Thursday, October 23, 2014

Anderson Cooper From Ottawa, Canada on Thursday, October 23, 2014

Anderson Cooper anchored the Ottawa segment of The Situation Room during the 6PM ET hour.

Anchored a two hour edition of AC360.  Half way through the first hour the news broke of a man testing positive for Ebola and that news along with a press conference from NYC filled the rest of the extended edition of AC360.

Anderson wrapped up coverage of the press conference, talked to Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the phone and stayed on to talk to Don Lemon after tossing to him for CNN Tonight.

AC360 posted the following photos of Anderson out and about filming in Ottawa today:

And there were many photos posted to Twitter and Instagram:

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Anonymous said...

I knew when I heard on the evening news that a NYC man was being tested for Ebola, that the story would be the focus of AC360. I had no idea it would be the only news for over 3/4 of the program with Anderson in Ottawa. It looks like Anderson was out and about in Ottawa gathering stories for tonight's program and he mentioned talking about the victim of the shooting at the opening. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Here's hoping his reports get posted to the AC360 blog because I have a feeling tomorrow's AC360 will be all Ebola since it's happening in NYC. I'm not sure how many ways they can find to say the same thing, but I'm sure CNN/AC360 will find a way. If that's the case, I'll reaching for my remote.

I was happy to see the photos of Anderson out gathering reports rather than just seeming to stand on the street and waiting for them to come to him. Just wish those reports could have made it to air.

Jaanza said...

Ebola is back on 360's front burner and the heat is turned on high.

@Anon 11:21 PM - Totally agree about Anderson getting other reports from Ottawa. I said something like this yesterday. They don't have to be completely different but tangent reports like maybe a daytime walk around the War Memorial and a look at the Canadian capitol grounds (as if he were in Washington DC and explained the Mall in front of our capitol building).

Here's what I saw in the first hour of 360:
- Anderson gave an overview report about Dr. Craig Spencer's possible ebola infection
- long panel with Poppy Harlow, Elizabeth Cohen and Dr. Irwin Rediener on the details
- Jim Sciutto reported on an ax attack on the NYC police and then Sciutto, Phillip Mudd and new face Wesley Wark (a counterterrorism expert) on the likelihood of a terrorist group connection
- new video of Zehaf-Bibeau on the capitol grounds, Deborah Feyerick and John Baird with details of his life and terrorisitc ties
- Dr. Craig Spencer has tested positive for ebola; Sanjay Gupa, Elizabeth Cohen, Seema Yasmin and Eviette Kayyem discuss
- Miguel Marquez outside Dr. Spencer's NYC apartment reporting on how it was/will be sealed off and sanitzed.

Hayes also had a mostly-ebola show

I've complained before about the new on-screen graphics and I"m going to do it again. The main title is okay but the space and font for other information, like who the non-anchor person currentlly speaking is, is not shown well enough. Or long enough, often it flashes on the screen for a nanosecond or maybe two seconds at the most. John Baird, appearing with Feyerick in a segment, is the Canadian official of *something* Affairs. It was not on screen long enough to read it all. Why not show the names of reporters and experts in the big screen title space?

My favorite extra ATA photo today is from Aranka Golphy showing her copy of 'Dispatches from the Edge' after Anderson signed it. First, I'll have to bring my copy with me whenever I next get to NYC and carry it with me everywhere just on the chance I'll meet Anderson. Second, no one will believe that's Andeson's signature, it's as illegible as a doctor's.

aries moon said...

Wow, tons of pics, great job ATA.

I can't believe I actually sat through a press conference but it was interesting and woman on the panel seemed like a real New York character (not to dismiss the serious work she does).

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone complaining about the Ebola coverage? After Dallas, it has now reached New York (a city which I have no doubt will do a much better dealing with this situation than those idiots in TX did). This is a major story, of course AC360 should cover it! And they've been doing a great job doing so.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:57 IMO, the complaints are because it's too much coverage. Much of the 90 minutes last night and the time spent on the topic tonight was redundant and filler. I wouldn't mind a report or two, but IMO repeating the same information over and over at the expense of airing other news makes the program boring. Anderson was in Canada gathering reports and interviews on what was happening there yesterday. Some of last night's 90 minutes of Ebola coverage could have been spent airing those reports/interviews instead of filling time with "speculation" while waiting for a press conference.

Tonight's segment on people's unfounded fear and the political reaction out of NY and NJ politicians reaffirms my belief that the press is hyping the fear with overkill.