Friday, September 19, 2014

AC360 Report On The Death Investigation Of Joan Rivers from Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Per a reader's request, here's the video of the AC360 segment on the Death Investigation of Joan Rivers from Tuesday night.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360 had more opportunities to change the channel. The hunt for Eric Freen, killer of the PA state trooper, may be incredibly important and interesting to some viewers but not me. As the ATA regulars have already guessed, I watched Hayes (covering the Senate vote on a bill to help Syrian rebels and an interview with Sen. Bernie Sanders).
When I checked in on 360, Anderson was reporting on the Florida family shooting. Later Jim Sciutto had the Sentate vote regarding the Syrian rebels and Dana Bash had more details.

I didn't see the start of the second segment but did see Anderson interview Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). I was glad to see a Democratic politician on the show. Gabbard is a veteran of an earlier Iraqi war and voted against the House bill to help the Syrian rebels. Anderson was much more even-keeled with Gabbard than he was with Josh Earnest yesterday, perhaps because she was critical of Obama's plan? Gabbard stated the mission was unclear and backed up her opinion.

Randi Kaye filed a report on missing Univ. of Virginia studient Hannah Graham. A Bulletin folloeed with the longest blip I've ever seen; it was the first blip and all about more NFL players being bad. Last in this segment was a Susan Candiotti reort on the death of Joan Rivers.

Next was a long promo for the "Whitey" documentary coming up after 360. Maybe it's standard practice for shows to promote other shows on the network but I hate these long "commercials" for them in 360. Anderson could have used the time for a better, more thorough look at the secessioon vote in Scotland.

At the end of 360 was an update on the hunt for Freen and at the last minute Anderson talked to Max Foster (?) in Edinburgh about the Scottish vote.

It's days like this I wish I was in charge of 360. There would have been big changes in Thursday's show.

Phebe said...

My vote is to put Jaanza in charge of 360! It's a sad day when I can watch an hour news program, that I've recorded, in less than 10 minutes. Anderson's program has become dated, stodgy and the total antithesis of red 360.

aries moon said...

I second that vote, Phebe! There's no doubt she'd do a far better job of it than what they currently have going on.

It does seem to be true that 360 will book a Democratic politician who has an unfavorable opinion of the Obama Administration before they'd ever consider booking one who supports the President--there's been sort of a pattern of that on the program and that may be why we don't see many Democrats on 360--if Anderson's going to treat them the way he did Josh Earnest, why bother?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Phebe and the ATA Team
for the video on Joan River's death and the on going investigation. I did request it and I do appreciate the effort.
I find the whole tragic episode quite bizzare.
And I agree with Jeff Toobin about
the act of consent.
Even ordinary persons are asked to sign a consent form for minor procedures. It is hard to believe that Ms.Rivers had an exploratory examination without consenting to a biopsy.
What was not mentioned was the fact that each State has different requirements when under going out clinic procedures.
According to the NYPost, most MD's agreed that because of Ms River's age and prior health concerns, she should have been hospitalized to begin with.