Thursday, October 09, 2014

Anderson Cooper on Late Night With David Letterman, Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dave had a little joke about Anderson as part of his monologue.

The monologue joke lead to some hilarity during the opening segment.

After the commercial break the talk turned to Ebola and ISIL with a little promotion for CNN's "Roots" series at the end.

A couple of arrival photos:

A few promotional photos from @Letterman's Twitter account:

 And a tweet from Anderson:

The following commercial aired on CNN during AC360 tonight.

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Jaanza said...

Letterman's interview with Anderson was great. Although Anderson spoke about his mom's dating life before, I've never heard that she dated Frank Sinatra. I wonder if Anderson ever bumps into Ronan Farrow at news events. If they ever did, I'd love to hear what they talked about.
Some of my favorite lines:
"Watching old movies wiht my Mom is a trip..."
The whole snot discussion regarding ebola. I don't think snot transmission has ever been mentioned on 360.
After Letterman referred to the end of WWII, "Listen, Gramps, I wasn't around then... Frank Sinatra told me about it."
Anderson's perspective on ISIS and idiological evolution.
"No, my father was not a barrel-maker." but then admitting way long back they probably were. Totally true, back in medieval times a barrel-maker was called a "cooper"
Both Anderson and Letterman seemed to enjoy talking to each other. Anderson could speak freely without any Zucker-inspired constraints and Letterman enjoys talking to smart news guys and being able to keep par with them.

Speaking of ebola, the first two segments of Wednesday's 360 were about ebola. I was a minute or two late, Gary Tuchman's report was already in progress. After a few quesstions for Tuchman, Anderson had a report from Elizabeth Cohen on Thomas Duncan's hospital care. Then Anderson interviewed with Pastor George Mason, who was with the Duncan relatives at the time of Thomas' death. Mason made some very heartfelt comments on how the family members were not allowed to hug one another at their time of grief.

I barely paid attention to the second ebola segment but saw that Anderson talked to Dr. Erwin Redemer and Dr. Seema Yasmin.

At the start of t he segment on the Hammond police 'smash and tase' incident, Anderson said Susan Candiotti had an interview with the driver of the car Lisa Mahone (sp?). Candiotti's report had very little witih Ms. Mahone; it was much more Candiotti's narration of the video. The new news here was the history of charges of excessive force against that Hammond cop. Areva Martin and Mark O'Mara discussed.

Ebola came back, this time a look at the situation in Spain. Anderson talked to a Spanish reporter (Soarres?) via phone.

The "Fight Against ISIS" got a segment with Jim Sciutto.
Due to channel-surfing, I don't know if tthere was a Bulltin. But there was time for Anderson to interview Mike Rowe and promote his new show, "Somebodys Got To Do It". Did anyone watch? Was it just like Morgan Spurlock's "Inside Man"?

And thanks, ATA, for the extra photos. I love Anderson's expression in the Letterman Late Show tweet photo.

aries moon said...

Another good chat with Dave, serious and silly, but I wish AC wouldn't rely so much on stories about his mom that many of us have heard a million times over the years and maybe talk about some of his own personal experiences (yep, probably the LAST thing he wants to do) but one can hope.