Monday, September 29, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Dog Gone

Anderson Cooper was in the anchor chair for a 2 hour edition of AC360.  There was a RidicuList at the end of the second hour.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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aries moon said...

"Anderson Pooper" the dog was adorable as he was running to the finish line of the race--that was my favorite moment in this Ridiculist.

China fighting for democracy as the U.S. Supreme Court continues to do the GOP's bidding and eat away at Americans right to vote or should I say SOME Americans right to vote. It is fine that 360 covers international crises like what's happening in China, but I wish they'd pay SOME attention to America's own crisis--the GOP/SCOTUS are steadily turning back the clock on civil rights/voting rights.

Jaanza said...

Tried posting last night, here's another try:

Monday's 360 was okay. I watched only the first hour and am so glad ATA posted the Ridiculist from the second hour. That was a terrific Ridiculist - goofy dogs with great names. My favorite was the cat-cuddling chiwaawaa.

At first I thought the story concerning more details about the 9/19 White House intruder shouldn't have been first. But it was also Hayes' and Maddow's lead stories. Jim Acosta reported on the new details (basically, the intruder got in further than first reported) and then Carol Leoning and Dan Bongino discussed hte incident and scrurtinized White House security and the Secret Service.
The last four minutes of the first segment was about the Hong Kong pro-democracy protests. Ivan Watson was the on-scene reporter.

The segment on missing UVA student Hannah Graham was pretty good but needed a little help. In the taped report from Jean Ceserez, all about linking suspect Martin to the disappearance of another student years ago, the comment from that student's mother was inaudible. Even worse, when Anderson asked Ceserez a question, the audio of her response made it sound like the microphone was across the room. Sunny Hostin and Mary Ellen O'Toole were the panel and they sounded just fine.

President Obama made a comment today about "underestimating" ISIS and that had to be disected. Jim Sciutto stated the facts and then was joined by Jay Carney and a guy named Lake. Lake stood up for the intelligence report people, saying they're surprised by Obama's comments. Carney said the Iraqi forces were over-estimated for years, going back to Bush. Lake commented "...the White House has not saved Al Maliki from himself..." which lead me to wonder what the heck this country was supposed to do. Carney might have been wondering the same thing, he pointed out to Lake that "...either Iraq is sovereign or it's not.." Overall it was a good debate, no interruptions and it seemed like everybody got the same amount of time.

I came in late to Pamela Brown's report on the guy who beheaded a woman in Oklahoma last Friday. The guy (never got his name) recently became a militant muslim so a lot of attention was on whether this was an act of terrorism.

The first hour ended with a short report on the Mount Ontake eruption in Japan and then a Bulletin. I wish it could have been the all-doggie Ridiculist instead of the Bulletin.