Friday, October 17, 2014

Anderson Cooper in Dallas on Thursday, October 16, 2014

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded two hour edition of AC360 from Dallas, TX.

In the second hour of AC360 Dr. Sanjay Gupta's "Roots" story aired and Anderson and Sanjay had a follow up discussion:

Anderson also appeared on a couple of other CNN programs today/tonight.

Anderson on Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin during the 3PM ET hour:

Anderson on CNN Tonight in the 10PM ET hour:

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Jaanza said...

For the first 40 minutes of Thursday's 360's first hour, it was all ebola. I can't say whether ebola was the only news for the first hour because I was distracted not only by Hayes (who covered political news after a half-hour of ebola) but also by football (despite NFL problems, I still watch the games and the Jets/Patriots game was a good one).

I never said ebola wasn't an important news story. It is but so is the midterm elections, Wall Street, ISIS and other news. This afternoon Blitzer had a great interview with former FL Gov, Crist. Tapper also had campaign news.
Ebola is important but other CNN anchors are finding the time for, and the importance of, political news.

Did Anderson cover anything besides ebola today? This is my rundown:

- more info on Vinson, Pham to leave Dallas for NIH in Maryland
- Elizabeth Cohen on Vinson's to/from Cleveland flights
- Obama's comments on a possible 'ebola czar' and travel bans
- Pham's flight to Maryland taking off
- Sanjay Gupta, Seema Yasmin, Joseph McCormick discuss the ebola issues of the day
- Anderson interviews nurse Brianna Aguirre about ebola
- hospital ebola guidelines/training with Gupta and Yasmin
- Susan Candiotti on Vinson's trip to Cleveland, what she did there, how she felt, advice she got, etc.
- Anderson's phone interview with someone named Kaufman about ebola

I'm missing chunks of time before and after the Kaufman interview. I didn't watch the second hour.

Over on in the Opinions section but not easy to find, is a video by Sanjay Gupta. It's called 'Why We Shouldn't Fear Ebola'. It's just a minute and a half and I would love it if Anderson showed it on 360.
And then I would love it if Anderson cut back the ebola coverage to just half of 360 and covered other news.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that AC is devoting so much time to covering Ebola, it's a major news story that's multi-layered: there's the health scare aspect of it, the debacle part in our government's ability to properly handle the crisis, and the human side of the story.

aries moon said...

AC's been interviewing the mayor of Dallas, but how about talking to Gov. Rick Perry? He said that there was no better place than Texas to deal with the ebola crisis. Not even remotely true and he's basically been M.I.A. and not being held accountable.

I'm not crazy about Jim Acosta's White House reporting, he has a tendency to slip opinion in his reporting--he doesn't speak for me when he talks about what "all Americans" want from the White House. The president doesn't need an ebola 'czar', he needs a Surgeon General and the GOP is still blocking it. How's that for 'clarity' Acosta?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else notice a change in Anderson's tone when he appears on other programs vs. anchoring AC360? He seems to feed the hype when anchoring and when a guest on another program he ramps it down. It's like he's playing a part when anchoring AC360. Just something I noticed again in the clips from the other programs on this post.

Anonymous said...

Everyone at CNN is talking, but not listening to what people they interview say, nor are they listening to what they themselves are saying. Brooke Baldwin just said that the Ebola Czar should have been a Dr. That was even after it was explained why the person chosen was a good choice.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Aries Moon I totally agree about Rick Perry and that he needs to be held accountable; along with the head of the hospital. Sounds to me like they moved nurse Pham because having her there was impacting their bottom line $$. I sure hope the hospital or the State of Texas is picking up the bill for the treatment of both nurses at out of state hospitals, their travel and the impact of their possible spread of Ebola.

Again it was the responsibility of the hospital along with the state and local officials to treat Thomas Duncan and contain the virus. To blame the CDC given all the things the hospital and local governments botched is just crazy

I'm also highly suspicious of the nurse that traveled and supposedly another on now on a cruise ship. Nurses know/are trained about spread of infection (maybe not Ebola specifically, but infection in general) and should have known not to travel on any public transportation during their incubation period. That would be basic common sense. It also sounds like she had some symptoms before getting on the plane to Cleveland but made the trip anyway. She also seems to have left out some details when contacting the CDC about getting on the flight back to Dallas. If individuals are going to act irresponsibly and in their own self interest without regard to what their actions mean for the greater public health good, no one will be able to stop the spread of Ebola. While the CDC can make recommendations, they have no jurisdiction. Perhaps TX (or thru and Act of Congress) needs to start prosecuting people who act irresponsibly - starting with the head of the Dallas hospital. I find it heartbreaking that Thomas Duncan was initially sent away with antibiotics yet presenting with symptoms and reporting he just arrived from Liberia. Perhaps since he didn't have insurance, it was easier to send him away - which resulted in his death - rather than the hospital stepping up to the plate and calling in all resources to stop the spread of this contagious virus. Funny how their two nurses were sent to other hospitals and given experimental drugs, yet that didn't seem to be an option for him.

I found the PR video shown on AC360 to be despicable and very telling of the mind set of the Dallas hospital administration.

David Muir visited the CDC yesterday and talked with one of their top scientists working on Ebola. It was refreshing to hear a news broadcast that dealt in facts and didn't create hype.

Anonymous said...

aries moon said...

Anon 2:49, great comment. Anon 2:16 and Anon 2:26 also make some very interesting points.

It's been really good to see more commenters chiming in here on ATA lately. I hope it continues.

Anonymous said...

aries moon: You are quite right about our need for a Surgeon General and not a Ebola Czar...even the name sounds crazy.
However, the first Surgeon General that was appointed by the President, was over weight. She was not a good healthy role model.
And by appointing a Ebola Czar, President Obama is giving in to none other, thab his rival, John Jealous, McCain. It is not necessary to feed this man's ego.

Anonymous said...

So how unprepared are we to take care of medical looks like very, and after 9/11 we should be ashamed of ourselves.
Bill Maher said on his show tonite that he wasn't in a state of panic, but he was "pissed,"
at the hospital in Texas for being so ill informed after all of this had been repeatedly been on the news.....and he's right.
Barbara Lee, an Afro-American congress woman said there should be a Czar if there was no Surgeon General. She also said that the Republicans in Congress refused to send more money to fund the CDC, saying that there was no need, until NOW.