Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anderson Cooper's Tuesday Coverage on CNN July 22, 2014

Anderson anchored "Legal View" at Noon ET on Tuesday and stated he will on Wednesday as well.

AC360 was expanded to two hours again tonight and Anderson opened the program with a recap of the day's events...

.... and remembered some of the lives lost.

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Jaanza said...

Nobody can fault 360's coverage of MH17. Anderson and his team report on all the latest, many of the details and every angle needing attention. MH17 remains a huge story. However... and you guys know this was leading to a 'However', MH17 is 90% of 360 and there's other important news going on.

The first segment was excellent. Anderson provided an overview of the elements of MH17 he would cover and also cover the Israel/Gaza war. Anderson talked about the train carrying most of the bodies, the fuselage, the area of the crash and Obama at the Dutch embassy. Barbara Starr had more info on the investigation and the Russians. Nick Paton Walsh reported on the train, the bodies, the search through the wreckage and the process of identification.

I was glad to see the Israel/Gaza war as the second segment. Anderson talked to Atika Schubert about the Tell Aviv airport and to Wolf Blitzer on the current state of the war. Then I was disappointed this segment was only 6 or 7 minutes, much shorter than the usual second segment.
To compare, Hayes also covered the Israel/Gaza war in his second segment which was 3 or 4 minutes longer than 360's. Also, Hayes had an additional segment on how the media is covering this conflict.
That's why I didn't see a lot of Anderson's discussion with Christiane Amanpour and William Taylor, former Ambassador to Ukraine.

Although I think 360 devoted too much time to MH17, the best panel was all about the crash site, the rebels and the investigation. David Soucie, Rick Francona and Richard Quest all did a great job.
Because those three guys were so good, I missed most of Hayes' segment on the courts, the corporations and Obamacare. Two appeals courts had opposite decisions on federal subsidies for the ACA and now it looks like the SCOTUS will have to get involved yet again. This is also an important news story but got zero time on 360.

Not as important, IMHO, is Texas Governor Perry's decision to send the Texas National Guard to the Mexican border. Hayes reported on this story last.
At the same time, Anderson had a thoughtful and gracious montage on the MH17 victims.

Is it too soon for me to suggest Anderson cover other news stories?

doglover said...

7/23/14 When there are god forbid these kind of disasters such as MH17 Anderson really gives excellent coverage and his guests whether in the studio or by cutaways are always so well chosen &wellinformed which really makes a difference in how the story comes across. I cant compare AC360 program tk the others as I havent been watching them I try to get Global news for BC .everything comes at same time seems if I DVR it I just dont get to it. Admittingly it gets a bit much at times hopefully powers that be will let AC give time to other news as well

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson's coverage of the MH17 tragedy has been absolutely superb. It is a huge story (the Dutch are calling it their 9/11), with many political ramifications, so it makes sense for 360 to devote most of its time to this senseless act.

Anonymous said...

It is not too soon for Anderson to cover other news stories, but knowing CNN they will go with the MH17 for as much mileage as they can possibly get out of it.
And Anderson is just the one to give it to them. His voice overs of all the victims, and the empathy for all the families for another tragedy that has befallen so many.
The real question is why isn't there anyone asking what Putin's involvement was, except for perhaps Barbar Starr at the Pentagon.
Yes, CNN management must pray for these times. Just think of the ratings during a slow news summers day.
Why they can drag this out for weeks and then have round table discussions with as many conservatives as they can find.
And John McCain will appear any day now.....to tell Anderson what he wants to hear.