Monday, October 20, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 - Breaking News: Oscar de la Renta Dies At Age 82

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  At the end of the second hour news broke of the death of Fashion Designer, Oscar de la Renta:

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Jaanza said...

A couple days ago I predicted/hoped that Monday's 360 would be only half on ebola if there were no new cases in the U.S. over the weekend. Bingo! That's what happened!

I was a little late, getting to 360 when Anderson was talking to Sanjay Gupta about the new recommended hospital guidelines for ebola. I clilcked away and when I got back there was a clip of Anderson's interview with nurse Brianna Aguilar. Then the panel with Gupta, Elizabeth Cohen and Seema Yasmin discussed all the latest.
Tangent: Earlier today on the big headline was about the "hysteria" and "overreaction" to ebola.

So just that one segment on ebola would have been enough, I figured. But I'm glad Anderson did a second segment because it was an awesome interview with a dumb politician. It was awesome because Anderson (politely) got his hackles up and it was awesome how dumb the politician was.
The politician was Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and the subject starting out was travel bans to certain African nations. Blackburn stated "we" will quarantine people in Liberia. Anderson asked how. Blackburn said with the group Doctors Without Borders, the military, ... Anderson interrupted, pointing out that Dw/oB are already overworked and stretched thin in their attempt to treat ebola patients. Blackburn "appreciated" Anderson's concern and changed her words to say Dw/oB ideas would be used. And she blathered something about using church groups to be in charge of the quarantine. And yet, gotta have a travel ban with this somehow.
Gupta tried to tell her the travel ban wouldn't work. Blackburn "appreciated" Gupta's statement but wouldn't back down on instituting quarantines in Liberia, using the military (who's military?) and banning travel to/from these places.
Once near the end Blackburn said something about "bioterrorism". Anderson, after several attempts to get Blackburn back to reality, was clearly too fed up to ask about her "bioterrorism" claim. He swiftly ended the interview.

The rest of 360, although not about ebola, did't measure up to drama and ridiculousness of the Blackburn interview.

Anderson covered the latest charge (for a 2005 rape) against Jesse Martin, the suspect in the UVA student Hannah Graham's disappearance. Lawrence Koblinsky was on hand to discuss.

There is also new info on the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson MO, regarding Brown's blood being found inside the cop's car and on his gun. This time the panel was Mark O'Mara and Anthony Gray, attorney for the Brown family.

In the last segment Jim Sciutto reported on the llatest with ISIS and there was a Bulletin.
I didn't watch much of the second half-hour and none of the 9 pm hour of 360. Besides Hayes, there was also Monday Night Football and 'The Hunger Games' on other channels.
Nonetheless, Monday's 360 was a big improvement over the all-ebola hours last week. Next let's see if Anderson will say anything about the midterm elections. I hope all ATA readers are registerd to vote. If you aren't, GO DO IT!

aries moon said...

Marsha Blackburn, Renee Ellmers and Joni Ernst are as full of nonsense as Palin and Bachmann--it was disappointing to hear AC say Blackburn would be on the show but when AC makes an effort to challenge slippery politicians like her, it's always worth a watch.

In another ebola segment one of the experts AC interviewed made an important point about the initial US response to the virus--there was bound to be some confusion given that the US had little experience dealing with ebola patients.

More and more people who want justice for Michael Brown are starting to think there won't be any--the media's helping Darren Wilson sell the narrative that he was the victim instead of the aggressor--typical tactics.

Not surprising that there was no mention on 360 about the Supreme Court allowing a restrictive/discriminatory voter ID law in Texas to go into effect--it's unfortunate that AC360 doesn't have an interest in reporting on the growing problem of voter suppression.

Anonymous said...

I loved watching that idiot Rep. Marsha Blackburn get schooled by Anderson last night, it was classic AC smackdown, lol! I wish he would do this more often, confront inept politicians with their shaky theories and bring down their house of cards for all the world to see.

I'm sorry Jaanza but I try to watch The Hunger Games and I find those movies absolutely awful (almost as bad as those dreadful Twilight movies!). Is this because I'm over 20?