Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RIdicuList: Magic Man

Anderson Cooper anchored a two hour extended edition of AC360 from the NYC studio.  Anderson ended the program with a RidicuList and follow up with John King ~

Jon Stewart was live on Tuesday night with a special election night edition of The Daily Show.  Jon had a little fun with CNN's advertised "special effects" ~

AC360 Transcript
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Anonymous said...

As usual, Jon got it right, no pun intended, when he said if the Empire State was lit in all red,
The Statue of Liberty would be holding an"A-K47"automatic weapon.
Of course HE was kidding, but that is exactly what all that RED, meant.
Sad but true.

Jaanza said...

As expected the lead story was yesterday's midterm elections; stating results and analyzing what it all meant. Anderson talked to Dana Bash about the GOP winning a majority in the House and the Senate and how Obama will work with them. The panel of Paul Begala, Ana Navarro and David Gergen gave their perspectives. The only things that stood out in the panel discussion was the possibility for immigration reform and Navarro's rant about the 'Tea Party' label (don't remember how that got started).

The second segment started with John King at the magic map/wall. He had details on states that were blue in 2008 swtich to red in 2014 for governors and senators. King scrunched some numbers then onto the panel wiht Begala, Van Jones and Stephanie Cutter. There was talk about the Democrats failure to get out the vote, how much to blame Obama and missed opportuniies on big issues.

Anderson, Candy Crowley and Van Jones discussed the 2016 presidential election, focusing on Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton. I know other news media are already talking about 2016 but no matter how many are talking about it, ti's way too soon.

Dana Bash came back for a look at the "Firsts" begat by the new Congress. Of particular note: this is the first time there has been more than 100 women in the U.S. Congress. Anderson interviewed Rep. Steve Danes, the newly elected Senator from Montana. Danes bleated the usual politicized platitudes but one exception was his statement on the futility of trying to kill the ACA (Obamacare).

The only non-political segment of the night was the last one in the first hour (I didn't watch 360's second hour). A young woman whose abduction was caught on a surveillance camera in Philadelphia was found alive in Maryland.
Two points about the presentation of this story. I didn't catch the reporter's name; if it was shown below the onscreen title it must have flashed by in a nanosecond. Then Anderson questioned Comm. Charles Ramsey of the Philadelphia police about this case. Ramsey's name was in nice easily-readable bold letters in the left-hand corner of the screen for many seconds at a time, not in the usual small scrunched font flashed below the screen headline. Why the different treatments for phone interviews vs. non-phone interviews?

Thanks for posting the Ridiculist all about the Magic Wall and John King. I liked the clip where John King, in response to Anderson's comment on how King could have knowledge on every county in the U.S., "Check my expense account."
And thanks for the Jon Stewart clip; although I had aready seen it, it was worth watching again.

Any predictions on the lead story on Thursday? More politics? Revisiting ebola? Something completely different?

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the RidicuList and AC and John's banter at the end. JK used to travel a lot for his Sunday morning program. I haven't watched CNN on Sunday morning since he left that program.

I FF through much of AC360 last night as I was over their "over analyzing" of the election results. Knowing the politics of IL and what played out this election cycle vs. what was said about IL on CNN's coverage and AC360 made me realize either they didn't understand the IL election or what really played out didn't fit their narrative. On a map at the beginning of AC360 they had IL "red" yet we re-elected our Dem senator. While the Gov. was flipped red for this election cycle, it had nothing to do with President Obama, but rather a weak candidate that was outspent more than 2 to 1 with the newly elected Gov. spending $30 million of his own money on his campaign. He basically bought the election and now he will have to govern (something he's never done before - he's a businessman) with Dem super majorities in both the State House and Senate. He ran against raising the state income tax and in today's paper he said there has to be a tax increase this next year. I have a feeling that many of the new Repubs in congress at the national level ran similar campaigns. Reality will be something different.

Something I wish AC360 would explore are the polls showing 64 % of the electorate would rather see their rep in congress work to improve the ACA than repeal it; approval of same sex marriage is at 55%; 73% of Americans favor a minimum wage hike; 4 states passed binding ballot initiatives to raise the minimum wage and they were Red states; 73% support a pathway to citizenship/immigration reform; 91% favor criminal background checks on all gun purchases; and 60 % favor a ban on assault rifles. And the majority of Americans favor raising taxes on the wealthy to expand aid to the poor. These poll results seem to be at odds with the majority party now in power so what will the Republicans do? Will they promote their agenda or listen to the will of the people? Should be interesting.

I think the above polls reflect what happened Tuesday - that low voter turnout in the Dem base, big money in campaigns and Senate elections mainly in red states that flipped some seats blue with President Obama's 2008 election landslide and people fed up with the policies of the Bush administration and the economic crisis they created; basically flipped back to their normal red in this election cycle. What will be interesting to see is if in 2016 the Repub seats that were flipped by the Tea Party in the 2010 election in typically Blue states, flip back blue and the balance of power in the Senate changes again. If AC360 wants to talk politics, I would like to see them talk about the above issues. And please do detailed research before talking about political election results.

But then again, this is the channel and program that said the ACA would never pass, DADT wouldn't be repealed, etc. and never acknowledged they were wrong. I'm guessing they won't be holding the new Republican senators accountable with their campaign promises/actions.

Here's hoping there are other topics on tonight's AC360.

aries moon said...

Many of the Republicans that were voted in are anti-gay. Will AC report on that or will he ignore it like he has always ignored the systematic decimation of voting rights by right wing groups and SCOTUS--that played a HUGE role in the GOP Senate win as well as pure racism and hatred of POTUS, but we're not supposed to bring that up because that makes US the racists these days.

Gergen and WHPC reporters like Jim Acosta seem to think President Obama should be groveling and bowing down to them and the Republicans and 'reaching out' to them. No, he should not, considering how disrespectfully and hatefully he has been treated by the GOP AND the media and some of the electorate. I was happy to see President Obama brushing the smug GOP and WHPC off of his shoulders yesterday. Just get that VETO pen ready. That's all he needs to do.

Anonymous said...

@aries moon I'm with you on the veto pen and now bowing to the Republicans. The way they've treated him, he should do as much as he can on his own and veto every crazy bill sent to his desk.

You won't hear Anderson, CNN or 360 talking about voting rights. IL voters passed a constitutional amendment protecting voting rights in IL. This hasn't been an issue in our state, but it was a pre-emptive measure given the crazy things that have happened in some states.