Monday, November 03, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Live From Washington DC

Anderson Cooper anchored a special two hour edition of AC360 from the CNN Election Center in Washington DC, ahead of tomorrow's mid-term elections.  There were panels and pundits and a couple other news stories thrown into the mix.   The photo below has us wondering who dressed Anderson for tonight's program - a navy suit jacket, black jeans and brown shoes?

Remember to exercise your civic duty and vote!

ATA is aware photos of the event "Gloria Vanderbilt's Recent Works, Hosted by Wendy Goodman, Michael Bruno and Alexander Jakowec " this past Wednesday night in NYC have been posted to the photographer's professional site -    They are posted in "proof" form and ATA does not pay for photographs to post to this website.  We have searched for articles or photographs in the public domain to post, but our searches have turned up empty at this point.  We will continue to search and if something appears, we will post it for you.

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Jaanza said...

Well, gosharooty, the midterm elections were the lead story. Anderson gave an overview then John King provided details on a few key races. Dana Bash had a report on the Obama Effect, essentially stating few Democratic candidates wanted the President campaigning with them. A good balanced panel of Gloria Borger, Paul Begala (when was the last time we saw him on 360?), Alex Castellanos and Cornell Belcher discussed various election topics.
Two pieces in the panel stood out. First, Belcher correctly pointed out that few Republicans wanted Dubya campaigning with them in 2006. Second, the idea that a Republican-majority in Congress could roll back the ACA (Obamacare). This topic interests me because my son is one of those who got insurance through the ACA.

Here was Anderson's interview with Doctors Without Borders nurse Kaci Hickox; the interview that was mentioned on 360 last week. There was nothing earthshattering or brand new in this interview but Hickox stated her case really well.

A segment titled "Credit for the Kill" was all about the SEAL soldier who came forward claiming he killed Osama bin Laden. Barbara Starr reported the basic information and Peter Bergen analyzed.

Part of the policial panel, Castellanos and Belcher, and with Donna Brazile (Yay! She's back!) added taked about the African-American vote. I missed a lot of this because of Hayes.

At first I was glad to see a segment start by covering Britney Maynard's death, the 29-year-old 'Death with Dignity' advocate. This segment could have been a good hard look at the 'Death with Dignity' movement, assisted suicide and tying into Anderson's recent '60 Minutes' report.
That didn't happen. Instead it quickly turned into a 'Hallmark Channel' report about a terminally ill young woman named Lauren Hill and her last basketball game. Greatest sympathy for Hill but this 360 segment could have been so much better if the focus was kept on Maynard.

I never noticed how Anderson was dressed. However, most 360's never show him below the waist. Maybe Anderson's good pants and shoes were still packed away and he didn't have time to change?
He'll wear better clothes tomorrow. I'm imaging a 'CNN Best Political Team on Television' menagerie with Blitzer, all the pundits, Foreman at the map, the whole nine yards. It's not a presidential election but it's still big important stuff.

aries moon said...

It was great to see Paul Begala, Donna Brazile and Cornell Belcher back on 360 but I don't know how much of CNN's election coverage I'll be able to stomach on Tuesday night--or any network for that matter.

Anonymous said...

The photographer whose eponymous website has pictures of the Gloria Vanderbilt event is Patrick McMullan.

Anonymous said...

It was good to see AC360 cover something besides Ebola for a change. And I did notice that Anderson got the interview in with Kaci Hickox, but it wasn't the "lead story" for a change.

It was so good to see Paul, Donna and Cornell back on AC360. A Dem voice has been absent on the program for a long time. Drew Griffin's report was pretty biased. He stated that of the top 10 Senators with staffers who became lobbyists, 5 were Dem and 5 were Repub, but only named 3 Dems and no Repubs. I also thought it tacky that he included Ted Kennedy since the man is dead. Maybe he had to include him to get the 5/5 split?

@Jaanza I wouldn't worry about the idea that a Republican-majority in Congress could roll back the ACA. While the Republicans may end up with a majority in the Senate, it won't be enough of a margin to override a Presidential Veto. It will be interesting to see how the election plays out and how Repubs act. If people think Washington is gridlocked now, it stands to only get worse.

The Credit for the Kill story was interesting because Anderson brought up in his discussion with Peter Bergen that the SEALS sign a non-disclosure statement. I hope those that are talking are prosecuted for breaking the agreement. This reinforces what I've thought of the Navy SEAL who talked to 60 Minutes and wrote a book about the Killing of Bin Laden. Interesting that 60 Minutes had another segment with him this past Sunday and made it sound like the govt. is treating him unfairly. He claims he didn't know his book manuscript needed Pentagon approval. The fact that he didn't use his real name and disguised himself on both 60 Minutes interviews tells me he's lying and Scott Pelley is buying his lies hook, line and sinker.

I'm not sure I'll make it through much of CNN's election coverage. It will depend on how biased they become and how much of John King's "what ifs" at the magic wall I can take. All I could think of last night when he was on AC360 was the old saying "If 'ifs' and 'buts' were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas." I like John King okay, just feel they go a little overboard with the "magic wall" sometimes.

@Anon 8:07pm The photographer's name/website address was listed in the post, not sure what you meant with your comment.

Anonymous said...

Good for Anderson for acknowledging John Kings wisdom and insiteful poltical smarts when it comes to the "Magic Wall."
He said John knows things about every county in the country when it comes to their political leanings...this is very true and he never is appreciated enough at CNN until it is election time.
And if the Republicans win the Senate, which is more than likely, it is because they CARE more than the Democrats, who sat around and did nothing but wring their hands for 6 years....they deserve to lose.

Anonymous said...

While I like John King, from what I watched, I thought the time spent with the "magic wall" was a little too much.

Historically, at the mid-point of a president's second term, the minority party has gained seats in the Senate. It happened to both Clinton and "W" most recently. Will be interesting to see if the "Party of No" is capable of actually governing or is more interested in trying to bring down President Obama, much like the tried to do with President Clinton his last two years. I'm just sad that so many Dems ran away from President Obama instead of running on his accomplishments: a much improved economy, lower un-employment rate, healthy stock market, passing of the ACA, repealing DADT, killing Osama Bin Laden and getting us out of two costly wars despite Republican obstructionism. Imagine what could have happened had Congress worked with POTUS instead of against him at every term.

Anonymous said...

Saw the pictures and was more interested in seeing AC's half brother Stan and his wife than Benny Boy.

Anonymous said...

Some of us are interested in AC's life outside of CNN, and that includes "Benny Boy" as some people around here call him. You would think that the posters on this board would be a bit more respectful of Anderson's partner than that. I really don't know what Ben has done to generate such animosity from some of Anderson's fans.

Phebe said...

If you're interested in news, Anderson's reporting and special engagements ATA is the site for you. If you're more interested in his private life with Ben or whomever then there are better sites than this one. It's not that we dislike Ben, frankly we just don't find his relationship with AC any of our business or newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

@12:03AM: Sorry to upset your enumeration of Obama's accomplishments, but they are wrong.
ALL of "his so-called accomplishments," came from the Bush Administration and from Bush advisors, especially those from the banking industry.
Thus far the ONLY accomplishment, and we really don't know whether it will be repealed or not, was the enactment of Obama Care, which satisfied some, but left are large group of people, without health care.
Might I also point out that Clinton, had charisma on his side, and most of the voting public. He also had an economy that reached heights not seen before....and I am NO Clinton fan.
So let's get things into perspective.
Obama's ratings are really low, and so far, they are far worse than Jimmy Carters....who did fairly well when it came to foreign negotiations, even back then, and at near ninety, can tie rings around Obama in whatever he's FORGOTTEN, in foreign policy.
And the Democrats got what they deserved. They are as 'spineless as their mighty leader.'

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:59 - While you are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts. President Obama took office January 2009 and the record from that day on is his. You also need to pull out a history book. Jimmy Carter was a one term President and was not elected to a second term. The Iran Hostage Crisis and the economy were his downfalls. And if Clinton had most of the voting public on his side why did the congress flip at the mid-terms of his second term? While he did well with the economy, there was a Republican witch hunt his last two years and the impeachment proceedings took their toll. I admire both Clinton and Carter for what the were able to accomplish. The presidency is a tough job and I admire President Obama for his accomplishments thus far. History will be the judge.

While President Obama may be currently polling low, the Republicans are polling lower, yet the 1/3 of the voters that voted elected them so that's the hand that we're dealt with and we'll now see if they can govern or not. For all the pundits and panels and hype, what happened was not that unexpected for people that follow political history, the map and elections.

Anonymous said...

"The Repulbicans are polling lower."
How low is lower??
Be prepared 11:27PM: You are going to see a Republican President in two years....
Sad but true and personally, I thank this POTUS.
The Congress of NO, just became the Congress of YES, NRA, Whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:39PM

President Obama has a 43 % approval rating according to the latest Gallup Poll. Congressional Republicans are at 21 % approval rate per latest CBS poll. Google it, watch the news, it's not hard to find the facts.

Thanks for your crystal ball predictions, but the election is 2 years away and a lot can happen between now and then. Ask W. Bush and John McCain about the summer of 2008.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a lot can happen in two years, but I'm guessing that if
you haven't "earned" the respect of the opposition in the first six, you're not going to, in the last two.
And when I say "earn" I mean just that.
It all started downhill for Obama during his first term, when an unknown GOP Congressmen yelled to the President of the United States, during a State of the Union address, no less, "You lie!"
Everyone was shocked because no matter the Party, you NEVER speak to someone who holds the office of the Presidency, in that demeaning manner, and get away with it.....and yet, HE DID.
Millions saw it, and heard it, around the world, and our President should have replied: "And I'll see YOU, in my chambers tomorrow at noon, and then continued.
Yes, hindsight IS twenty twenty, but that was and IS: President Obama, who flinched just a little, and carried on.
That was THE DECIDING MOMENT OF DISRESPECT. And so went his Presidency.