Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Breaking News on Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Anderson Cooper was back in the AC360 anchor chair for an expanded two hour edition of AC360.  There was breaking news during the 8PM ET hour and Anderson spoke about it with Anna Coren and Jim Acosta at the top of the 9PM ET hour...

Anderson posed with a fan's dog on Labor Day and the fan posted it to Instagram.

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aries moon said...

President Obama must laugh whenever bitter old John McCain opens his mouth and tries to play president. There was no way I was going to sit through another tiresome, predictable McCain rant against the Obama Administration or listen to Gloria Borger and David Gergen either, so I switched to Chris Hayes during those segments. The only good thing about 360 having the clueless and always wrong McCain on is reading the highly critical Twitter comments from AC360 viewers who are a lot smarter about McCain and his idiocy than Anderson ever will be--they see right through him, know his warmongering 'advice' is to be avoided at all costs and recognize that he's been on an unhinged vendetta against the president for years--plus, he POSED FOR A PHOTO with members of ISIS and we're supposed to take him seriously now? The majority of AC360 viewers dislike McCain intensely and don't want him on the show, but as long as Anderson holds him in inexplicably high esteem, he'll keep fouling the AC360 airwaves with his nonsense. AC, Fran Townsend and Bobby Ghosh had a good discussion later in the program about some of the strategies that are working in Iraq against ISIS--this is the sort of thing that the president has brought about by thoughtful consideration and action, not rash warmongering--too bad McCain and some of the beltway media can't grasp that fact.

If Gary Tuchman's report on kids using guns was supposed to make viewers feel that it's perfectly acceptable in some cases, he failed. It NEVER will be acceptable, imo, no matter how 'responsible' the parent or other adult is. Too many tragic accidents have already happened.

Jaanza said...

Tuesday's 360 had a top-notch first segment. A second American, Steven Sotloff, was killed by ISIS. Anderson started the show with an overview and then Jim Sciutto delivered more details. Philip Mudd and Christiane Amanpour (wow, how long has it been since we've seen her on 360?) discussed the killing, U.S. policy, airstrikes, ISIS strength and ISIS recruitment. It was a lot of information and all done very well.

At the beginning of the second segment, Anderson stated more U.S. troops would go to Baghdad as a security measure for the U.S. embassy. Obama continues to work on strategy in dealing with ISIS. Is that any reason to dredge up John McCain?
I stayed during the clip of McCain's speech (in which he said "The President is in denial or overwhelmed.") and might have tolerated a political panel analyzing Obama MidEast foreign policy. But I'm not going to watch Anderson interview McCain and essentally let him blather on with no cross-checking from Anderson.
Like Aries Moon, I switched to Hayes and will not apologize for switching to Hayes when McCain is on 360. Hayes was covering Putin and Ukraine.

There was a pretty good report by Ripley on the three guys detained by North Korea and their interviews with western media. However, Anderson's interview with Kenneth Bae's sister started souding so rote and deja vu. Being so fickle and short-attention-spanned, I checked in on Hayes.
Unfortunately for Bae's sister and Sanjay Gupta, Hayes was doing a much more interesting segment on Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson and the fundraising going on for him.
That's why I missed most of Anderson's and Gupta's Q&A on ebola.

I'm not certain but I think Randi Kaye's remembrance report on Steven Sotloff was broadcast earlier on the Situation Room.

I did not watch the second hour of 360. The first hour qualified for a B-/C+ and I doubted the second hour would be better. But thanks to Aries Moon I realize I missed a good discussion with Townsend and Ghosh. If that discussion had been in the first hour, maybe its grade could have been a B+.

Totally love the Instagram photo of Anderson and the fan's dog. That dog looks like 'yep, chilling with Cooper here' and Anderson looks so happy to be posing with such a cool dog.