Friday, September 26, 2014

Anderson Cooper Talks To Charles Blow - AC360 Web Exclusive

Charles Blow was scheduled to be a guest on Monday's AC360, but due to "breaking news" his interview was posted directly to the 360 website.

Web Exclusive: Charles Blow: You can have a life where you love yourself

Charles Blow is an op-ed columnist for the New York Times and he has shared his opinions as a frequent guest on AC360. Now, Blow is sharing how he overcame adversity and his triumphs in his new memoir "Fire Shut Up in My Bones." He speaks to Anderson about coping with poverty as a child, coming to terms with being the victim of molestation and understanding his sexuality as a young man.

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Anonymous said...

Charles Blow seems to be making the rounds.
He was a guest on Bill Maher's program and I was impressed with his tone and his commitment to the Obama Administration.
He could give Al Shaprton lessons
on manners and how to elevate the discussion, and comportment in general. Blow is not agressive, but he gets his point across in a
very genteel manner.
Very likeable and that's important.

Anonymous said...

TVNewser is reporting that Steve Kroft will interview President Obama for the Sunday edition of
60 Minutes.
Now this is the caliber of celebrity that a '60 Minutes' correspondent should interview and no other. It keeps him, shall we say....relevant and in the moment, and does wonders for the leader of the free world.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:41: I hope you are being sarcastic in saying that the current POTUS is the caliber of guest that Anderson and other 60 Minutes correspondents should be interviewing. The latest Rassmusen survey has his approval rating at -17. By your logic, 60 Minutes should be interviewing the Kardashians and Paris Hilton. BTW Anderson always does a fine job at Sixty Minutes considering he is only allowed to work for them on his vacation time and holidays. Im sure if he ever leaves CNN and goes to CBS full time, he will get more involved in tougher investigative assignments.

aries moon said...

I would've rather seen this fine interview with Charles Blow instead of the Lisa Ling 'Sugar Daddy' interview/promo that was shown the other night--nothing against Lisa Ling, but Charles Blow has such a fascinating story to tell--I've got to check out his book.

Jaanza said...

As promised, I watched 'The Amazing Race' last night, but did take a look at 360 during commercial breaks. Nothing stood out as particulary brilliant or wrong but I'm glad I missed the Lisa Ling promo. When ATA clipped that video from Thursday afternoon I had a premonition that Ling's new show would be promoted on 360 on Friday. On Wednesday there wasn't 10 seconds to promote Erin Burnett's town hall meeting with former Prez. Clinton. While Anderson and Ling are old friends, if I had been watching 360 when Ling showed up, I would have changed the channel.

@Anon poster yesterday - Anderson IS adorable. Unfortunately, sometimes 360 sucks.