Friday, September 19, 2014

Anderson Cooper Attends Opening of Lovegun

The above photo appeared on social media last Saturday and thanks to a tip from an anonymous reader, we now can verify the location.   Anderson attended the opening of Lovegun, a new gay bar in Brooklyn; opened by his partner and three of Mr. Maisani's friends/business partners.

( Benjamin, Kelly Ripa, Anderson, and Mark Consuelos )

( Andy Cohen and Anderson )

The above photos were posted to Night Moves and the photos were taken by Chris Harder.  Please click on the link if you wish to see more photos.   NextMagazine has photos from opening night and Kenneth in the (212) blogged about opening night and prior to that had conducted an interview with Benjamin Maisani about the new bar.  Please click on the links to read the posts and view the additional photos.

Also, for those in the vicinity of Southeast Missouri State University, remember Anderson has a speaking engagement there Sunday afternoon!

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Jaanza said...

Thanks for the news on Lovegun and the pictures. Are disco balls still a thing? Maybe they're the thing for gay bars. The thing is, even now they make me think about Christmas more than disco.

Thanks also for the idea to have me in charge of story selection for 360. I liked Friday's 360 more than yesterday's but there's still a few changes I would make.

The first story was the very unsurprising news that the Ravens administrators knew about Ray Rice's elevator assault on his fiancee "within hours". Commissioner gave a speech today, numerous clips of him trying to salvage himself. Goodell, NFL players, women, videos and 'what was known when' was discussed by Rachel Nichols, Kristie Morgan Steiner and Robert Klemko.

Another NFL player, McDonald of the 49ers, was charged with assualt but will play on Sunday. Kyung Lah had the report and Anderson had a chat wiht Peter King from Sports Illustrated.

Earlier on Jake Tapper's show, he had an excellent segment on the NFL sponsors and the bottom line. This was also Hayes' second segment which I did not watch because I thought Anderson was going to have a good hard look at the NFL and $$$. But he didn't and he should have.

A guy apparently jumped the White House fence but was caught shortly after entering the building. This was new news but it seemed to be over and done, worthy of a blip in the Bulletin but not an entire segment and a talk (via phone) wiht Michelle Kosinski. As it turned out there was no Bulletin (or was there and I missed it?).

University of Virginia student Hannah Graham is still missing and today Anderson had a good Q&A with Jean Cesarez and police chief Timothy Longo.

Stephanie Elam had a report on JetBlue flight 1416; engine trouble caused smoke to enter the plane and it had to turn back for an emergency landing. I'm glad everybody's okay but this was another story that felt like it should have been a blip in the Bulletin. Perhaps this was given a segment because a somewhat famous actor was on board? Don't ask me who the actor was, I've already forgotten his name and what films/TV shows he appeared in.

Perhaps these blips - White House intruder, flight 1416 - got full segments because it was a slow news day. I noticed Hayes spent his whole hour on the NFL. If the NFL and domestic violence is still news on Monday, I'd like to see Anderson do a segment on football players and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). A couple of other places have discussed the link between unexplained rage and early CTE. I think it would be a good topic for 360.

aries moon said...

The new bar looks like a big hit already and judging from the kenneth in the 1212 interview, Benjamin Maisani is an intelligent, creative guy who really knows his business and what will work and what won't. No doubt he'll have tons of bars all over the city or elsewhere in the years to come. Anderson looked like he was really enjoying himself at the bar opening. Thanks for all the write-ups and pics.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza, in one of the interviews he did for Lovegun, Ben explained that the decor of the bar was inspired by
NYC nightclubs from the late 1970s and early 1980s, hence the disco balls. All his bars have a different style and design.