Monday, August 18, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Live from Ferguson, MO on Monday, August 18, 2014

Anderson Cooper anchored a 2 hour AC360 from Ferguson Missouri.

One highlight from the first hour was a discussion Anderson had with Charles Blow and Mark Lemont Hill:

In the second hour Anderson reported on the events of the last 24 hours:

And another good discussion; this time with Dr. Boyce Watkins and Gloria Browne Marshall:

There were a lot of photos of Anderson in Ferguson on social media today:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Two things about being late: I was late getting home and getting to 360 (didn't see thte first 11 minutes) and Anderson was late getting to Ferguson but he did make it. I'm guessing his trip to Africa was all work to report on ebola (for 360? for 60 Minutes?) and once things (visas, flights, appointments with health officials in the area) were set up it was going to be too difficult to re-schedule.

When I got to 360 Anderson was talking with Benjamin Crump. In the first hour, Anderson also spoke with assistant coroner Parcells about the autopsy of Michael Brown; a legal panel with Mark Geragos, Danny Cevallos and ?; Gabe Crocker; Paget Crenshaw; Charles Blow and Marc Lemont Hill.
Anderson had a clip of Chief Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Patrol speaking at a church on Sunday. Hayes had a live interview with Chief Johnson during his show. Hayes also had an interview with Missouri Governor Nixon and later with Alderman Antonio French.
While all of Anderson's interviews were good, I wondered why Hayes was able to get higher-calibre people on his show.

A minor complaint: I don't like the new on-screeen graphics at CNN. It's too hard to see people's names when (and if) they are shown. The new format has the names below the big headline graphic and too often this information is barely noticeable.

Ferguson is a big, dramatic and troubling story and I'm glad Anderson is there.
I didn't watch the second hour but I also didn't watch Rachel Maddow, who started her show stating she would cover Iraq, Ukraine, two new Senate committees but of course Ferguson was the lead story. As important as Ferguson is, 360 should have found 40 seconds for a Bulletin, blips of these other stories would have been better than nothing at all.

Nonetheless, Anderson is back, I'm glad to see him and if he's pissed off at CNN head honchos it didn't show.

Anonymous said...

Anderson is appointed next ALS ice bucket challenger by Nancy Grace and Wolf Blitzer. I'm just waiting he's ice bucket challenge.

Hayeswho? said...

Jaanza, why don't you start your own Hayes blog and stop posting here since you have little positive things to say about Anderson?

Once again, AC was back in the field and he was great. I don't know that many US anchors who go from Israel to Congo to Ferguson all in a couple of weeks. I wish the armchair critics would try to stop whining so much and imagine what it must be like to be doing so much traveling for work (ok, we don't know yet if Congo was really for work, but there's a good chance that it might have been for 60 Minutes or some other taped report for 360, time will tell). In the meantime, I wish people around here weren't so quick to jump to conclusions and to criticize him when he takes a few days off the air.

aries moon said...

There were some good interviews and commentaries on last night's program. I especially liked hearing from Areva Martin--Anderson also had an enlightening conversation with Dr. Boyce Watkins and Gloria Browne-Marshall who put the events in Ferguson in a historical context and explained how African-Americans from all walks of life are impacted by police harassment and racism.

Thanks for all of the photos.

Phebe said...

@ Jaanza, please don't let Hayeswho?'s comment discourage you. Those of us who read regularly care what you have to say and appreciate your loyalty. While I could have rejected their comment on the basis of it violating one of our rules (disrespectful to a commenter) I knew you could take it and it gave me a chance to thank you for your daily support.
@Hayeswho? I must respectfully disagree with your gushing about AC being so great last night. He was MIA yet again when things heated up in Ferguson late last night, but Tapper and Lemon (both who had been on air for much of the day) did yeoman's duty, and I greatly appreciate their continued reporting when things got dangerous.

Jaanza said...

@Hayeswho? I comment on Hayes because I see him as Anderson's main competition. Rabid right-wingers are already watching O'Reilly and so normal people who want a good news source at 8 pm (EST) have Anderson or Hayes.

I don't believe I'm the only one who, when dissatisied with 360, check out Hayes. Sometimes Hayes does the news better as he certainly did last Thursday and Friday when he was in Ferguson and 360 had Blitzer anchoring.
I gotta think someone at 360 is also checking out Hayes and today is trying to arrange interviews for Anderson with Gov. Nixon or Chief Johnson.

I have never criticized Anderson for taking a vacation. If you look back at my post last Monday I wrote that he did deserve a vacation and I imagined him in Nova Scotia.

I love Anderson and worry when 360 is not up to par. If you think my critique of the show is too harsh maybe you should start a cheery, only-the-applauding-comments Anderson blog.

@Phebe - thanks for your kind words. I'll try to limit my comments on Hayes to only the most glaring examples of when the Anderson/Hayes disparity is too great. I mean really, how did Hayes get an interview with Gov. Nixon and not Anderson?
This is a forum. I can criticize 360 and others can criticize my criticism and we can discuss our disagreements.

Hayeswho? said...

@Jaanza, thank you for your well thought-out reply to my comment, which I realize may have sounded more critical and harsher than I meant. Upon second reading, I think my tone came across somewhat more confrontational than intended, and I apologize for that. I appreciate your effort to explain your point of view and to point out that you didn't begrudge Anderson being off the air last week (I guess some other poster made that criticism and I unfairly attributed it to you).

@Phebe, I don't think my previous post violated the rules around here, and I certainly didn't mean to be disrespectful to Jaanza, so I appreciate that you didn't reject my comments. As Jaanza pointed out, this is a public forum where we can criticize each other's criticisms so long as we're not being rude or disrespectful to each other, which I strive to do.

doglover said...

8/19/14 I will try this again lost it last time. Was glad to see Anderson back on the job. As I recall he went to Africa as a young boy &it is a favorite place to him Whether he was there on holiday or work -he has been known to combine both he reallydid need a break the stress of this kind of work can be a killer. I am sure he got back quick as he could -woukd ve nice if CNN had a private jet fof these things The situation in Ferguson is very inflammatory but AC does have good interviews &seems to keep them all in line. I chuckle when he tells them to speak only one at a time.When doing interviews on my programs I found it so annoying when everyone talked at once & it is so hard for the viewers to follow conversations. I watch mainly CNN have nt sorted out the other guys &there stations time etc.with time difference here in BC some are not at convenient times or clash with other things. I enjoy your comments Janza. I often think Anderson is limited in what or how he reports things. He thrives on being right in the action &getting stories his reports can be quite in depth I am sure the present situation will not settle soon or easily there is so much racial tension. I hope all the coverage will shoot ratings thru the roof. If only peace could prevail!! I aoologize for any mistakes I still only have limited use inmy left hand but am working at it &trying to be patient with this phone !!

Anonymous said...

@Hayeswho: YOU are the new comer here, not Jaanza and to the regulars, here, Jaanza has always been objective and continues to keep the 'REGULARS' updated about 360, even though some of us feel that it continues to be a show that seems lost at various times,
even with Anderson at the helm.
Having said that, I did not realize the Police Captain in Ferguson was an Afro-American.
You would think that he would have enlisted more Afro-Americans on his force before this uprising.
Also having not watched CNN, in a while, what is with the huge captions.....and graphics??
Does management now think that those who watch are going blind?

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:52PM

FYI The Ferguson Chief of Police is not African-American. The man Anderson interviewed is Captain Ron Johnson of the State Highway Patrol. He was brought in and put in charge of security to diffuse the situation that was created by the Ferguson Chief of Police. Captain Johnson in addition to be African-American is from Ferguson.

I agree the new graphics are horrible. They chyrons are too large and the name of guests and program names are too small.

- Wonz

Anonymous said...

@Wonz: Thank you for your info.
But regardless of race, there should have been more Afro-Americans on the Ferguson police force just to difuse situations like the one Ferguson is presented with now.
The police force should in fact represent the community, and this would lessen the hostility that is pervasive.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the diversity issue within the Ferguson Police Department. I was just pointing out a fact about Captain Johnson is not the Ferguson Chief of Police.