Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anderson Cooper's Monday Coverage on CNN July 21, 2014

Anderson anchored "Legal View" at Noon ET today.

AC360 was expanded to two hours and Anderson opened the program with a recap of the events surrounding MH17....

...and remembered some of the lives lost.

And there was a very good discussion between Anderson and Carl Bernstein on President Obama during the end of the second hour.

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Jaanza said...

Monday's 360 had some terrific moments. Anderson started with an MH17 overview of the latest and a talk with Chris Cuomo in eastern Ukraine. Jim Sciutto had further information including a piece I hadn't heard before concerning the Russian ambassador to the UN stating 'if it was pro-Russian rebels, it was an accident'. This perhaps a "trial balloon" as Sciutto called it and perhaps soon leading to the Russians revealing more of what they know.
I thought the panel with Richard Quest, David Soucie and Philip Mudd was a great discussion covering a variety of details. Anderson hinted at the end of the segment that this panel would be back but I guess that wasn't until hour two of 360.

A close second-place finish for best panel of the night goes to Fareed Zakaria (why isn't he on more often?) and Carl Bernstein on the the political angle of MH17.

Anderson is very good at victim/grieving family member interviews and I'm sure his interview with two young women who lost friends in MH17 was very good. However, I was distracted by Hayes' segment on the man killed by chock hold by the NYPD.

I wish the segment devoted to Randi Kaye's report on MH17 conspiracy and/or oddball theories had been given to Wedeman and Blitzer to report on the Israel/Hamas war. The war did get time in a last, short segment but certainly warranted more time especially for a longer clip of Blitzer's interview with Netanyahu.

I wasn't able to watch the second hour.

MH17 is an incredibly important and still new story. However, I wish more time had been given to Israel/Hamas and, if a full segment for other news stories was not possible, at least a Bulletin.

aries moon said...

Agreed with Carl Bernstein about President Obama being the most vilified of all the Presidents but Bernstein started in on that 'failure to lead' baloney and how the President hasn't built relationships with the Democrats and Republicans--the President HAS reached out to Republicans and Dems but what can he do if they aren't cooperating with him. The most interesting part of the interview was when Anderson finally acknowledged that President Obama's decision-making on Syria, chemical weapons and Obamacare had been right all along even though he and other media and political figures did nothing but cast doubt on the President's efforts.

The Maylaysian airlines crash panels and AC's interviews with family members who lost loved ones were highlights.

Anonymous said...

Carol Bernstein is absolutely right when he denounces President Obama and says there is a "failure to lead." President Obama was and is a delegator.
There have been so many instances when he could have used his executive powers or the power of the Presidency and he failed to do so, like the budget crisis of last year. He could have, and should have, invoked the 14th amendment, but didn't.
Even President Clinton said he could have used his powers of the Presidency to his advantage, but kept blaming Congress.
Congress certainly has shown inemptness, but you can't blame everything on Congress.
President Obama's approval ratings are now slightly higher than W's and there's good reason.