Saturday, August 16, 2014

Anderson Cooper Sighting.... the Democratic Republic of Congo.  @arimoin who describes herself as an "Epidemiologist, Virus Hunter, Associate Professor @UCLA School of Public Health, Researching emerging infectious diseases in the Democratic Republic of Congo" posted the above photo of Anderson to Twitter today.  Kinshasa is the capitol of DR Congo.

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aries moon said...

Now he's on his way back home. He didn't say if he was working in Africa though.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder if he might be working on a story about Ebola for CNN or for 60 Minutes. Seems strange if he was in that area for vacation.

Anonymous said...

Why would Anderson put his life in danger and vacation in Africa, with the outbreak of the Ebola virus? This makes no sense at all.
And CNN can now stop playing their documentary about "The Sixties."
All they have to do is look at the discrimination in Ferguson,
starting with the Police force, which had only 3 Afro-Americans on it, when two thirds of their city was black.
Have they learned nothing at all from the riots that plagued LA in the 90's?? History certainly does repeat itself.