Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Anderson Cooper Anchors AC360 From The United Nations

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded edition of AC360 from the United Nations tonight.  The following discussion between Anderson, Christiane Amanpour, Jim Sciutto and David Gergen was one of the more interesting and a bit of Anderson's sarcastic humor surfaced.

And AC360 posted the following "behind the scenes" photo to their Instagram account tonight:


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Jaanza said...

Tuesday's 360 was entirely about the U.S. airstirkes on ISIS targets in Syria. Anderson covered the basic news and various angles. No doubt, a very important story. An important story which I should pay close attention to but my interest faded after the second segment. It just began to sound so redundant.

However, I did see a wide variety of experts on the show. Today there was Barbara Starr, Pamela Brown, Rear Admiral John Kirby, Lt. Col. Rick Francona, Brandon Webb, Tom Foreman and, in the vdeo clip on ATA, Christiane Amanpour, Jim Sciutto and David Gergen.

It was great seeing Anderson out of the studio and in front of the United Nations building. At the start it made me think he would be talking to somebody from the UN. If that happened, it wasn't in the first hour.

doglover said...

9/23/14 due to so many interuptions etchave only caught portions of AC360 lately but I have really liked the way Anderson has kept on about the domestic abuse issues it needs to be openly duscussed as it is far to prevalent &.not just in sports.. Tonight when I turned on to AC360 WOW what a nice surprise to see Anderson on location in his element. It all had that touch he has when away from the desk. Thd interviews were good &information was what we could understand I didnt get to see second half of program but what I ddid see if first half was sure enjoyabe & so clear almost like being right there.

aries moon said...

Poor David Gergen had to acknowledge that President Obama knows what he's doing, he seemed genuinely in shock that the president was able to pull together an ISIS fighting coalition that includes the Sunnis. Perhaps if he and AC didn't spend so much time listening to GOP doubters and critics like McCain (who seems to have disappeared to the delight of MANY) and Lindsay Graham, they might be able to recognize that the President is consistent in the way he handles a foreign policy crisis. Anderson insists on making a big deal out of the fact that President Obama campaigned on ending wars but now he may be headed into one--SO WHAT? Who doesn't recognize that a president's job is complex and once he or she is in office, decisions may have to be made that go against previously stated policies and principles. Anderson acts as if President Obama is a huge hypocrite because he has to respond to ISIS the way he is. Lots of back and forth about strategy and the unforseen problems and difficulties that may arise in this campaign against ISIS raised by Anderson--all of which have undoubtedly been analyzed thoroughly by the Obama Administration--AC and the pundits act as if they're the first people to ever consider the "what-ifs". Peter Beinart and the man from Syria Zaidoun were both critical of President Obama's actions in Syria, but neither offered up an alternative to what the president was doing to fight ISIS. It's easy to armchair quarterback and complain when you aren't the ones responsible for making difficult choices.

Anonymous said...

So Anderson got the "war" his guests/pundits had been begging for unchecked by him and now he's full of questions about if it's the right thing to do and how long it's going to take!

I want to think that Anderson is more intelligent than some of the questions he asks or statements he makes, and is dumbing it down for ratings, but sometimes I wonder.

I find it amazing that CNN/AC360 march out all the Bush folks and they talk about why it won't work and needing boots on the ground. They are so irrelevant because they are the reason we are back in Iraq and facing ISIL today. Anderson/AC360 needs to do a good segment explaining that ISIL was born in an Iraq prison during the Bush/U.S. invasion. That their leader made statements at the time but was released anyway.

And then there's the constant talk of POTUS withdrawing troops and not leaving a residual force. They forget that Bush couldn't negotiate a "Status of Forces" agreement with Al-Maliki and he was the one that hand picked Al-Maliki. He kicked the can down the road for the next POTUS and when again a "Status of Forces" agreement couldn't be reached, it's suddenly all the current POTUS's fault.

I chose to believe that President Obama is more intelligent and has learned from the Bush administration's mistakes. (And there were many to learn from.) We know President Obama doesn't use force lightly and is much more aware of the sects/divides within the region. The fact that he was able to bring Arab/Muslim partners into the coalition is something Bush couldn't do. Then again he wasn't smart enough about the region to know the complexities.

Every time Anderson brings up that President Obama campaigned about ending the war and now finds himself in one, I want to ask him if he imagined his and CNN's ratings in the tank today, back in 2008. We all know that we can't control what the world throws at us, but we can control how we react to it and some people do a much better job than others. I'm thankful that we have a President Obama at this time in history, I only shudder to think if McCain were in office. Hopefully he's caught up in campaigning and won't be making an appearance on AC360 anytime soon. Like all Republican's, he only offers criticism, no realistic alternatives.

-- Jenn