Thursday, September 04, 2014

Anderson Cooper's Interview With Ebola Survivor Nancy Writebol

Behind the scenes of Anderson Cooper's interview with Nancy Writebol and her husband from AC360 on Twitter.

From the 8pm ET Hour of AC360:

From the 9pm ET Hour of AC360:  

And from the AC360 Website:

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Part 2:

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Jaanza said...

There's new information stating Steve Sotloff hid his Jewish faith while in the captivity of ISIS. While this is completely understandable and moderately interesting, it's worth about two paragraphs in the Sotloff story. It's not worth being the lead story of 360's Wednesday show.
Anderson spoke with Jane Esther on this issue before bringing Jim Acosta on to cover Obama's policy on ISIS. The on-screen title stated "Obama's Conflicting Message On ISIS" and I figured this was a good time to go to the kitchen and deal with supper. When I got back Anderson was talking to John King and another guy but I didn't pay close attention. I felt like it was all going to be dissing the President for being cautious, a more serious take than Colbert but saying the same thing (Colbert, 'why bother making a strategy, we don't need a strategy to go to war' while the country of Iraq appears over his shoulder).

Finding out the identity (or identities) of the Sotloff and James Foley ISIS murderer was the focus of the second segment. There was a report by Brian Todd and then analysis and speculation by Fran Townsend and Philip Mudd.
Hayes' second segment was titled "Smearing Michaell Brown', concerning Brown's juvenile police record and whether it will be made public. I bring this up for a reason. Reason coming up below.

Anderson gave a review on ebola's current situation and there was a clip of an ebola patient in Africa being forced back to the clinic. Anderson focused on the American ebola patients and showed a (taped) interview he did with ebola survivor Nancy Writebol. Writebol is a sweet woman and it was a nice interview.
However, Hayes had BREAKING NEWS (really! it was brand new news) that the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division started an investigation of the Ferguson MO police department. Hayes talked to an NAACP guy about it.

Anderson mentioned the same new news after the Writebol interview and before heading to commercial break. When 360 got back the on-screen title was "Sources: Fed To Investigate Ferguson Police". That title stayed on the screen throughout the panel with Jeffrey Toobin, Mark Geragos and Areva Martin. Anderson asked questions about the release of Michael Brown's juvenile record but not one about the Dept. of Justice investigation.
That was irritating. I want 360 to be better but I also want a good news show and today in the Michael Brown department Hayes was way better. If both shows were of equal quality, I would definitely watch 360. Unfortunately, sometimes 360 isn't as good as it could be.

The show ended with a Bulletin. I did not watch the second hour.

aries moon said...

President Obama's every utterance seems to have to be picked apart and dissected by reporters like Anderson hoping for some "gotcha" moment. Yes, the President's message and strategy for ISIS HAS been clear and that was perfectly articulated by Deputy National Security Advisor Tony Blinken, who reiterated the plan of finding a way to disrupt/manage/defeat ISIS by building a coalition--how is that not clear? It was great that 360 finally spoke to someone from the administration instead of irritating old John McCain--Blinken laid out everything clearly and concisely and the segment could've ended there, but no, Anderson had to trot out John King and Peter Beinart to yammer once again about how 'muddled' the president's message on ISIS is and how he's not moving quickly enough to suit them. Ugh.

The only reason some want Michael Brown's juvenile court records released is to demonize him and somehow justify Darren Wilson shooting the unarmed teen. What Brown did in his life prior to the shooting is irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon: While I always read your comments and enjoy your perspective on current events, I have to disagree with you on Presient Obama and foreign policy.
I voted for him and have to say, I am totally disappointed in the way in which he is NOT handling foreign policy or domestic issues.
I know this may sound curt, and I
don't mean to be flip, but to me, the POTUS hasn't "a clue."
He actually admitted that he "didn't have a plan" after the first beheading! What Presient says this publically??
And then there was a second beheading. Are we to wait until there is a third?
Sorry. President Obama appears to be over his 'own head' when it comes to making decisions. He is not decisive and would rather delegate, than to actually lead.
True this is JMO, but it was Joe Biden, his VP, who nailed it when he said, "He looked into the eyes of Putin, and he had no soul."
In hindsight, this was a very perceptive remark....and it wasn't made by Presient Obama or his Secry. of State.