Friday, August 15, 2014

From The ATA Archive: "How Rude!" - Anderson Cooper on Manners

Anderson Cooper had an unpleasant encounter with Lauren Bacall when he was just a teenager...

Page Six reports: Bacall lost her temper with teenage Anderson Cooper

The obituaries for Lauren Bacall praise the glamorous actress, who passed away Tuesday at the age of 89, for her incredible career, her life with Humphrey Bogart and her three kids — but they gloss over her infamous reputation for being difficult.

Bacall was known to be a terror — just ask Anderson Cooper.

Former Congressman John LeBoutillier recalled sitting next to Bacall at a 1982 dinner that Cooper’s mom (and LeBoutillier’s cousin) Gloria Vanderbilt threw at her Southampton house for Claudette Colbert.

“Gloria’s son Anderson was 14 at the time and he was at the table. The conversation turned to the Mideast and Anderson weighed in and said, ‘Something has to be done to help the Palestinians. We need a Palestinian state,’” LeBoutillier recalled, first on Joe Piscopo’s radio show Wednesday and later to me.

“Bacall, a big supporter of Israel, went nuts. She eviscerates this kid in front of everyone, humiliates the hostess’ son. Anderson was in tears.” LeBoutillier said movie critic Rex Reed, a neighbor of Bacall’s in the Dakota, told him later, “She’s the most miserable woman. Let’s throw her in the swimming pool.”

The two men started looking for her, but LeBoutillier said, “I thought, ‘I’m running for re-election. What if I pull her arm out of the socket?’ So we didn’t.”

Through his rep, Cooper told me there were no tears but didn’t dispute the rest of LeBoutillier’s story.  (For the complete article, please click on the link above.)

The above made us remember a segment on manners from AC360 and we dug back into the ATA archives to bring it to you.  We can't help but think that Anderson learned a lot of "life lessons" from interaction with his parent's friends at a young age.  In this clip Anderson's good breeding is very obvious in his discussion with his mother's friend Letitia Baldrige.  The segment is entitled 'How Rude'. Enjoy!

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

I really like thus blog but have never posted. Very suspicious things going on this week with AC and CNN. Don Lemon is consistently referring to the show as 360 not AC 360. There was a lot of speculative and intrusive journalism this week on the death if Robin Williams and I cannot imagine AC participating in that. He has way too much integrity. Given his history in this area I do not see him intruding on williams life the way it was done this week.

Anonymous said...

Anderson has been found! In Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo) to be exact. There is a photo of him there with some UCLA students.

On_Love_Street_With_Jim_Morrison said...

Always been one of my favorite clips. Thanks for posting it.