Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday's RidicuList: Political Doublespeak

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Jaanza said...

Anderson's lead story Monday night was BREAKING NEWS on Americans who travel overseas, become affiliated with terrorist groups and then come back to spread terror. This was a medium-big topic a couple months ago. I was a bit distracted at the start of 360 and missed what was new and breaking about this topic (distraction was cooking supper). I also missed the start of the panel with Frans Townsend, Phillip Mudd and Robert McFadden. What I did see were several good questions and answers but I wish Anderson had asked some follow-up questions to Mudd's talk on passports, travel to the MidEast and Snowden.

From the previews at the end of the first segment, I knew the second segment would be another report from Gary Tuchman on immigrants traveling through Mexico and focusing on one young woman and her child in particular. I missed most of it (had to otherwise supper might have burned). When I got back Tuchman's report just finished and Anderson started an interview with Sheriff Paul Babeu that was obviously taped but labelled LIVE. Nevertheless it was a good interview. Anderson asked some tough questions but Babeu had good rational answers and kept his stance on immigration. Also, this was probably the only interview in Monday's 360 in which Anderson seemed fully engaged instead of simply reading the questions off a cue card.

I didn't watch a lot of the segment on child sex predators at theme parks. Hayes had an excellent look at the Israel/Hamas war.

Anderson finally did get to the Israel/Hamas war. It was labelled BREAKING NEWS. Why is BREAKING NEWS shoved aside until :35 into the show? Shouldn't this be at least the second story and have the immigration topic (not BREAKING NEWS) at this time? Once again, Bedeman and Blitzer got two questions each and that was it. Not only does there have to be time in this segment for the Bulletin, there also needs to be time to promote the upcoming CNN documentary on the TWA 800 crash.
If Blitzer wasn't in Israel right now, would the Israel/Hamas war get any time at all on 360?

Martin Savidge's report on the Harris case mom (toddler hot car death) was okay but felt a bit like filler. There wasn't a whole lot of new news here.

I hated the Ridiculist. If a viewer hadn't been checking out Hayes, the Ridiculist might indeed have been amusing. FL Gov. Scott gave a speech with a backdrop of FL police officers which was against police regulations to become politicized like that. So wasn't it funny how the Gov evaded questions about it. Ha ha.
Not more than 10 minutes earlier Hayes had that very same clip of Gov. Scott speaking with the cops lined up behind him. It was at the start of a report on how scandal-ridden FL cops are nowadays. Besides providing a backdrop for the Gov, two FL cops were found to be members of the KKK and recently they killed one of their own informants. A cold hard look at FL cops, nothing funny about it.
If others enjoyed the Ridiculist, that's great. It looked like Anderson enjoyed it too. But to me it was incredibly bad timing.

Monday's ratings at 8 pm for Anderson were better than Friday's but not as good as Hayes. Surprisingly, 360's ratings at 11 pm were way up and beating Hayes. Do most ATAers watch the later broadcast?