and his talk with a crash investigator but instead I watched Hayes cover Ruth Bader Ginsburg and how some are calling for her to resign. The story on Ginsburg was simply more relevant to me.

I wasn't home Tuesday evening and missed 360 that night. On Wednesday DH had to watch the new Penn and Teller show broadcast at the same time as 360. There was a repeat of 360 scheduled for later but it was the same time as Stewart and Colbert. CNN used to show 360 again at 1 AM (midnight here) but not anymore.

Regarding the provious ATA post:
1. I barely remember Lisa Bloom.
2. Yes, Anderson's hair is too short.
3. Anderson on 'The View' would be intersesting; questions coming from four or five different sources. Maybe Anderson feels more comfortable with or has connections to 'CBS Morning Show' because it falls under the CBS news umbrella along with '60 Minutes'. I've never watched 'Wendy Williams'.

aries moon said...

On Wednesday's 360, the report about the Republicans suing President Obama was tacked onto the final moments of the second hour--Anderson did a good intro to the piece when he said that there were so many other important problems for Congress to tackle, but instead they chose to sue POTUS. Like Jaanza, I wish 360 would do more reports on what's happening in Congress but sometimes I get the feeling that domestic politics doesn't interest AC as much as international strife does--if that's the case, he needs to consider what his viewers may want to hear about--there's a lot of craziness happening within the Republican party and the lawsuit and impeachment talk is a part of it. Not complaining about the Israel-Hamas coverage, it's been very good, but with 2 hours, 360 should fit in a bit more time for US politics.

Anonymous said...

If Anderson was sooo interested in "international news" he'd get off his rear and report live, like he did at the beginning of his career.
CNN is in a distant third place on cable for good reason. No one including Anderson, really wants to do investigative reporting.
They'd rather sit on on their behinds and get in it from another website or twitter, and collect salaries that far out weigh their skill or talent.

Anonymous said...

I'm really tired of people like anonymous 9:56 who only have complaints about Anderson. He does a lot more than "sit on his behind" and read the news. His coverage of the Gaza situation has been great so far. Who knows, he may even travel to Israel since the conflict isn't showing any sign of de-escalating. In any case, he's been working a lot lately, being on the air most of the day last week, and I'm sick of armchair critics who have nothing better to do than whine and criticize his performance. Why come to an Anderson Cooper fan blog if you have nothing positive to say about the man?

Anonymous said...

I also am really sick of the complaints about Anderson. He is the best. Also no offense to Jaanza, but I think you should try and find a Chris Hayes fan site. I have never once seen a comment that agrees with you about him.