Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Anderson Cooper Traces His Roots

Anderson Cooper anchored an expanded edition of AC360 Live from Dallas, TX.  In the second hour Anderson took us on his journey of searching for his family's roots:

After the segment, Anderson spoke with Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. about  his experience and they discussed Anderson's recent appearance on "Finding Your Roots"

AC360 and CNN have posted the following photos;

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Thanks, ATA, for posting the "Roots" clips from 360's second hour. I watched only 360's first hour which had only a 20 - 25 second bit as a preview. Some of the info in the clips we've heard before but enough is new to make watching this well worth the time.
I've asked this before: having seen what appears to be the entire Anderson segment of 'Roots', will any of us watch the show, the parts featuring other CNN people?

As for Monday's 360, 99% of the first hour was about ebola. While I appreciate it when Anderson goes on location and does field reporting, it didn't really make sense for him to be in Dallas. For the hour he stood in front of the Texas Health Resources University building. So there was no field reporting such as walking through hurricane wreckage, army bases or talking to the local folks.

So it was a good 360 if you really really wanted to know all the latest about ebola. Nina Pham, a nurse who helped care for Thomas Duncan, is now infected with ebola. Anderson talked to Elizabeth Cohen about this. Gary Tuchman reported on Pham's neighbors and talked to Anderson about Pham's dog. Then there was a panel with Seema Yasmin, Sanjay Gupta and Peter Shearer.

I saw the start of the second segment, a report by Sanjay Gupta on protective outfits for health care workers to prevent disease transmission. Hayes, who covered ebola for only his first segment, was now onto politics and 2014 campaigns.

You guys can make your own jokes about Drew Griffin handling the ebola/Duncan waste subject. I didn't watch this either (Hayes was covering the Ferguson protests).

During the talk between Anderson and Tuchman in the first segment, they made clear that Pham's dog was not put down and that other health care workers shouldn't hesitate to come forward if they believe they have ebola if they are worried their pets being euthanized. This subject, dogs and ebola infection/transmission got it's own segment with Seema Yasmin and David Sanders.

And if you thought that was enough on ebola for one day, you were wrong. There was more to say about ebola. Anderson talked to Pastor George Mason about ebola stuff. I'm really not sure exactly what the angle was here, I sort of stopped paying attention.
The last minute of the first hour had a Bulletin and a very short preview of the 'Roots' promo coming up in the second hour.
I'm so glad ATA posted the second hour 'Roots' clips because I didn't want to sit through another 46 minutes of ebola coverage to get to them.
Finally, thanks for the toddler & little boy photos of Anderson. Any Anonymous posters out there want to argue about Anderson's adorableness now?

Anonymous said...

Funny that Jaanza mentions Hayes so often around here, because according to this new article in Mediaite about MSNBC's rapid collapse in the ratings over the past 6 months and the impending sacking of the awful Ronan Farrow, she might be the only one watching poor Chris these days.

"Griffin also placed Chris Hayes — who hosted a wonky, deep-dive-into-policy weekend morning program (Up with Chris Hayes) — into the most important timeslot on any network: 8:00 p.m. weeknights. Put politics and ideology aside and go back to the Lombardi quote on scorekeeping: The awkward Hayes has trouble breaking 100 in the demo lately, and this is during an election year with Senate control in the balance. For context, Bill O’Reilly did 556 on the last show he hosted. Anderson Cooper on CNN: 282. Hayes: 104. The following night (Thursday, October 9), Hayes dropped to a 75. My source also tells me Griffin is looking at the Hayes situation closely because of the effect his program is having on the rest of MSNBC’s primetime lineup (and its biggest star, Rachel Maddow), but says Hayes and the show are safe for now."

Some of you may not care about 360's choice of topics, but it's clearly connecting with the general public better than Hayes in particular, and the rest of the MSNBC line up in general, including Rachel Maddow. I have a feeling Hayes will be long gone while Anderson will keep on going at CNN.

See full article at the link:

aries moon said...

CNN "Roots" broadened AC's family background and hit some areas that Finding Your Roots didn't cover. I liked seeing AC in Mississippi with his relative and seeing the surprise he got when he visited his father's school in NOLA. I knew Wyatt Cooper was a screenwriter (I've seen The Chapman Report) but I must've forgotten that he did a little acting too--it was great to see that brief clip of him in the film he was in--he was handsome. Anderson looks so much like his father. Enjoyed the interview with AC and Henry Louis Gates as well. I'm going to try to catch some of the other CNN anchor/reporters stories too--I love this sort of thing.

As far as 360 goes, it was frustrating to hear AC ask Jim Acosta if President Obama planned on taking McCain's advice about appointing an Ebola Czar when McCain and the GOP are blocking the president's Surgeon General nominee. Neither AC or Acosta bothered to mention that.

I'm hoping that Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes will continue on at MSNBC--both cover issues that are very important to me and other liberals and we're certainly not going to get it from CNN or Fox--and CNN and Fox certainly aren't honest about how the GOP operates--Rachel and Chris call them out and that's crucial.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed watching Anderson's roots. The only others I am interested in are Dr. Gupta and Wolf. I also like the fact that CNN is focusing on Ebola.