Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday's RidicuList & Friday's Ratings - Yikes!


While AC360's ratings have been tanking for awhile now, Friday may have been a new low.  Per TVNewser ~

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Anonymous said...

Amderson's low ratings do not surprise me. It is the summer and
people are away or outside after this horrendous winter on the East Coast.
However, his popularity has been in the same decline over the years as the network he is affiliated with, CNN.
Would he do better on another network? We will never know because he keeps signing where he's safe....CNN.

Anonymous said...

Monday's 360 was a hot mess - from story selection/order to guests. AC360 deserves lousy ratings if that's the best program they can put on the air. It was a big news day and they led with a story that would have been better as a CNN special. The time spent on Israel/Gaza was way too short. No time spent on the Afghan election re-count, ISIS in Iraq, Eric Holder's speech, etc. And the report about the border was lacking in facts, filler from Gary Tuchman and a disgruntled politician spouting talking points. There needs to be a big staff shake up at AC360 if they hope to gain back viewers.

The old Anderson Cooper would have been anchoring AC360 from the border or else Gaza. Guess he likes the safety of the studio these days and the story selection and ratings reflect that. I still admire Anderson for the journalist he's capable of being, but 360 is just painful to watch most days any more.

Paul Begala co-hosted Crossfire again tonight and as much as I dislike Newt, it was refreshing to watch a smart, witty, knowledgeable person present facts and debunk Republican talking points. What happened to the AC360 that routinely had on people like Begala, Nic Robertson, Peter Bergen, Fareed Zakaria? I miss that show....

Jaanza said...

How does the ratings count viewers who do not watch an entire program but switch back and forth between two (or more)? I do that often and was doing it again Monday night during 360.

Echoing Anon 11:54, the lead story should not have been the lead story. Sex offenders/predators working at theme parks is an important story but today not more important than a fair number of other relevant and urgent news stories.
Hayes was covering one of those - the new MidEast war between Israel and Hamas and the new cease-fire talks. It was a very good first segment.

Anderson did get to Israel/Hamas in his second segment. He gave an overview of the topic and again two questions each for Blitzer and Wedeman. And again more time should have been given to this topic and those two men on the scene.

I saw the beginning of the immigration coverage and was mildly hopeful. Besides a clip of a plane returning families to Hondurus, there were two clips of politicians (McCain and ?) ranting about the immigration crisis. I was hoping this meant the segment would be a good hard look at the politics of this issue, what certain politicians/political bodies have done or not done and proposed solutions. That didn't happen. Anderson turned things over to Rosa Flores and it looked like it was going to be another report on the humanitarian angle.
Meanwhile Hayes had an excellent soliloquy on Tracy Morgan's lawsuit against Walmart. Hayes is good at these soliloquies; talking for five minutes or more on a serious topic and hitting all the right notes.
So I only saw the end part of Anderson's interview with Gov. Dave Heineman (R-NE). It sounded pretty good, there were questions about the politics of immigration but no follow-up.

Immigration got two segments. Gary Tuchman delivered another report on how immigrants get to the U.S.

Yesterday the New York Times had a big front-page story on campus rape, sexual assault and what colleges do about it. That sparked Hayes to cover the topic with two excellent segments at the end of his show.

Like Anon 11:54 wrote, who is choosing which stories get on 360 and in what order? Does anyone remember "Max Headroom"? It was a short-lived late-1980s TV show. One of the elements of the show was a news program which had instant feedback on the ratings; the program producers could see ratings go up or down each minute, when viewers were going elsewhere and when they tuned in.
Regarding 360's Friday ratings, I wonder how many viewers switched away when they saw the lead story was again immigration? I wonder what today's ratings will look like.

aries moon said...

360 may not know which direction to take since the ones they've tried haven't brought in good numbers. The last time the ratings were impressive on a regular basis was probably when the missing airplane story was relatively fresh--after that good ratings for 360 have been a hit and mostly miss occurence. It seems if they lead with a substantial report like immigration or Israel-Gaza, they still don't get the viewers, so I guess they try to switch things up by leading with reports like the theme park sex offenders. A change of producers may help but I'm not sure what will work now since they've tried just about everything--anon 11:54 makes some good points about story selection/content and 360's MIA top-notch contributors like Begala.