Friday, July 11, 2014

Anderson Cooper Interviews Sonia Nazario & Friday's RidicuList

On Friday's AC360 Anderson interviewed Sonia Nazario, author of "Enrique's Journey" and a Pulitzer-Prize winning author who penned an article that will appear in Sunday's New York Times.  Anderson tweeted out the link to the article which you may find by clicking here.


Friday's RidicuList:  Sneaky Snakes!

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I was 7 minutes late and couldn't really get into Friday's 360. When I was finally able to get to 360, Anderson was speaking to a man who's name was never shown on the screen (while I was watching). The topic was immigration and the man wanted a humanitarian response to the crisis and for the U.S. to provide more resources. The man didn't name any names or make specific calls for either Obama or Boehner to get off their duffs and do something. At the end of the segment Anderson said, "...Mr. Sooses, thanks for coming on."
Just as I wish CNN had put the guy's name on screen for me, I wish the guy would have, like Obama has, specifically called for those in Congress to take action.

The second segment containing a report from Gary Tuchman at the Mexican-Guatemalen border and an interview with Sonia Nazario might have been excellent. I don't know because I was watching Hayes take a good look at Boehner's lawsuit against Obama. This piece of news has been mentioned on 360 - blipped in the Bulletin - but never a full report or serious study. And there really should be.

The segment on the Israel-Hamas almost war got more time than in recent days. Anderson started with a clip I saw previously on the Situation Room of Blitzer and crew hearing the sirens and heading into a shelter. Anderson spoke with Blitzer in Jerusalem and Ben Wedeman in Gaza. Two questions for each. Tom Foreman's report examining Israel's "Iron Dome" was pretty good. However, this story should be first in the show and get two segments.

I didn't watch the Lebron James segment. Hayes was showing a taped interview about Chicago gun violence. But Hayes also covered Lebron James in his last segment.

John Walsh's son's abduction was a horrible tragedy. Anderson had a big report on it and included a big profile of Walsh himself. I saw that later Anderson interviewed Walsh in the 360 studio. I didn't watch. I checked back in a few times but felt the boiled-down purpose was to promote Walsh's new CNN show.
I have a few pet peeves with 360. I don't like the 'LIVE' icon on during obviously taped reports. I don't like Anderson taking big chunks of time to promote other CNN shows instead of reporting the news.
Instead of Hayes and Lebron, I enjoyed watching footage of the Le Tour de France; beautiful shots, ground and air, of the French countryside.

When I saw the topic of the Ridiculist was about snakes and it started with Anderson being kind of immature about the snake in the toilet, I went back to the bicycle race.

aries moon said...

360 never seems to want to delve much into the indisputable nonsense the right throws at President Obama, such as Boehner's ridiculous lawsuit and impeachment talk--Anderson was even flippant about the president's "so sue me" remark when he announced what was coming up in the bulletin instead of doing an actual report on what it all means. Boehner's lawsuit was being picked apart and mostly derided by political writers/commentators and is said to not have much legal standing. When it comes to the GOP and their very real destructive/obstructionist/do- nothing tendencies, 360 is silent, but they'll go all out to accuse the Obama Administration of wrongdoing, even if it's just blown out of proportion, sparse on facts, GOP scandal mongering or focusing on a non-issue like photo-ops. When the Obama Administration is proven correct on certain policy decisions that 360 has been critical of, they never acknowledge it or how THEIR reporting missed the mark. This is something I find very frustrating about the program. You don't have to be an admirer of the president to report on him fairly and accurately if you consider yourself to be a respectable news program/reporter. Just be honest in your reporting.

Welp, I liked the Ridiculist--I do like when AC's serious, stern newsman persona disappears for a few minutes during the Ridiculist and he really does have the sense of humor of a 12 year old kid.