Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What's On Your Mind? 8/26/14

If you don't follow the cable news business closely then you might not be aware of the big shake up currently going on at CNN. Seems old timers are being retired, contracts of others are being bought out and all hell is breaking loose.  CNN is, and has been, a hot mess for the last few years and if they think that reducing staff is going to make their news reporting any better then I'm guessing they're smok'in something stronger than cigarettes.

•CNN's request that older staff members participate in the Voluntary Separation Program

•Article about Turner axing positions and a follow up that the purge of employees  at the Washington DC bureau has begun

Wall Street Journal reporting that Glenn Beck's The Blaze may merge/buy HLN

•A voice of reason amid the madness on Huff Po and words of wisdom from a former CNN anchor who was fired several years ago

While we're assuming none of this directly affects Anderson Cooper's job security it surely does impact his staff's morale and possibly even their size.  It has to be disheartening to work for an organization who has put the bottom line above delivering a quality product. 

Feel free to add your two cents worth or to open a discussion related to CNN, AC360 or Anderson.

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Anonymous said...

If Anderson felt so strongly about the "morale of his "
staff" he would voluntarily take a pay cut.
While we do not know what his salary actually is, some of the money that anchors and other celebrities get is obscene.
Judge Judy, for instance, gets approximately, one million dollars a week because her show is sydicated in foreign countries, according to the NYPost.
And if you're now smiling and saying that the NYPost is just a tabloid, be forewarned. They have not been wrong very often.
Judge Judy is the highest paid celebrity on the tube.
Does she deserve this kind of salary? I say no.
Now we all know AC doesn't earn that kind of money, but he does earn a wad.
And now compare this info to those who go without every day.
I rest my case.

aries moon said...

I still remember Shannon Travis cheerleading for the Tea Party in its early days, so I can't say I'm sorry he's being tossed out of CNN. There are quite a few people I'd love to see gone from CNN, especially on air 'talent' like Drew Griffin and the repulsive Mark O'Mara (shame on 360 for bringing him on and bringing up George Zimmerman's foul name whenever AC has to introduce him). The HuffPo article is right in that CNN can't expect to do quality news reporting by cutting corners and gutting staff--Anderson has always said that CNN's massive news gathering resources and its ability to cover virtually any story on location was one of it's greatest strengths and one of the main reasons he continues to work for them--but I'm still sorry he didn't get out when he had the chance. CNN's new tag line is "Go There", but will that still apply in the coming months?

Haven't seen Bill Weir on CNN for a while--I thought he was brought in to shake things up around there.

Anonymous said...

There is good reason to believe that the Michael Brown audio tape that CNN aired yesterday during 360, and its Morning Show, is a hoax.
According to TVNewser, CNN did not have three sources to verify this tapes authenticity.
I say 3 sources, because Ben Bradlee of WaPo fame, always required Woodstein to have 3 sources when they were investigating Nixon and his antics back in the 70's.
This is just the latest example of why CNN has lost its credibility, and a whole lot of viewers and advertisers which equals money.

aries moon said...

So CNN did a long hit/smear piece on the prosecutor who is taking on Rick Perry...THIS is what happens when the Koch's and other right wing toads infiltrate news networks.

Someone needs to tell Dana Bash that Republicans also have a constitutional duty to debate and vote on whether further action should be taken by the President regarding Syria/Iraq but instead she lets them off the hook only to blame Democrats.

Looks like 360 is determined to have the vile Mark O'Mara on every night. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I am really liking Jim Sciutto. I wish he would take over for Erin Burnett. She's better suited for the afternoon. Also two hours of Don Lemon is too much . I really hope they add a co-host to CNN Tonight.

Anonymous said...

While President Obama may in fact be "undecided" about Syria, it is not a good idea to publically state that he has "no definitive plan" in reference to Syria.
This type of attitude is just what makes him look weak, as a world leader.
He seems very undecisive and this is not a good trait when trying to negotiate with other foreign leaders and the likes of Putin.
Looks as though our VP finally got it right when he said, 'He looked into the eyes of Putin and he didn't have a soul.'
He doesn't.

doglover said...

8/28/14 Some of the news about shake up at CNN has not really surprised me as there has been rumblings of that for awhile I too wish ACwould have gone to another network &given free rein on news covrage both on location &behind the desk. Hd likes to be where the action/news is. He is very smart &I wonder if somewhere down the line he has shares in CNN &just waiting his time to make the right move he isnt dumb by any means. Many times I think he might pack it in &just free lance &do guest spots. Many times I get distinct feeling he is not as happy as he could be &thats a shame he has a very sharp mind &is talented. He has to have a good supportive team behind him &ifvthere morale us poor it reflects onthe program. I have not been impressed with Jeff Zucker of his approach.maybe a real shake up &new vision/ideas needed. AC needs the best because he likes to do the best but dont think CNN gets that.