Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What's On Your Mind? 8/12/14

Wolf Blitzer was back in the AC360 anchor chair Tuesday night for the MIA Anderson Cooper. 

We have a few things that we'll throw out there as jump off points for discussion but feel free to share anything that's on your mind as long as it's AC360, Anderson or CNN related. 

FTVLive posted this article today: 
We've questioned CNN's 'fair and balanced' reporting before, guess we're not alone.

And then there is the sad state of affairs over at Al-Jazeera America.  You remember many CNN'ers jumped ship, looking for a network that would cover real news, unlike there former employer. Looks like that ship is sinking fast. 17,000 viewers in prime time?  Sacré bleu!   Source

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Jaanza said...

I don't know about all of CNN; I watch 360 and about half the time I see Blitzer's 6 pm (5 here) show.

While Anderson has been good at giving equal time for both a pro-Israeli person and a pro-Palestinian person to speak, I did notice more attention on the death and destruction in Gaza than in Israel. Maybe that's because of better Isareali defense? Are the scenes in Gaza considered more interesting? more dramatic?
Anderson has pointed out that cement meant for construction/repair of damaged buildings has been used for the tunnels and he has asked tough questions to both sides.

CNN's partnership with 'The Foundation' and Qatar bothers me. Not only for Qatar's alliance with Hamas but also because it may prevent Anderson or any other CNN person from doing reports critical of Qatar.
Months ago I asked for a 360 or CNN investigation into the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Not just the strong rumors of bribery but most importantly the conditions (and deaths) for the immigrant workers constructing the stadiums and other infrastructure for the games.
Others have done excellent reports on this topic (John Oliver) but is it a story CNN is not allowed to mention?

Al-Jeezera America has really plummeted. Maybe a year ago they were getting almost three times as many viewers. Has anyone here seen enough of that channel to say if they're any good or not?
The last time I saw anything on that channel was Olbermann's final show a couple years ago (back when it was still CURRENT).

Without any concrete news on where Anderson is this week, I'm going to imagine he's on vacation in Nova Scotia.

sandyeggo said...

Is anyone else concerned by CNN accepting advertising from the Koch bros?

aries moon said...

@sandyeggo, thank you for mentioning that Koch ad--Koch Brothers/Industries are a threat to democracy and are actively infiltrating state governments and political races in order to put in place their far right conservative agenda across the nation and turn back the clock on civil rights--they are out to eliminate much of the hard won gains that have made life better for hardworking people and families in America for decades. The ad CNN has been showing has made me furious for weeks because it's such an insidious, deceptively 'nice' ad showing this democracy destroying industry as a positive force in this country when it's anything BUT that. I'm very disappointed that CNN would accept this ad but not totally surprised since they're always quick to air extreme anti-Obama ads from shady right wing organizations and the direction of CNN has been leaning right for a while. I just wish more people would call CNN out for this.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know why Wolf Blitzer who is already on air for three hours a day is the sub-anchor for AC360. Blitzer is past his prime, dry and boring in his delivery. CNN has a lot of other talent that would do a much better job filling in when Anderson goes on vacation. I couldn't even bring myself to watch last night's AC360 when I saw that Blitzer was again subbing. I know John Berman is filling in for Chris Cuomo (who is also on vacation), but what about John King, Jake Tapper, etc?

Also, I think the article about CNN's link to a Qatar magazine is much ado about nothing. The US has used Qatar a couple of times lately when they needed help in the region. Not saying Qatar isn't somewhat suspect in it's own right, but it's not exactly a terrorist organization. But it seems like CNN is advertising a CNNi program about the region so not sure that effects their fair/balanced reporting or means Qatar has CNN's blessings for all it's actions.

I'm with sandyeggo and aries moon. I'm much more concerned about CNN accepting advertising dollars from the Koch Brothers and the organization that was trying to get President Obama impeached for a few months. To me, that's taking a political side when you accept a political leaning group's advertising dollars. It's clear that some right winged groups see CNN's political reporting slant or they wouldn't be spending their advertising dollars with an outlet with low viewership if they didn't feel they were targeting their audience.

As far as CNN's reporting on the Israel/Gaza conflict. I watched Anderson/AC360's coverage and Anderson seemed to go out of his way to cover both sides of the story. Israeli government officials were given airtime every night and Anderson pushed back on his Palestinian guests. IMO Israel lost the media message through their own doing and then tried to blame it on the media. Don't get me wrong, I don't support Hamas, but Israel took overly aggressive action and basically started the latest conflict by blaming Hamas for the four dead Israeli teens when they didn't have proof. It's a complex situation and not as easy as the Israelis would like us to believe. They have bad mouthed President Obama and John Kerry then turned around and asked for US arms and aid which the US gave. Israel has been depressing the economy in Gaza through their blockade and jailing Palestinians and holding them without charges, so I'm not sure what they expect out of the people of Gaza. They seem to be inflaming the hatred and baiting Hamas in many ways. I think that's why they are losing the media message. People are waking up to the fact that the US sends them billions of dollars in aid, they diss the US until they want something and they want the Palestinians out of Gaza and the West Bank as bad as Hamas wants the destruction of Israel. Israel doesn't want peace or they would be working with the US and other governments to free up some of the boarders, allow Gaza to have some economic prosperity and the people of Gaza would probably vote out Hamas, but then who would Israel fight with? And maybe if Israel had played nice with the PLO, Hamas wouldn't have been voted into power. I support a two state solution and wish all parties could learn to peacefully co-exist, but Israel doesn't support a two state solution so I see no hope for the region and that makes me sad. Not sure why there were Israelis picketing outside CNN - perhaps they didn't see Wolf Blitzer's month long hours of coverage that heavily favored Israel and Wolf had hours of air time each day.

I hope Ali Velshi comes back to CNN. I've missed him!!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think it is weird that Anderson has tweeted about Robin Williams since he has interviewed him in the past?

Maybe Jaanza you are right he is on vacation in Nova Scotia and they don't have tv or internet. LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes, It is weird that Anderson who is always tweeting and promoting himself, has not said one word about the suicide of someone he personally knew.
You would think that the subject matter alone would be enough for him to atleast have something to say.
And he is in the business of News.
The internet reaches everyone and someone would have told him about the death of Robin Williams!!
Stop with these lame excuses!

aries moon said...

@Jenn, excellent commentary on Israel/Gaza/Hamas.

It could be that Anderson just decided to completely shut down and not make any public statements or tweet while he's on vacation regardless of what happens (assuming he is on vacation). I don't think there's any malice behind him not tweeting about Robin Williams or Lauren Bacall (well maybe SOME malice with Bacall, since she supposedly chewed him out at a family dinner party when he was 14!).

aries moon said...

There are a lot of folks on Twitter demanding that Anderson/CNN report from the protests in Ferguson, MO--lots of comments about how AC will hit the ground running to cover foreign strife but is MIA when it comes to covering a crisis in an American city. I'm not sure if AC would go to Ferguson himself if he were around anyhow or just send a correspondent. The days of him cutting his vacation short to cover some serious breaking news may be over.

doglover said...

8/15/14 I have not watched as closely this week I prefer to watch when Anderson is either on the desk or in the field. I was surprised he was not in Israel longer they left Wolf in the area longer. Like others I am tired of Wolfe doing the program. Am wondering if there is some kind of inner problems st CNN that he just wants to get away from we will likely never know As for the Robin Williams tragedy I am sure the suicide of a friend brings back painful memories of his brother Carters suicide . As s side note if he was in Nova Scotia we are relatively here in Canada &even tho I am on the West Coast they have tv &internet in N S. LoL On a serious note I do think AC needs a holiday to get away from all the goings on in the world &just recharge as he is always on the go he is not getting any younger &at some point it just all catches up with you hope he returns soon we need his reporting