Tuesday, July 08, 2014

He's Back! & Tuesday's RidicuList: Beach Dispute

And Anderson Tweeted the reason he was MIA from AC360 Monday night ~

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Jaanza said...

Glad to see Anderson back on the job; food poisoning can be incredibly nasty so I hope his case was mild and short-lived.

Anderson started with the immigrant kids ordeal. He and Michelle Kosinski talked about Obama's $3.7 B plan to try to fix this situation. In the Ed Lavendera report I appreciated him stating the current mess has it's roots in a child trafficking law signed by Dubya in 2008. It's that law some folks in Congress now want to change. There was also a panel with David Gergen and Dan Restrepo covering various elements of this crisis.

I'm sure Gary Tuchman's report on the Miami Beach couple who have helped over 800 immigrant kids was very sweet and touching. But I spent most of the segment watching Hayes' segment on the Israeli/Hamas exploding hostilities.

Anderson had a very good report on Israel/Hamas and a great talk with Ben Wedeman who's over there. But this subject was cut way too short and should have had more time.

A lot more time was spent on the toddler heatstroke car death story. It had two segments. First was a thorough report by Martin Savidge on the latest - the story of the mom, his and her actions and reactions, police interest and a study in grief reactions with examples from famous cases from the recent past. Sunny Hostin and Paul Callan discussed everything Savidge reported on and focused on the mom's reactions and the question of premeditation.

Next Anderson showed clips from 'heat in a car' video watched twice by toddler dad Harris. The video was made (by Dr. Ernie Ward?) to show dog owners how hot a car can get and how quickly. Sanjay Gupta provided details on what the body goes through in such conditions.

The Ridiculist about the beach bandits was okay but far more amusing is Anderson's photo at the top of today's ATA post. He looks like he's feeling the last tendrils of some intriguing drugs from yesterday. Exactly what did doctors put into Anderson's IV?

aries moon said...

AC seems to get food poisoning or have stomach problems a lot during/after travel (I remember some stories he told about that on his talk show). Sensitive stomach I guess.