Thursday, October 23, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Live From Ottawa, Canada

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 at 8PM ET and 11PM ET from Ottawa with all the latest news. He also gave updates during the 9PM ET hour of Mike Rowe's program.

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Jaanza said...

I have mixed feelings about Anderson being in Ottawa. The shooting in Canada was certainly big news and Ottawa isn't that far from NYC. OTOH, it was another of Anderson standing on a street corner after dark and not really needing to be IN the city (just like Dallas TX). I did not see his interview with Mayor Jim Watson, that must have been later. Granted, an in-person interview with the mayor is a real good idea but I'm hoping for more use out of Ottawa tomorrow. Maybe a taped piece of a walk around the War Memorial if possible.

The shooting at the War Memorial and at the Canadian Parliament building was nearly the only topic for today's 360. A report of a White House fence jumper was also covered. All angles, questions and concerns were looked at.
One problem with the coverage - Anderson said Prime Minister Stephen Harper was going to make a speech soon and 360 would have it. When Harper made his statement, MSNBC carried it live. 360 wouldn't interrupt a taped Randi Kaye report. If I were in charge, Harper would have been live instead of delaeyd until the second segment.

360's reporting rundown:
- Jim Acosta reporting on the White House fence jumper
- Randi Kaye report on the Ottawa shooting sequence of events
- Susan Candiotti with information on suspected gunman Michael Zahef-Bibeau
- PM Stephen Harper speech
- Anderson questions Scott Walsh via phone
- a possibly related incident of Canadian soldiers being targeted by a motorist near Montreal
- Deborah Feyerick on a possible ISIS connection
- Anderson interview with Parliament member David McGuinty by phone
- Anderson interviews John Vickers, brother of Parliament Sargent-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, the guy who shot Zahef-Bibeau
- the Bulletin.

At :36 into the hour, Hayes covered the Michael Brown shooting grand jury in Ferguson MO and then the midterm electons. I watched more of these reports than the continued Ottawa shooting coverage on 360.

Survey time! Was Anderson's Ottawa shooting coverage too much? Was Hayes' too little?

Thanks for all the extra photos, ATA, a nice addition to a serious news day. Maybe tomorrow someone will post a photo of Anderson eating poutine.

aries moon said...

I was surprised to hear that AC was going to broadcast 360 from Ottawa, I agree with Jaanza that it probably wasn't necessary to go there to cover the shootings--I think Chris Cuomo was there as well and maybe could've provided info to 360. I like when AC does field reporting generally but not the kind where he only does a stand-up shot and no actual reporting from the field--it sort of seems like a waste of time.

Apparently Anderson had a bit of a problem with some reporter in Ottawa who was trying to get his picture and AC wasn't having it.

Anonymous said...

Chris Cuomo needs to get a dress coat and some interview/reporter/anchor skills before he's sent out in the field again. He's been a huge disappointment at CNN IMO.

Looked like Anderson was out and about in Ottawa and I had hope for some good reports on AC360 and then Ebola in NYC took over.

I think the days of AC360 covering a wide variety of stories will be few and far between. In a New York Times article that talked about Zucker being a mirco manager, he stated that CNN will pick 2 or 3 stories each day to concentrate on across all platforms. While the 360 staff may have some control over guests, I think the topics and slant are CNN/Zucker directed.