Thursday, September 11, 2014

What's on Your Mind? 9/10/14

Today CNN announced former White House press secretary Jay Carney is joining CNN as a political commentator. Carney made an appearance on AC360 tonight giving his insight on the POTUS and his address to the Nation. If you're not into discussion politics then give us you thoughts on anything that crosses those fertile minds of yours.

And we'll leave you with this brilliant, in our opinion, little video of an former CNN'er Lisa Desjardins saying goodbye to CNN with humor, creativity and panache:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

I didn't watch the post-speech analysis and didn't see Jay Carney. But I'm glad to hear CNN has hired a more left-leaning political commentator. it remains to be seen how often he'll show up on 360.

Speaking of the pre-speech coverage on 360, there was quite a bit of talk from the usual commentators. Donna Brazile didn't appear until the last two minutes and got time for only one comment.

When 360 started reporting on Obama's upcoming speech on ISIS, it was Dana Bash and Jim Acosta stating pretty much the facts. Then a panel with John King, Gloria Borger, frmr Gen. Mark Herting and ? Nasr took over with analysis and opinions. Much of it was the usual platitudes but one thing Herting said stood out. He said you need triops on the ground in Syria, "they don't need to be American troops but they need to be under American control."
WTF? Herting expects other countries to give up their sons for yet another brash and rash American show of stomp? At least Borger emphasized how complex the situation is and there were other comments (not by Herting) about shedding blood and the inability of just about anyone to control the country of Iraq.

Later Anderson spoke with Rep. Peter King (R-NY) which I didn't pay much attention to. Right at the end Anderson was with a panel of Brazile, David Gergen, Jake Tapper and Newt Gingrich. I hope Brazile got more time to talk in the post-speech analysis.

360 started with a segment on the Michael Brown shooting. There is new video and two new witnesses. After a Randi Kaye report, Anderson paneled Jeffrey Toobin, Sunny Hostin and Neil Bruntrager. Toobin said "...these new witnesses described to me what can only be described as a cold-blooded murder..." Hostin remarked upon the differences of credibility given to white witnesses over black witnesses. Bruntrager was there apparently to be the "other side". He cast doubt on the video and the new witnesses; "Look at everything before you make conclusions." he said and he made a big deal about where the "videographers" were located at the time.
Sometimes the "other side" experts simply end up looking ridiculous.

Ray Rice and the NFL is still big news today because today the AP stated the NFL had the elevator tape back in April. of how stupid NFL Commissioner Goodell has been when responding to the Rice disaster. There were lots of good comments from Toobin, Rachel Nichols and Louis Riddick about the timeline and about Goodell's statements.

Barring something big happening somewhere, I expect to see the same topics on Thursday's 360: Obama's/U.S. policy on ISIS, Brown's murder and the NFL and Rice. I also hope to see coverage on Victor White's "handcuff suicide" and the bill in Congress to reverse the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision. Is it time for "The Ridiculsit" to come back? Or just 30 seconds to look at a new goofy dog video.

aries moon said...

Jay Carney being billed as a CNN political contributor was a surprise--I don't recall ever seeing a big media announcement on it and I had to take a second look at his new title on screen to make sure I was reading it right. I am glad that CNN hired him but like Jaanza, I'm a little unsure about how often he'll be on 360--I can't see AC360 wanting too much favorable, fact-based commentary on the Obama Administration as a regular part of the program! The truly horrible and nasty John McCain has a standing invite on 360 and was allowed by Anderson to talk all over Jay Carney during their heated debate, but still Carney got some digs in at McCain's so-called foreign policy knowledge and explained the Obama Administration's reasoning behind their decisions.

Sunny Hostin was right to question why all of a sudden the new video with the white witnesses is more credible than what the numerous African-American witnesses have already stated, but Sunny was being diplomatic and I'm sure she knows EXACTLY why the African-American witnesses were not taken as seriously by folks like Bruntrager and, to a certain extent, Anderson, I'm sorry to say.

aries moon said...

Awesome goodbye video by Lisa Desjardins. CNN may have made a big mistake in letting her go but with that kind of talent and humor, she'll definitely land on her feet. Thanks for posting the clip.

Anonymous said...

For the first time in a long time, I did watch the President on CNN and to be fair, David Gergen did give the President high marks for the first half of his speech.
I too, was surprised at Jay Carney, especially with blonde streaked hair....I actually didn't recognize him. New job, new hair.
The POTUS said all the right things, but didn't invoke the convidence needed for "a unified coalition. In fact, because he has remained silent for so long, not giving direction directly after the beheadings, this speech was, IMHO, too much, too late.
Yes, we needed to hear from him, but to wait two to three weeks, in between beheadings to invoke "a plan," is like letting the cart go ahead, followed by the horse.
I'm not a policy expert, but this is a President that needed to show leadership in the worst way,
and be really decisive....the question remains: Was he??
There was a time when we hung on Obama's every word.
Now, when he speaks, we just look at one another and say: "Whatever."

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:56, I'm sorry you are disillusioned with our President, but please speak for yourself and not for all. I for one respect his thought out, measured response vs the act now with no plan tactics of the previous administration. I'm not saying our POTUS is perfect, just that everyone has a right to their own opinion.

I can't believe (well, yes I can) that Anderson let McCain talk over Carney with out being checked. He's always asking people not to talk over each other, but that line was glaringly absent with regards to McCain being left to ramble. A guest was in studio and mic-ed but didn't get any air time because McCain was left to ramble with his inaccuracies and war-mongering.

I respected Sen McCain at one point but those days are long gone. He's obviously a sore loser and now a grumpy old man. McCain did go to Syria, but he also posed for a photo with known terrorists, yet claims he knew all about the Syrian Free Army. He also credited President Bush on the night the last troops were pulled from Iraq for the success in Iraq. He was right when he said facts matter, but Carney was right when he said McCain was spouting his version of what he considered facts. McCain seemed to be short on actual factual information but was left unchecked once again by Anderson. Apparently CNN loved the segment as they promoted the hell out of it on social media and on Thursday's AC360 they revisited it and basically bashed Carney and hailed McCain. I guess they didn't get the memo that Carney was a CNN hire? No respect from Anderson or AC360 was given.

Here's hoping we see more of Carney on AC360, but something tells me we won't given the AC360 staff and their total efforts to bash our POTUS at every chance.


Anonymous said...

I am no fan of John McCain and do think that he is a 'grumpy old man' who has never gotten over the fact that he lost the Presidency to a black man.
However, HE did say during his campaign for the Presidency in 08,
that President Obama was ill equiped to handle foreign policy and that he had vertually no experience.
Unfortunately, McCain's predictions have come to pass.
This is exactly the case. He is indecisive, unless pushed by political motivation from both parties.
@Jenn: In a recent PEW poll it seems, I am not the only one who is increasingly 'disillusioned' with the Obama Presidency.
And I do believe that I referenced
what I did say with IMHO.
Whenever someone inserts this, it is "their opinion."
Perhaps you missed the insertion.