Thursday, July 10, 2014

What's on Your Mind 7/9/14

It's been a while since we opened the blog up to a discussion, so here goes.  We had several negative comments in the last few days because we posted pictures of Anderson and his partner Ben Maisani vacationing in Italy.  The commenter(s) criticized ATA for posting the pictures saying we're turning our blog into a Benderson fan site.  While we understand that some people aren't fond of Anderson's life choices we simply report what's out there folks, please don't shoot the messenger. 
So the question is, when a blog is named ALL THINGS ANDERSON should it only cover the professional aspect of their namesake's life or all factual information that comes across our desk?
Feel free to give us your opinions on that or any other AC, 360 or CNN related topic. Fair warning we will not post comments that include name calling or are excessively mean, that's our prerogative, deal with it. 

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Jaanza said...

I didn't have a problem with the photos of Anderson and Ben in Italy. It was 'Oh look, Anderson is having a great vacation in a place I always wanted to go to. Hope he has fun and wish I was there'.
So these photos were already on the internet and ATA put them here. That's okay. Anderson was on vacation and a lot of fans may have wondered where he went. The site's name is "All Things Anderson' and that includes off-work information. It's not like the ATA ladies hacked Anderson's computer to find where he was going and then stalked him and Ben like evil paparazzi.
I don't have time to look all over the web for these photos so I appreciated ATA posting them here.

If some ATA readers think it's an invasion of privacy they are entitled to their opinion and they can choose not to look at the photos and read the info. Personally, I'd like to see the personal stuff but realize there are limits and I trust ATA would never go too far or repost anything that was obtained by nefarious means and published by unscrupulous mongers.

Also, I can't wait to see what Anderson does with his new house in Connecticut. I'm really hoping the yellow walls in the living room are painted a different color but the fabulous old bookshelves are kept in current condition.

In short, if there's a cute photo (already on any news/media site) of Anderson - with or without Ben - walking Molly in NYC, go ahead and post it here.

Just a few words on Wednesday's 360: Too much time on the immigration crisis! Not enough time on Israel/Hamas. And it would be really awesome if Anderson could do a segment like the one Hayes did titled "The Hobby Lobby Floodgate".

Anonymous said...

I don't have any problems with seeing the pics. I think ATA should include all aspects of his life including work, field reporting,vacations, friends,relationships and family etc.It's nice to see a different side to Anderson than just sitting behind the desk. Don't get me wrong I'm not 100% sold on Ben (from other things I've read and seen on the internet)but it is what it is. I think that might be the majority of the problem. I think a lot of ppl just don't like Ben. If A.C. was in a different relationship I could see ppl being more postive about seeing pics like that. Ben puts a lot of ppl off. But I overlook that and just enjoy the pics.

aries moon said...

There was a time when very little was known about Anderson's personal life but things are somewhat different now--not that we know or should know all the details of AC and Ben's life together, we do know that they are together and Ben is a part of Anderson's life. I don't have a problem with info or pics of AC and Ben being posted here. I trust ATA's judgement in determining the sort of information that should be posted on the site. The vacation pics posted weren't scandalous--the mere fact that AC has a partner who he travels with isn't scandalous. If Anderson and Ben didn't want the photo of them in Italy with their friends getting out there, they could've told that to the person who took the pic. I like that we don't have to tiptoe around the knowledge that AC is gay and has someone in his life and if they are at some event together, ATA doesn't have to pretend that AC was there alone--that is silly and not realistic. We know Anderson is a private guy who rarely discusses his personal life, but since he's said a few words publicly here and there about some aspects of his life with Ben, I'm not sure why it still has to be completely off-limits to even mention Ben. Couldn't Ben stop AC from talking about him publicly (even if his name isn't mentioned) if he wanted to? Apparently he hasn't, because I'm certain AC wouldn't be sharing the meager info he already has if that were the case. ATA is NOT a "Benderson blog" but ATA does mean ALL things Anderson and that's fine by me but I'm guessing the nays will outnumber the yays on this.

And speaking of AC's work--the KTH on Rick Perry's pathetic flip-flopping on immigration reform was very impressive and even moreso because Perry's a Republican and AC360/CNN are sometimes reluctant to call them out. But never fear, Gergen was on to find fault with President Obama, naturally--but Dana Bash did say that Boehner refuses to act on CIR because of his crazed anti-immigration reform base.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Anderson Cooper will continue to stay with CNN after his contract ends once the 2016 presidential election comes to a finish. I enjoy his program but it just isn't what it used to be. It began in 2003 I believe, but it wasn't until Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that he gained his notoriety with his show moving to the 10PM slot for 2 live hours. That I believe was his best time. My point is that these days he doesn't seem as passionate as he used to be with his program. Sadly his ratings have slipped as well. He does fantastic though when it comes to field reporting. He will be turning 50 shortly after his contract ends so perhaps he will be looking for something new. I think he will stay with 60 minutes, and if he leaves CNN, possibly go to CBS full time. I can see him continuing his contributions to 60 minutes and perhaps even taking over CBS Evening News. I don't see him moving to morning television since he has even stated he is not a morning person. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

First off, the pic of AC and Ben that was posted here was taken by a friend of theirs and posted on his Instagram week which is public and has over 7000 followers, so to say that for ATA to repost the photo is tantamount to an invasion of privacy is ridiculous. If Anderson didn't want this pic to go public, he would not have allowed it to be shared on IG. Secondly, as others have pointed out, this blog is called All Things Anderson, so why edit out what is arguably the most important relationship in his personal life, especially since Anderson himself has publicly mentioned Ben several times since he came out 2 years ago? ATA routinely publishes pics of AC with fans that are posted on the Internet, so why is posting a pic of him with Ben causing such a controversy? As to the argument that some people around here don't like Ben based on certain things that they've read about him online, I would like to know what they're talking about. As far as I know, Ben has kept a pretty low profile since dating Anderson, has never used his relationship to promote himself or his bars, and has always been reluctant to discuss him in the few interviews he has given. I don't see why some people seem to have a problem with him since he hasn't done anything to justify such dislike.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why anonymous 3:27 says that "Ben puts a lot of ppl off". Also, I'm not sure I would agree with the statement that if AC was in different relationship, people would be more positive. I wonder if homophobia doesn't play a big part in explaining the strange dislike for Ben that people like 3:27 seem to have. Maybe the fact that Anderson is in a relationship with another man (who on top that owns several gay bars) is too much for some around here? How else can one explain the eagerness by a few to label ATA a "Benderson blog" because an innocuous pic of AC and Ben together on vacation was posted?

Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised, and quite saddened, that the good folks behind this blog have received several negative comments in the last few days because pictures of Anderson and Ben vacationing in Italy were posted. To hear that the commenter(s) criticized ATA for posting the pictures and for allegedly turning this blog into a Benderson fan site is really shocking to me. Is this commenter posting from the 1950s???

So to the question that ATA is now asking its readers, i.e., should this blog only cover the professional aspect of AC's life or all factual information that comes across their desk, I think the answer is a resounding YES, it should cover all factual info, including his partner. I don't see anyone complaining whenever a pic of Anderson with his mother Gloria is posted here, so why should posting a pic of him with Ben any different? What is really going on here?

doglover said...

7/10/14 I think the ATA posts about Anderson are fine &kept in line whether it involves his partner Ben or not. After all it is an All Things Anderson blog. At least you monitor remarks made. I am not very internet or SM savy but from remarks I have seen on SM are in mh opinion quite rude/ignorant & totally out of line Regardless of his life choices they are just that, he does have feelings &his choices are his own business. So Ben is not very pooular among people but him &Ben are friends &people can interpret that as they want,-have never seen hom &Anderson in any PDA but have seen evidence of Ben in that situation..I think Anderson is basically very good with his fans as far as giving pictures etc& always with a smile, &if he is on holidays with friends &they choose to share then with fans so what.I admit I may be prejudiced about AC but several years ago he inknowingly inspired me to make life changes. He may have been born into a wealthy family but believe life has had its challenges for him, he is somewhat private about his life &really a self made man. If you read hid Dads book Families you can see his fathers influence on him. As long as you continue to filter out the very negative/homeophobic comnents I like how you keep us uo to date.?? Does AC ever read the blog or comment? As for his work I really prefr when he is away from the desk &on assignment that is where he is really a different person relaxed etc you csn see it in his facial expressions eyes etc he is much happier even with rockets flying overhead.He isgood on the desk but doesnt always seem as happy but amsure his heart &mind are on many things When he is on 60 Minutes it is always good. With the way things are in the businesstoday it would not surprise md if he jumped ship to a different network because he is too smart &valuable to the industry to vegitate. All in all I really enjoy the site &evrryones comments so full steam ahead &keeo up the good work.Thanks a bunch!!

Anonymous said...

It is not for us to judge who Anderson sees or doesn't see.
However, this blog started as a news related blog concerning aspects of his once popular show,
and has now turned into, please excuse the expression, a fangirl site....perhaps because more people are interested in his private life than they are in his professinal life.
Anything news oriented is considered...boring.
Except for a few regular commenters, no one seems to care, to discuss national or world events or how Anderson covers them.
Benderson gets more comments because it is, pure and simple, gossip to be analyzed.
It is no different than seeing Kayne and Kim on the cover of the latest tabloid.
The "team" is now crossing over a very thin grey area, whether it is from a twitter feed or instagram. JMHO

doglover said...

7/19/14 sorry you feel that way. This is an all things anderson blog so why should it be just limited to his work life I think most of us who write on this like Anderson for the oetson he is, for his work ethic & professionalism
He has said his passion is his work &his work is his passion. He has set the bar high for journalists yet he has remained human &down to earth not afraid to go where others wont in reporting the news. Contributors to this blog do discuss things but most also realize that he can only domuch in covering news items probably due to CNN having only certain views on air most networks are like that. As a Canadian I am not always up to speed or understand some of your politics but life is a learning experience. Anderson is my first choice for all news I dont always comment but certainly read thd blog faithfully. As an all things anderson it should be just that, if something isnt to be released he will speak up but I see no reason why his followers &fans wouldnt like the extra uodates etc in his life. Any comparison of this blog to Kardashians is an insult to the team who put it all together &to AC fans.

Anonymous said...

As a long time fan of Anderson, I'm interested in both his work and his personal life. This blog is called All Things Anderson, so of course it should also cover his personal life, and that includes Ben. I don't understand why the mere mention of his name is ruffling any feathers around here. Surely no one is upset when ATA posts pics of AC with his mom, or AC with Molly, or AC with Andy Cohen or Kelly Ripa, or AC with a random fan, etc... So why should things be any different when a pic of him with Ben is posted? I think this double standard is very peculiar.