Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Gerard Depardieu

Anderson Cooper was back in the AC360 anchor chair and ended the hour with a RidicuList.

TV Newser ran the following article today about Anderson's emergency appendectomy ~

Anderson Cooper Set to Return After Emergency Appendectomy
By Brian Flood on December 2, 2014 2:52 PM

Anderson Cooper is returning to the air tonight after undergoing an emergency appendectomy over the weekend.

The CNN newser had stomach pains starting last Tuesday when he was in Ferguson covering the protests. He traveled to France for Thanksgiving and the stomach pains got worse while overseas, but Cooper thought it was simply food poisoning. When Cooper landed back in NYC, his doctor told him over the phone that the symptoms appeared to be appendicitis. He immediately went to the doctor’s office and landed in the Emergency Room after a quick exam.

Cooper had successful surgery on Sunday and stayed overnight at New York hospital. He was sent home on Monday. Following a speedy recovery, Cooper will be back on AC360 tonight.

“I am very thankful for the efforts of my doctor and the doctors and nurses at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center,” Cooper said.

We are aware that there were many reports in various media outlets with slight variations on why Anderson was in France.  Since none contained quotes from him concerning the reason for his trip, we'll just "leave it there" to quote CNN.

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Jaanza said...

Go ahead and accuse me of having a split personality. While I'm glad Anderson is back after the appendectomy and not looking any paler than usual, I still watched a lot of Hayes.
Although both first segments were about Ferguson MO, Anderson focused on possible charges against Michael Brown's stepdad for allegedly inciting a riot (to me this seems like Ferguson authorities want to shift blame instead of concretely dealing with the issues in their community). Anderson talked to Jason Carroll and then a panel of Sunny Hostin, Dan Borgino and Danny Cervallos.
Hayes dealt with the hands-up gesture, the St. Louis Rams, the supposed apology and how the gesture is now symbolized and politicized.

It's not deja vu if you really are experiencing something for the second time. 360's second segment started out about body cameras on cops and drifted to sudden life or death decisions cops have to make. Gary Tuchman's report on cops decision making was shown again before Anderson interviewed Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts.

Jim Sciutto reported on the arrest of the former wife and the kid of ISIS leader Al Baghdadi and then Anderson questioned Phillip Mudd.

I missed the start of the segment on synthetic drugs, kids and online drug purchases. This was a Drew Griffin report and I wish it had rather been a legal report on either the Iniguez case in CA (conviction for posting revenge porn) or the Elonis case right now before the Supreme Court (online free speech vs. threats of bodily harm). So I went to Hayes.

When I returned to 360 Anderson was talking to Kathy Griffin. Back to Hayes.

The Ridiculist was half new - about Gerard Depardieu drunk before a WWI commemoration - and half old - the Ridiculist years ago of Anderson ridiculing Depardieu for urinating in an airplane aisle. The older Ridiculist is the one where Anderson collapsed in a fit of giggles and is noted for being the last LIVE Ridiculist.

The most questionable thing about Anderson spending Thanksgiving in France is the fact that France doesn't have Thanksgiving. Just where are you going to find a turkey?

sandyeggo said...

Probably sat next to him in first class.

Anonymous said...

"We are aware that there were many reports in various media outlets with slight variations on why Anderson was in France. Since none contained quotes from him concerning the reason for his trip, we'll just "leave it there" to quote CNN"

What are the variations? I read that he was visiting a sick relative in France. I didn't know he had relatives in that country.

Anonymous said...

President Obama spoke adamantly after the latest Grand Jury veridct in NYC, which led to a no further indictment of the NYPD, and the police officer whose chokehold led to the death of Eric Garner in Staten Island.
The President said it was his job to "help solve" the injustice that led to the latest verdict which showed a video of the victim, clearly being held in a chokehold by the police.
Although the POTUS' speech was forceful and confident, it reminded us once again of the times he spoke to us about how he was going to "help solve" other matters, such as gun control and not one thing happened.
The NRA was never challenged.
Of course what makes this different are the protesters demanding equal justice under the law. But as we have learned from the past, if we wait for the Federal government to make decisions that concern our well being, we are going to wait a very long time.
Things change at the grass roots level, and racial tensions have endured for decades.
Unequal justice under the law, has endured for decades.
So given past history, we shouldn't put too much stock in the rhetoric of this particular President or his attorney general,
Eric Holder.

Jaanza said...

I hope it's not too late to add something to my rundown of Tuesday's 360: Nick Paton Walsh had a very good report about conditions in one Syrian town fighting to stay alive. It was terrific reporting and a look at place that's disappeared from the news agenda in the past couple months.
This was after Jim Sciutto's report on ISIS.

Also, since my above post, I've learned you can find turkeys in France.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Anderson was visiting one of Ben's relatives in France, who was sick.

Jaanza said...

I hope everything is okay at ATA headquarters. There's no post for Wednesday's show and I'm hoping that's just due to a computer snafu and not because of anything terribly wrong with the terrific ATA ladies.

I'll just leave this here:

Wednesday's 360 was a one-topic show, the topic being the no indictment decision by a grand jury in Staten Island for the NYPD policeman who placed a chokehold on Eric Garner and killed him. Hayes also had this as his only topic.

I missed the first minute or two, coverage of the protests was well underway. Chris Cuomo and Alexandra Field reported from different locations in NYC. Anderson brought in the legal panel of Sunny Hostin, Jeffrey Toobin and Mark Geragos which turned out to be the best discussion of the night. They were all on the same page, no interrupting, no sniping, all agreeing it was incredulous for the cop Pantaleo not to be indicted. All had good comments; I especially liked Toobin explaining the nature of Staten Island residents for us folks outside of the New York area.
Live statements from Garner's wife and mother interrupted the panel. CNN head honchos must have loved seeing MSNBC's Al Sharpton right behind the women as they spoke.

Anderson interviewed Spike Lee about Garner, the police, chokeholds and the protests. Lee stated police chokehold policy was changed due to his film "Do The Right Thing" but policy needs to change again. This was a great interview.

Next Anderson questioned Jonathan Moore, the attorney for the Garner family. Moore was a good speaker but my favorite thing about this interview was the fact that Moore was speaking from the protest in Harlem.

Then Anderson interviewed Daniel Katz (a guy from a security company, name flashed by too quick) who correctly pointed out, in all the talk about the chokehold, "This is Monday quarterbacking." Dan Borgino was also there.
Sanjay Gupta showed up for the medical angle; he explained Garner's weight and asthma were far secondary factors in his death. Garner's death was indeed a homicide as ruled by the medical examiner.

360 went into a second hour instead of "Somebody's Gotta Do It" which was advertised quite a bit the last few days.

I would have made two changes to the show:
- A Bulletin because there's other news happening
- A minute by minute narration of the Garner video. I think a detailed narration of exactly what happened would help (there are some out there who insist it was all Garner's fault) but I also think it may be too much to see a guy choked to death in real time. Maybe just knowing the outcome is enough

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:05 AM what part of "leave it there." Don't you understand?

Anonymous said...

According to todays NYPost, which always leans right, no crime was committed by the officer because Garner "resisted arrest," which in fact is a misdameanor.
Such is justice under 'OUR' law.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please tell me WHY, the only indictment by the NYC
Grand Jury, was the person who "filmed the incident."
How is this justifiable and why is no one asking this question??
President Obama has suggested "body cameras." How is
this different from wearing a body camera?
Is it lawful for an officer of the law to wear a body camera, but a law abiding citizen is not to document something unlawful?
Just asking.
And in London....there is a camera on practically every street.