Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Anderson Cooper Live from Ferguson, MO on Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Anderson took over anchoring just prior to President Obama's presser and stayed on to anchor Wolf today.

He appeared on the 3PM ET Newsroom with Brook Baldwin:

And anchored two live hours of AC360.   The highlight of the 8PM ET hour was Anderson's interview with Michael Brady, a new eye-witness to the Michael Brown shooting:

Highlights from the 9PM ET Hour -

Anderson talks to Charles Blow, Jeffrey Toobin and Neil Bruntrager:

Anderson's interview with Treyvon Martin's mom (where he calls out a disrespectful protester):

And remembering James Foley:

And from social media:

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Jaanza said...

All of Anderson's segments on Michael Brown and Fergson were very good. However, after Anderson's introcutory remarks and summation of the situation so far, I don't understand why his interview with witness Brady wasn't shown first. Why was it delayed by a Randi Kaye report that was also a summary of things already known? Nonethless, Anderson's interview with Brady was well done.

I appreciated 360 showing the video of the frenzied and frothing at the mouth policeman, the "go fuck yourself" guy. That kind of thing needs to be shown. Even though I liked Anderson's interview with Spike Lee yesterday, it's important for 360 to talk to lcoal people like Antonio French, the community Alderman. Often you can get more from the real people in the town instead of legal pundits like Geragos and Martin. This segment also included a legal panel with Geragos and Martin. I checked Hayes who devoted his second segment to James Foley and ISIS. More on that later.

Anderson's interview with Benjamin Crump wasn't much different than yesterday's. I checked elsewhere on the TV (not Hayes, this time Doctor Who) and when I got back Anderson was talking to a mostly-bald white guy who's name I never saw on screen. Anderson was about to go to commercial but just then a couple huge military/police vehicles were rumbling down the street. Those had to be shown too.

At :46 past the hour Anderson finally got to the big BREAKING news about ISIS beheading James Foley. It was a good segment which included a clip of Obama, a clip of Foley's parents and a panel with Fran Townsend and Philip Mudd. But this should have been earlier in the show, it was *new* news.

Instead of Jake Tapper reporing what was going on further down the same street Anderson was on ('...people coming out, crowds forming, waiting...') ths time would have been better spent with a Bulletin. A Bulletin with bigger than normal blips for stories on Iraq, new battles and deaths in Ukraine, the Israel/Gaza war back on and Gov. Perry's indictment.

I watched only the 8 pm hour. Anderson had really good coverage on Ferguson, could have used a few more minutes for Foley and no acknowledgement that anything else was going on in the galaxy. Fergson seems to be coming down from the full-boil of the last few days; other news need to get some time.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how long Anderson is going to stay in Missouri?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone by chance have the last few days of Anderson in Missouri recorded on tape or dvd? If so could you post here. I would love to see those shows but don't get CNN. Would pay. Thank you

aries moon said...

Michael Brady provided some eye-opening, significant information and it'll be interesting to see what impact it will have on the Michael Brown case. I agree with Jaanza about Anderson's conversations with Anotonio French--his local community perspective has been an important one to hear. Charles Blow made some good points about the mindset of some police officers and why they may not be suited for the profession. The protestor who made Anderson momentarily go off script and go off on him/her must've said something pretty outrageous--he's generally very unflappable and calm.