Friday, August 01, 2014

Anderson Cooper's CNN Coverage on Friday, August 1, 2014

Anderson Cooper was in the anchor chair for CNN Newsroom from 2PM - 4PM ET today covering the breaking news of the failed cease-fire and President Obama's press conference.

Anderson was back in the anchor chair at 8PM ET for a one hour AC360.

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doglover said...

8/1/14 unfortunately I have not seen as much of AC360 lately as usual I am surprised that he is not in Gaza or Israel doing field reports have wondered about Wolf beinv in Jerusaldm so long. I hope CNNwill be sold to CBS All the undercurrent of this proposed deal must be affecting staff seems like ACis somehow not his usual self I most often enjoy the contfibutors to the program I think the situation in middle east is important but there are other news items also &Iam still of opinion that AC islimited for some reason in what/how hd reports . I still hope CBS takes over CNN &that AC is in a top position as well as doing 60Mins

Jaanza said...

Friday's 8 pm (EST) 360 started out a lot like Thursday's. The lead story was the Israel/Hamas war; yesterday all about the proposed ceasefire and today all about the failure of that ceasefire. Anderson talked to John Vause in Gaza and Jim Sciutto.
And, just like yesterday I checked out and watched mostly Hayes' first segment. He was covering the U.S. Congress, specifically Obama's complaint about them not doing anything and the House vote on the border bill coming up soon. Also like yesterday, I felt Anderson wouldn't address this issue and he didn't.

In the second segment there was more from Sciutto on the failed ceasefire and the Hamas attack in which they killed 2 Israeli soldiers and captured one. Anderson interviewed Riyad Mansour, a Palestinian ambassador. U.S. politicians could take lessons from this guy in how to evade answering any question and turning them around to diss your opponent. Anderson made several good attempts but Mansour didn't want to talk about anything except how wrong and evil Israel is and insist his own side wants a solid ceasefire and to "give peace a chance". Because of time constraints, Anderson had to give up.

During 360 so far there was a constant "BREAKING NEWS" and a few different headlines of the latest... all of which were at least a half a day old.
One of those headlines was on the captured Israeli soldier, an Al Hasmani (?) brigade assumed he was dead.
So it was curious why Anderson start a segment talking about an Israeli soldier captured by Hamas and returned a couple years ago. He interviewed Gershon Rahin who was involved in the negotiations for that soldier. Perhaps this would be relevant information if the newly captured Isreaeli was positively still alive. But then again, this segment could have been devoted to what's going on in Washington D.C.

Earlier during his interview, Mansour said Anderson and I suppose all U.S. media, wasn't paying enough attention, enough focus on Gaza deaths. Maybe Anderson should have told him to stick around for the Randi Kaye report on conditions in Gaza and his own interview with Chris Gunness from the U.N. Relief Agency.

Same as yesterday there was a segment on the two American's infected with ebola and another Q&A with Sanjay Gupta. I watched Hayes cover the NFL, domestic violence and Ray Rice. About a month ago, 360 had a lengthy segment on LeBran James switching teams but nothing on the Rice story. But I would rather have Anderson report on Congress than Rice.

Overall, Friday's 360 was excellent for viewers who wanted only news on the Israel/Hamas war. It is an incredibly important story. But so is our Congress and what they're up to.

aries moon said...

Anderson has been working at lot outside of his normal 360 time slot--I saw a comment on Twitter from someone who said whenever they see Anderson on CNN in the morning or afternoon, they know something really bad has probably happened.

I wonder if Wolf Blizter will ever be able to leave Israel.

Anonymous said...

Even if CBS buys CNN Anderson will never leave CNN unless he's forced to leave.
At CBS there are other competent people like Scott Paley and Charlie Rose and everyone else who is associated with 60 Minutes.
Gone are the days when Anderson can call his salary and it is his.
At CNN he shows up on everyone elses program to draw ratings.
At CBS he wouldn't be able to call the shots and yes, then he will be told to go to hot spots like it or not.

Anonymous said...

11:16, you can quit your whining because Anderson is already in Israel. I really don't know why some people are so quick to criticize him for being well-paid as if that was something to begrudge him. AC works in a field where salaries are pretty substantial, so why is that even a matter of discussion? I don't see anyone criticizing Hayes because of how much he gets paid around here.