Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Anderson Cooper on Watch What Happens Live!

Anderson and Kelly Ripa were Andy Cohen's guests on WWHL and hilarity ensued......

From Live Kelly and Michael on Twitter:

From WWHL on Twittter:

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Anonymous said...

I usually don't watch WWHL because I'm not a big fan of Andy Cohen, but I did watch last night's show because AC was on, and I have to admit that it was a really fun episode. Anderson and Kelly are so great together, and the 3 of them obviously had a great time doing the show.

aries moon said...

It's too bad that Anderson and Kelly Ripa couldn't have a show together--they play off of each other really well--Kelly cracked me up during that game where she and AC were just shouting questions at each other. Like anon 9:40, I rarely watch WWHL mainly because I'm not interested in all that Housewives stuff--if he eliminated that, I might watch it more often.