Thursday, September 11, 2014

Anderson Cooper Talks to Jim Foley's Mother & Remembering 9/11

Anderson Cooper interviewed the mother of James Foley.  Part 1 of the interview aired in the 8PM ET hour of AC360 and part 2 in the 9PM ET hour.  (Note:  There is a little overlap in the beginning.)  Following part one of the interview was a good discussion of the interview and Anderson closed the 2 hour expanded edition of AC360 with the sights and sounds of the 9/11 remembrance ceremonies from earlier today.

Part 1:

Follow up discussion with Dan O'Shea and Maajid Nawaz:

Part 2:

9/11 Remembered:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

This is not meant to be disrespectful to Diane Foley, mother of James Foley (kidnapped and killed by ISIS). She is going through the most horrible and hurtful ordeal imaginable and I have the greatest sympathy for her and the rest of the Foley family.
But I didn't watch her interview.

Hayes was covrering reaction to Obama's ISIS speech yesterday (and later interviews with Rep. Kingston R-OR and Sen. Murphy D-CT). I choose this topic instead of Anderson's interview of Diane Foley. I did check in a couple times and noted that later Anderson did talk to a White House official to get the Obama administration's side. He also talked to Dan O'Shea and Maajid NAwaz for their perspectives.

The Ray Rice / NFL Goodell story is still making new news today mostly because of Commissioner Goodell saying stupid and conflicting remarks. Anderson had a Q&A with Miguel Marquez on the latest and then a panel with Rachel Nichols, Jeffrey Toobin and Sports Illustrated guy Dan Werthen. It was a good discussion and all three made good points.

Next was more coverage of the new video of the Michael Brown shooting. This time Anderson had Anthony Gray, the attorney for the Brown family. Toobin was also there but there was nothing substantially new in this segment.

I did not see yesterday's debate of sorts between Jay Carney and John McCain. In the clip Anderson showed today McCain got way more time and got the last word. Somebody (maybe Anderson!) needs to point out to McCain that the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq was decreed by Dubya Bush in 2008. U.S. troops left on Bush's timetable: December 2011. In the panel with Gloria Borger and Peter Beinart, I liked Borger's comment that we need to see more of these debates but I would add only if the moderator is able to contain each side and point out when one side gets the facts completely wrong.

Anderson wrapped-up the hour and asked viewers to stay tuned for the second hour. It was odd there was no mention of Oscar Pistrorius' acquital in the first hour. Was it mentioned later?

aries moon said...

I didn't listen to the Diane Foley interview, I knew where it would probably head--the same direction as the woman AC had on a few months back who was angry with the Obama Administration for not doing 'enough' for the loved one she lost in Benghazi. AC360 is always seeking out these sorts of incidents in order to sensationalize any situation where they can imply that the mean old Obama Administration doesn't really care about Americans--I could practically see the wheels turning in AC's head the other night when he interviewed Sotoloff family friend Barak Barfi. I get sick and tired of this. I did watch the follow up interview with Dan O'Shea and Maajid Narwaz--O'Shea was able to clearly state why it was necessary for the government to handle the Sotoloff/Foley kidnappings exactly as it did--the families may feel they are being treated disrespectfully, but they should try to think about the government's position and what can realistically be expected of it.

Would AC360 be repeating the Carney-McCain debate if they believed that Carney had won it? I seriously doubt it--what they wanted was another opportunity to show cranky pants McCain shouting down someone connected to the Obama Administration. Jenn wrote an excellent comment on a previous ATA post and in it she said that there was a distinct lack of respect for Carney by Anderson and AC360--very odd considering Carney is now on the CNN team. Jay Carney is an excellent addition to CNN and is very much needed on 360 and elsewhere to counter the unchallenged (by Anderson) lies of the GOP--it will be interesting to see how often Carney is on 360 or whether he'll be on at all.

@Jaanza, great point about Bush and the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Anderson asked Mrs Foley if she visually will remember her son as he was, as she knew him in life, or the last image of him horrifically dying. As a mother I was horribly offended by the question and it seemed like journalism sensationalism to me. Maybe you have to have children Mr cooper to learn how unacceptable that question was.

Anonymous said...

You mean Anderson asked an unacceptable question and there actually was someone else, other than myself, who finds some of things he says and does, offensive?
And the ATA Team posted it?
Here! Here!