Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Anderson Cooper Guest Co-Host on Live with Kelly & Michael July 16, 2014

Anderson Cooper  was Guest Co-Host on Live with Kelly and Michael today.  Anderson shared stories about shoes shopping, his childhood and more....

Host Chat Part 1:

Host Chat Part 2:

Travel Trivia:

Guest - Zach Braff:

Guest - Andie MacDowell:


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Anonymous said...

I thought Anderson was a little annoying during the Host Chat segment today. He kept interrupting Kelly and barely let her say anything, so intent he was on talking about his preference for a certain type of shoes, and on telling anecdotes from his childhood that he has already told many times before. I hate to sound negative, but I thought he came across as a big full of himself and not very gracious towards Kelly, who didn't get an opportunity to contribute much to his self-satisfied monologue.

aries moon said...

Anderson has a LOT of issues. Or maybe he's just exaggerating it all for fun.

Good report on 360 about how the GOP have made the undocumented children/refugee situation worse by demonizing them and stating false information as fact. I liked how Anderson went after Tuesday's guest, Sheriff Paul Babeau, for basically lying and being irresponsible with the information he's pushing.

Jaanza said...

This is my post about Wednesday's 360.

360 started out great, finally a segment all about the politics of immigration. I loved Anderson's line concerning "....politicians stoking anger instead of creating solutions..." There were several clips of GOPers ranting about the immigration crisis with neptunian claims concerning diseases and gang violence. Anderson shot down both those claims with the facts.
Best of all were clips of one boneheaded local politician, Adam Kwasman, who with other people protested a bus that was actually filled not with immigrant kids but YMCA kids. Kwasman's weaseling responses to the facts was better than Gov. Scott's evasive answers yesterday.
I also enjoyed the clip of Dana Bash questioning Rep. Rich Nugent on his 'immigrant kids as gang members' statement. Nugent stuck by what he said because he heard this on FOX news. Later he emphasized that he also heard it from a border patrol union guy (whom he didn't name).
The panel of Bash, Ana Navarro and Dan Restrepo was pretty good. Lots of good questions and answers. Of special note was Anderson asking Navarro about the GOP being damaged by crazy rhetoric like ones heard in the earlier clips and then Navarro dismissing those politicians as being only a few GOPers who were anti-immigrant and they were only saying those things to get attention.
Also of note was Restrepo's comment on 'how detached from reality the anti-immigration voices' are, how these voices are concentrated in the GOP and 'this holds the Republican Party hostage' and 'comprehensive immigration policy can't move forward'.
At the end of the panel Bash was optimistic that something would be done on immigration policy before Congress starts its summer break.
Overall this was a great segment and I loved seeing 360 take a look at the political side of the immigration issue. That was all that was needed. Anderson could have left the topic at that.

But he didn't. Immigration got another segment. Anderson interviewed immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas and later I saw the end of Rosa Flores' report. Most of the second segment I was watching Hayes cover the Israel/Hamas war centering on the four boys killed on the Gaza beach. Hayes devoted the whole segment to this.

Anderson devoted the start of the third segment to talking with Wolf Blitzer about the four Palestinian boys and the current state of affairs over there. It was a good discussion while it lasted but someone somewhere at 360 felt it didn't deserve a whole segment. Most of the segment was an update on Bowe Bergdahl. Back to MSNBC where Hayes had an interesting report on 'Water Wars' regarding the drought in California and calls from officials asking people to report neighbors who are wasting water.
This had a personal childhood element for me. Someday I'll tell you all about Mr. Shabelski.

There was a report on the prostitute who allegedly caused the heroin death of a customer; didn't watch.

Anderson commemorated the 15th anniversary of John Kennedy Jr.'s death with a too long and a bit too maudlin piece. Did Anderson know JFK Jr.? Is that why this wasn't just a blip in the Bulletin? Was there a Bulletin? I don't remember seeing one.

The Ridiculist about misspellings in home-made political signs was alright. I just wish the clip from Weird Al Yankovic's 'Word Crimes' video had been longer.

Sometime soon i'll find the time to watch the Anderson & Kelly clips.