Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Anderson Cooper Back In The NYC Studio on Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Anderson Cooper's trip to Israel was apparently cut short as he was back in the NYC studio tonight.

Anderson talks to Khaled Elgindy:

Talks of Peace, Anderson with Reza Sayah from Cairo & a follow up panel with Daniel Kurtzer and Aaron David Miller:

Other topics included Ebola, Ukraine, Anthony Bourdain on the arrest of 2 Iranian journalists and a stow-a-way.  Anderson did reference going through security at the Tel Aviv airport earlier today when introducing the stow-a-way story.

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Jaanza said...

Wednesday's 360 was pretty good up until the last segment. I was surprised to see Anderson already back in NYC. Was Israel not exciting enough? Is the cease-fire too boring? Did he have urgent business in NYC? Whatever the reason, he should have stayed there all week. Things could go haywire at a moment's notice in that part of the world.

Anderson started with clips from Obama's press conference earlier today and then Jim Acosta provided more detail, giving special attention to what Obama said regarding the Israel/Hamas war. Then Netanyahu's comments, his defense of Israel's actions, were reported by Jake Tapper (still in Jerusalem). Anderson spoke with Khalid Elgindy who's main points were the disproportionate number of deaths, these deaths were not justified and there should be an international investigation to find out who's most at fault. Peace talks are continuing in Cairo; Anderson covered that with Reza Sayah and then Aaron Miller and Daniel Kurtzel all about the talks, the diplomacy and the sticking points.

I didn't pay close attention to the ebola segment but saw that Anderson gave an overview and Sanjay Gupta had a taped report (labelled LIVE) from the Centers for Disease Control. I checked out Hayes' sub and when I got back Anderson was questioning Arthur Caplan about the new experimental ebola drugs.

Who else was hoping against hope that the interview with Anthony Bourdain concerning two jailed Iranian journalists would NOT include a mention of his CNN show? Anderson and Bourdain got through the interview just fine but then Anderson had to promote the upcoming second season of 'Parts Unknown'. Cynical me wonders if another story would be here, or another person interviewed, if Bourdain's show had never been on CNN?

The search/recovery of MH17 in eastern Ukraine got a few minutes. Nick Paton Walsh, in better light, reported on the latest (search suspended because of rebel fighting).

Maybe Anderson and his producers wanted something lighter at the end of the show instead of all this news on war, death and disease. So there was a Randi Kaye report on a little old lady airplane stowaway. Come on! How about news on the results of yesterday's more important primaries? Or the Rand Paul run-away? Or the Chinese earthquake? I don't get it.

aries moon said...

Odd that Anderson was back in NY--I was hoping he would be in Israel for the whole week.

Totally agree with Jaanza about the stories 360 should've covered instead of the old lady stowaway--and does Randi Kaye ever take a vacation? She seems to have a report on 360 every night--I wish they'd try out some other reporters for a change.

Hayeswho? said...

Wow, some of you always have to find fault with Anderson. So now, he's being criticized for not staying in Israel long enough? At least he went there, unlike Hayes who never left the comfort of his studio. Talk about a double standard!

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is finding fault with Anderson for "not staying in Israel long enough," but rather surprised/wondering why he was back in the NYC studio Wednesday night. On Monday morning his PR person for CNN tweeted that he would be anchoring from Israel this "week" and based on that I expected him to be there through Thursday's 360 (with Friday being a travel day) or Friday's 360. I guess plans changed and we will probably never know why, but just surprised he didn't stay the week like originally planned.

I also found it odd that he didn't do one report while there, but rather just talked to politicians and pundits which he can do just as easily in the studio. Perhaps something changed once he got to Israel or perhaps CNN made the decision for him to return to the studio, either way I'm glad he went, just surprised he didn't stay the week as originally planned. I miss Anderson's field reporting (different than anchoring from the field) and was hoping for some good field reporting this week, but CNN's programming agenda these days seems to be politicians, panels, pundits and sensationalism and the "old" Anderson's field reporting doesn't seem to have a place on CNN anymore. I don't blame Anderson, I blame CNN.


Anonymous said...

It was best for Anderson to come home. He has always shown a bias against Israel, so why stay there or even go.
And to Hayeswho: Don't show your ignorance. MSNBC is doing better ratings wise than CNN. But that isn't saying much.