Thursday, September 04, 2014

Anderson Cooper Remembers Joan Rivers with Kathy Griffin & Andy Cohen

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 from the rooftop of the CNN building in LA and devoted the hour to remembering Joan Rivers.

With Kathy Griffin Part 1:

With Kathy Griffin Part 2:

With Andy Cohen:

Anderson ended AC360 reading Joan's wishes for her funeral:

And from Instagram:



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Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360... nope.

First, I kind of liked Joan Rivers. She sometimes made me laugh and she was a groundbreaker for women in comedy. Her death was unexpected and my sympathies go out to her family.

Second, a whole hour on Joan Rivers? 360 did that for Robin Williams whose death was even more unexpected but he was a bigger celebrity.

I came to the show two minutes late. A report/biography of Rivers (already seen earlier on CNN) was on. Anderson was in L.A. and he looks great standing outside with the mountains in the background. He must have already been in L.A. when the news of Rivers' death (which occurred in NYC) became known.
I might have stayed with 360 but there on the rooftop with Anderson was Kathy Griffin. I do not like Griffin. Hayes was covering fast-food workers protesting for a higher minimum wage.

Anderson kept going on and on and on about Rivers. She should have received two segments at the most so 360 could have time for former VA Gov. McDonnell's conviction on corruption or the investigation of the Fergurson police department. Hayes had these topics and spent his last 7 or 8 minutes on Rivers.

Bottom line: Too much on Rivers. And why is Anderson in L.A?

aries moon said...

The tribute to Joan Rivers was probably a lot longer than it needed to be but she was a trailblazer and legendary figure in comedy--there have been plenty of times when she pissed me off with some of her biting commentaries on people I admire (Anderson had his moment of disliking Rivers as well), but I can't deny that she was one-of-a-kind and has influenced many in comedy. Kathy Griffin actually did a great job of talking about Joan's place in comedy history and what she meant to her as a friend and role model--Griffin is off-putting to many, but I like her--there was some talk about the striking differences in Joan Rivers' on and off-stage personas--I think of Kathy Griffin in a similar vein--she's smart, articulate, seems to be a hard worker and has a great deal of respect for her comedy elders. The moment when Kathy broke down a bit after a clip of Rivers and Anderson comforting her and telling her she did good was very touching.

There was a LOT of news happening on Thursday, big decisions on Obamacare, same sex marriage, early voting rights in Ohio, Bob McDonnell and wife's convictions, as Jaanza says, 360 should've covered some of this news, or at the very least, put it in the bulletin. I'm not even sure if CNN discussed the McDonnell verdict at all--it sure wasn't on's front page when I checked.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who's tired of reading so many negative comments on this blog? If you have nothing (or little) positive to say day in and day out, why keep posting? I understand a bit of constructive criticism every once in a while, but lately, all I read around here is nothing but negativity. It just seems strange to me that people who obviously watch Anderson quite religiously and write almost daily about his show would be so critical all the time. Maybe it's time to move on, stop turning on 360 and stick to Hayes?

Anonymous said...

Jaanza my dear, I beg to differ about Robin Williams being a "bigger" celebrity than Joan Rivers.
It is obvious that you are NOT over fifty. Joan Rivers taught Robin Williams the trade, and she had many things to overcome and she didn't turn to drugs.
Anderson and she had some things in common as well.
They BOTH overcame a family member's suicide and in "show biz"
this is a very hard thing to do.
Joan had many followers and ADMIRERS from women whose husbands abandoned them and then made lemonade out of lemons.
She was a nonstop worker and every penny she has, she worked for. None stop.
When asked to retire she said,"Why" And do what?" She evolved to fit the situation and we mourn her death not because she was a "trail blazer" but because she had a WORK ETHIC like no other.
Perhaps if Robin Williams learned to 'evolve,' he'd still be with us.

Anonymous said...

While Joan Rivers wasn't a favorite of mine, I respected her "trailblazing" and "perserverance" -- she was truly unique and worthy of the hour. That being said, I don't understand why CNN chose to show a documentary for two hours following AC360. With AC360 often filling two hours lately, last night would have been the perfect night to devote one hour to remembering Joan Rivers and the second hour to all the breaking news of the day.

And Anonymous 9:21 - this negative comment is directed at CNN, not Anderson Cooper. I think Anderson did a good job last night. However, CNN has been making some bad decisions programming and content wise and I feel that's where the frustration comes from long time viewers. We like Anderson and follow his body of work, but don't understand the programming content decsions CNN is making. Also, you come and leave a negative comment about other commenters, but offer nothing positive yourself? Do you watch AC360? Perhaps if you posted positive comments often, that could help.

I appreciate Jaanza and aries moon and their loyal comments. Both are fans of Anderson and have states so repeatedly, it's the content of AC360 that seems to be the source of frustration.

@Anon 9:58 While you are entitled to your opinion and I thank you for sharing, it's not necessary to "attack" another commenter. Simply state your opinion without diminishing someone else.

-- Jenn

aries moon said...

@Jenn, Thank you for your comment, you expressed how I feel about Anderson and 360 perfectly--your comments are always a pleasure to read here.

Anonymous said...

@Jenn: I didn't attack Jaanza.
I simply stated my position about Joan Rivers VS. Robin Williams.
If YOU interpreted it that way, that is YOUR porblem.