Sunday, October 19, 2014

Anderson Cooper Reports For 60 Minutes: Ending Life

Anderson Cooper had the opening story on 60 Minutes:

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Jaanza said...

The best line was by Barbara Manicin at about 11:44, "I don't know why better end-of-life care and death with dignity can't co-exist." On the other side of the debate, Dr. Bayack (sp?) came across as rather smarmy.
Anderson could have asked tougher questions to Bayack but I got the feeling Bayack's problem with doctor-assisted suicide was a matter of control. It felt like letting the person control their own care, or lack of it, and the doctor is sidelined as an "assistant" must irritate him greatly.

I like the variety of reports Anderson does for '60 Minutes', they don't all have to be incredibly serious but we wouldn't want just celebrity interviews either. This report was a good balance to the 'Smart Dog Chaser' report.

Anonymous said...

Great 60 Minutes piece, and I agree that I like the wide variety of reports that AC does for CBS, from fluff to serious stuff. He can do it all.