Monday, November 24, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 - Live from Ferguson, MO

Anderson Cooper was live in Ferguson tonight as the news broke that there would be no Grand Jury indictment of Officer Darren Wilson.

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Jaanza said...

I apologize for having nothing to say about 360's Monday show. DH is a big fan of "Gotham" so that's what was on.

I saw some of Jake Tapper's and Wolf Blitzer's shows this afternoon and figured 360 would also be mostly about Ferguson MO. Tapper/Blitzer did have a few minutes about departing Sect. of Defense Hagel and more bad weather forecasted for the northeast.

At 9 pm EST, CNN continued its broadcast of Anderson from Ferguson, not Anthony Bourdain like the info button said. At the start of the hour, nothing much was going on, everyone was waiting for the grand jury decision announcement. I switched back and forth from football.

The announcement came at about quarter after. McCullough, the prosecuting attorney, had a long long speech, practically burying the news that there was no indictment.

Survey time! Who's surprised?

I'm not. But I am surprised at the timing of the announcement. It started at 8:15 CST. If I was in charge and guessed there would be no indictment, I would insist the announcement be made at 8 am Tuesday. Expecting no indictment, I would expect riots and it's easier to deal with riots in the daylight hours.

I hope Anderson and all of the news people stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Having listened to Darren Wilson's testimony, or part of it,
I find him credible, but there are lapses of time where he might have made another judgement call, other than the one he made.
However, it is hard to say for certain, since none of us were actually there.
Also Chris Cuomo seems to have gotten much better since I last viewed him on 360. He has more confidence and he's doing a whole lot better than his brother, Andrew, Govenor of NY, who the NYPost said gave upstate NY a "Snow Job."

Anonymous said...

I was not surprised by the no indictment, but I was disappointed. While I don't condone looting and arson, I can understand the anger in the community.

I have no idea if Officer Wilson is guilty or innocent of a crime and the prosecutor has made sure the public never will. First a special prosecutor should have been named given his past; it seems that while transcripts of testimony were released the total picture is unknowable because some were cross examined, some weren't and only one "expert witness" was used (contrary to court cases); the waiting to release the decision until hours after it was announced a decision had the horrible decision to wait until after dark to announce the decision all lead me to believe that the prosecutor didn't want to prosecute, but wanted his 15 minutes of fame on prime time TV at a great cost to the community of Ferguson.

Maybe it's just me, but I have a feeling that he wanted the rioting/looting/arson to happen so he could say how bad "black" people are and that the police must deal with them. There was no effort to be open, transparent and attempt to heal the community after the shooting on the part of the local or state government. Ferguson and MO's government have failed and apparently there was no learning process from the August protests that went bad or is that the way they wanted it?

I'm not saying Darren Wilson is guilty, just saying a public trial would have allowed all people to hear all evidence.

I'm angry as a white person because I would like to believe our country is better than this, but apparently not if you live in Ferguson, MO. My prayers go out to their community.

I thought Anderson and Jake Tapper did a good job anchoring. Chris Cuomo is not anchor material and shouldn't be on prime time television. His morning show is tanking in the ratings and that was Zucker's baby. Don Lemon should not be in Ferguson. His coverage is a joke and he makes CNN look worse than it is, if that's possible.

Anonymous said...

It would be of great interest to see the break down OF this grand jury, as to gender and as to race.
This information is generally in the office of public records and I'm certain that those serving on this jury were "hand picked."
As for the prosecutor who waited until dark, to release the verdict, he may have wanted his fifteen minutes of fame, but he also might have felt that a later release would serve to "calm and diminish' the violence that ultimately prevailed.
According to Huffpost, global headlines are rampant; 'Racial tensions still prevail in US, even with Obama as President.'