Thursday, August 21, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Live From Ferguson, MO on Thursday, August 21, 2014

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 live from Ferguson in both the 8PM and 9PM ET hours.  The big interview was with the parents of Mike Brown.  Part one was shown in the first hour and part two in the second.  (If there are other videos you are interested in seeing posted here, please leave your request in comments.)

Part 1:

Part 2:

AC360 Transcript
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Anonymous said...

I don't often agree with Bill O'Reilly, but his take on Al Sharpton, according to TVNewser, as a "charlatan" is absolutely correct.
If there's a racial issue, and Ferguson had race written all over it, Sharpton couldn't be happier.
He's right there, not to calm things down, but to MAKE his two "cents" worth.
He is NOT objective enough to be a commentator and MSNBC should look for a replacement. I'm certain there are intelligent, educated, articulate Afro-Americans just waiting to take his place. Shaprton is old school and not the least bit refreshing.
MSNBC must make a concerted effort to find a new brand of activist.....NOW.

Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360 was excellent for anyone who wanted to know about Micheal Brown and Ferguson and didn't want to hear about any other topic. Brown and Ferguson continues to be a big, important story but I wish at least one segment would cover other news. One-topic shows are fine when they are new and there's little else going on. However, there was little *new* news about Ferguson today. Room could've been made for other news.
Hayes will be appearing twice in this post. First time is right now: Hayes' second segment was all about ISIS and Iraq.

Anderson filled the hour with interviews and analysis. At the start there was Anderson's interview with the Brown family.
Here's the second time Hayes appears here: his first segment was about grand jury investigation prosecutor McCullough and calls for him to recuse himself. I watched only enough to see what the topic was because I thought the grieving Brown family desreved my attention and I thought Anderson would cover McCullough later.
If Anderson covered McCullough later I completely missed it.

I liked the smart legal discussioin with Mark Geragos and Prof. Wells. They talked about witness testimony, forensic evidence, media attention and a variety of other factors that could come into play during a grand jury investigation.

Is this Ferguson Mayor James Knowles' first appearance on 360? Don't remember seeing him here before. Anderson asked him a lot of good questions about Ferguson and its racial divide. Even though he's a small/medium town mayor, Knowles spun the facts and made excuses like a seasoned pro. Anderson then talked to Pastor Robert White on his point of view of the mayor's comments. White did't see things the same way the mayor did. Overall this was another good segment.

The next segment was a Susan Caniotti report studying the bullets and the shooting (it was not LIVE, somebody at CNN is playing fast and loose with the LIVE icon again). Little of this report was new information, it felt like filler.

Late in the show Anderson interviewed David Klinger about the evidence, the witenss testimonies, the autopsy, etc. This was simply more analysis, another expert to give an opinion.

There was a Bulletin, a short one with the usual-length blips. A ccople sentences each for James Foley, the Bergdahl prisoner swap and the ebola patients. Although I ddin't like what Kaye was wearing, I appreciated even half of minute of 360 being given to a Bulletin. Maybe there will be more time tomorrow for non-Ferguson news?

aries moon said...

Good interviews with the Brown family and Ferguson's mayor who was definitely on another planet and in denial about the lack of diversity on the police force and city council. Anderson did a good job interrogating him. Anderson also had interesting conversations with Van Jones and Charles Blow about the never-ending problem of racism and the unique complexities involved in raising young black boys in a society where they are always seen as a threat.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza Just to let you know, Anderson covered James Foley and the rescue attempt in the second hour last night. You seem to be watching only the 8PM ET hour of AC360 and there have been two live hours, one night three, of AC360 this week. While the content has been heavily focused on Ferguson, one only need look at the ratings to understand why. AC360 was the highest rated cable news program on Tuesday, beating FOX. While I like to see a variety of news stories covered when truly breaking news isn't happening, it seems Zucker is all about ratings.

-- Jenn

Anonymous said...

News flash Jenn:
Every network President is all about ratings.