Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Anderson Cooper Remembers Ben Bradlee + The RidicuList

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 and news of Ben Bradlee's death broke just before the broadcast.

Plus The RidicuList - Travel Tips:

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

If Anderson mentioned ebola at all during Tuesday's 360 it must have been in the first seven minutes, which I missed. When I got to the show Jim Sciutto was talking about on ISIS, strikes and keeping track of terrorists.

The second segment was all about Indiana serial killer Darren Vann. Poppy Harlow's report had an overview on the guy and the murders.

At the start of the third segment, Anderson had Breaking News that was indeed breaking right then. Former Washington Post editor Billl Bradlee died. He was 93 and editor of the newspaper during the Watergate time. Anderson promised more info later, now he had to deal with the Michael Brown kiling in Ferguson MO. The gist of Sara Sidner's report was a question of what would happen in Ferguson after the grand jury decides whether to indict Darren Wilson. I didn't get the name of the dreadlocked man Sidner talked to, the one who derisvely spoke about justice.
While the panel of Sunny Hostin, Mark O'Mara and Antonio French was okay, it probably would have been more interesting to Anderson talk to dreadlock guy for a few minutes.

Next was the Bill Bradlee death in more depth and an phone interview with Carl Bernstein. No disrespect to Bradlee or his family but I watched Hayes (who had the Bradlee news as his second segment).

The good news was that Anderson finally talked about midtherm elections and voting.
The bad news is that it was all a light fluffy segment of Anderson interviewing the couple ("Don't touch my girlfriend.") at the same early voting station as President Obama. The couple, Mike Jones and Aia Cooper, were certainly cute but how about looking at some issues and key races?

The Ridiculist was pretty good, I'm all for making fun of Pat Robertson's idiotic comments on traveling, ebola and AIDS. My favorite line was when Anderson said regarding Robertson's co-host, "How much do you think they pay that woman to sit there like a zombie?" I hope it's a truckload of cash eveyr week.

aries moon said...

Ben Bradlee was one of a kind--we could sure use more like him in newsrooms today--enjoyed AC's interview with Carl Bernstein--need to get out my copy of All The President's Men and watch it again ("WoodStein!"). Still amazing how Woodward, Bernstein and Bradlee brought down the entire Nixon Administration--a truly staggering achievement.

AC's interview with the couple who had some fun (and humiliation) with President Obama wasn't the most important story in the world, but I enjoyed hearing from the couple and AC seemed to get a kick out of them too. It was also a nice change from the usual Obama-bashing on 360.

Loved the Ridiculist--you can't go wrong with AC mocking crazy old Pat Robertson's homophobia and nutty theories.