Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Anderson Cooper Filming At Grand Central Station in NYC on 10/01/2014

Several photos were posted to Instagram today of Anderson filming in Grand Central Station this afternoon.  Tonight's AC360 was 2 hours of mostly Ebola coverage.  Not sure if the breaking news bumped a report he was filming for tonight's program or if the shoot was related to another project he's working on.  Time will tell....

One lucky fan got a "selfie"

And someone posted the following photo.  Could it be part of the reason for the shoot?


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Anonymous said...

Anderson's grandfather's father built the original Grand Central Station and he was for the most part, in the oil and railroad business, which is where their original family fortune stems.
The station has since changed hands, sold to the city of NY, and is being renovated.
Anderson is probably doing a piece on the station.
Also HBO is in the process of outlining the Vanderbilt fortune and Anderson and his mother were to be interviewed and to take part in the upcoming documentary.
Much of the "old money" is long gone.

Jaanza said...

Thanks, ATA, for the info and photos of Anderson at Grand Central Station. It's a beautiful building and I'm so glad it was saved from 80% demolishment (that's what happened to the gorgeous Penn Station).

Now, time to take a survey! "But Jaanza," you say, "I hate taking surveys." Oh, come on! Please? It's just two questions then you can go back to YouTube and watchng cat videos.

!. How worried are you about the emola virus?
A. I've already panicked and sealed my windows and doors in heavy-duty plastic sheeting and duct tape.
B. I'm concerned but won't let it ruin my day.
C. I'm just a smidgen above the point of not giving a flying fig about ebola.

2. Who do you think is in charge of 360's content?
A. Anderson
B. Anderosn and a small group of executive producers.
C. A gaggle of network executive pinheads plus Zucker.

For question one, I'm "C" and I don't want to watch more than a half-hour on ebola. The first hour started with and stayed with ebola (and a couple minutes for the D68 virus) for too long. It was great if you're in the "A" group from above: ebola news from Elizabeth Cohen, Sanjay Gupta, Gary Tuchman, Nancy Writebol (the missionary who survived ebola) and David Quammen.
My favorite part in all the ebola coverage was Gary Tuchman talking to a group of Texas students. The kids - about 10 to 12 years old - looked more excited to be on camera than actually worried about ebola. One or two said they were worried but didn't look one bit worried. I think they said that because they figured that's what Tuchman wanted to hear.

The suspect in Hannah Graham's disappearance, Jesse Martin, has been linked to another crime, this one a rape at another university. Randi Kaye reported.

At :49 into the hour was the BREAKING NEWS of the resignation of the Secret Service Director Julia Pierson. I have point out that this was Hayes' lead story. On 360 most of the focus of Pamela Brown's report and the Q&A with Dan Bongino was the intruder Gonzalez and the gun guy who accompanied Obama in a CDC elevator. The last two questions to Bongino were about the resignation and the replacement.

The content needed some changes. Less time on ebola and time for reports on Dunn finally being convicted of first-degree murder for the death of Jordan Davis (this was the "loud thug" music incident at a Florida gas station). 360 also could have used a segment on the decision by a federal appeals court to block North Carolina's restrictions on same-day voter registration. Hayes had a segment on this... and only one on ebola.

Does anyone have a clue on who decides the content for 360? I would hate to think totally ignoring the Dunn verdict was Anderson's decision, he spent a lot of time on this story when the shooting happened two years ago.
That's it, I'm off to YouTube. Here I come, Maru!

aries moon said...

Jaanza survey question #1 - B.

The news about Ebola hitting the U.S. does concern me somewhat but not to the near-hysterical degree that news folk seem to want to see viewers reach - even Gary Tuchman's report annoyed me a bit - it was too focused on being 'scary' as opposed to putting a strong enough emphasis on the facts.

#2 - C (but sometimes I suspect B)

The only report that interested me on 360 was Julia Pierson's resignation. Michael Dunn's first degree murder conviction only received a mention in the bulletin only - it was big news on other news programs and since the murders of Davis, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and John Crawford have disturbing similarities, it's a story that has a larger impact and implications and 360 should've done a better job of reporting the outcome.

360's coverage of voter restriction/suppression is virtually non-existent--Anderson did ONE report on voter suppression in Florida but it focused on how aggrieved Republicans felt about being accused of it and was relegated to CNN video and never made it onto the show. Since then, that subject has been all but ignored on 360--Hayes and especially Maddow have a strong focus on how voting rights are being stripped away by the partisan actions of the GOP and SCOTUS. I suppose it's a subject that AC has zero interest in.

The frequent anti-Obama administration slant on 360 seems to me to originate from AC and his producers for whatever reason (Benghazi perhaps?).

Stories like the UVA student and stories of loss/survival, interviews with loved ones of the murdered and missing seem to be important to Anderson and are a mainstay of 360 and a very predictable part of the show.

Randi Kaye is overused on 360 and now they've brought in Deborah Feyrick--her fawning over the racist lunatic gun nut Ted Nugent is unforgivable and I don't care for seeing her on 360 either. Yes, I am complaining a lot but as Jaanza has said, 360 could be a lot better--there are times when it has been better and that's what keeps me watching.

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza: Very cute survey and I did take it:
All survey's should be this quick and easy. I say B for both.
Yes, Anderson has his name on the show and he does share responsibility as to the content, whether some of 'us' like it or not, and I am concerned about ebola, and I'm for closing the borders even if it is not practical.
Better safe than sorry and you know we WILL BE SORRY....then we can blame Congress and the Republicans.