Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Anderson Cooper Hosts CNN Heroes 2014 - Full Recap

Anderson Cooper opened CNN Heroes with a joke about Wolf Blitzer and then Benedict Cumberbatch took the stage to introduce Pen Farthing's story ~

Kelly Ripa introduced Ned Norton

Quest Love introduced Patricia Kelly

Christina Hendricks introduced Leela Hazzah and Quvenzhane Wallis told the story of a "Young Wonder"

John Leguizamo introduced Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes

Rosie Perez introduced Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg to end the first hour.

Anderson Cooper opened the second hour and

Kathy Griffin took the stage to introduce Arthur Bloom and Anderson introduced a performance by Sheryl Crow with the Music Corp band ~


Taye Diggs introduced Annette March-Grier, Tyler James Williams introduced the story of the next "Young Wonder" and Anderson introduced the President and CEO of Subaru

Morgan Spurlock introduced Jon Burns

Nick Jonas introduced the third "Young Wonder" and Uzo Aduba introduced Dr. Wendy Ross

Trisha Yearwood was the final performer of the night and sang "Prize Fighter"

And Anderson revealed the 2014 CNN Hero of the Year.....

Anderson stopped to pose for a photo with John Walsh

Some behind the scenes videos, the first from practice ~

the second from the red carpet ~

some red carpet photos from Zimbio.com ~

and Anderson Cooper's post win interview with Pen Farthing ~

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

My computer had a major fritz for a couple days . Now I can write about a few things.
However, none of those things involve "Heroes" so if that's what you're hoping for, sorry. Maybe I'll get to the ATA clips later in the week.

Right now, Monday and Tuesday 360.

Monday's 360 covered Eric Garner's "chokehold" death for three segments.
- Deborah Feyerick reported from a protest.
- Anderson interviewed Patrick Lynch who had the policemen's POV, "…it wasn't a chokehold, it was a textbook takedown maneuver…" Anderson and Lynch went back and forth about definitions and Lynch said something like "… death was caused not by a chokehold but by aphyxiation,,,:
- Panel of Lawrence Koblinsky, Charles Blow and Dan Borgino to discuss it all.
- A report focusing on Albuquerque NM about police and use of excessive force charges.
- Anderson interviewed Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough Prez, about police and race.
- Barbara Starr report on the failed U.S. mission to rescue an American hostage.
- Anderson interviewed former Taliban hostage David Rohde.
= A talk with Alex Foster about Prince William and Duchess Catherine visiting the U.S. Foster was perfectly adequate but this segment could have been so much better if it was Richard Quest instead.

Tuesday's 360:
- The CIA torture report was the lead; a report by Barbara Starr and panel with Jeffrey Toobin, Peter Bergen and some other guy.
- A Drew Griffin report on armed security guards killing people; it was an okay topic but felt like filler and should have been later in the hour.
- Garner chokehold death; the protests, a clip of NYC Mayor DeBlasio, more with Patrick Lynch and then a guy named Hudson (name flashed by in a nanosecond) about police, race and accountability.
- The Nor'Easter affecting the northeast U.S. with Jennifer Gray at the weather map.
= NYC synagogue attack.report which pointedly pointed out how long it took for the police to finally shoot the white guy with the knife.
= A one-minute report on the Garner protest at Grand Central Terminal.

I saw the first few minutes of "Videos Gone Viral" after 360. It looked just like MSNBC's "Caught on Camera" shows.

Of all of the "Heroes" photos on ATA, my favorite is the rehearsal one showing Anderson wearing all black except for very comfy-looking slippers.
And regarding Ben, what's the problem with mentioning him occasionally? He shouldn't be ignored but he shouldn't be given the third degree either. Stating he was at an event with Anderson is perfectly fine. A photo every once in a while of him and Anderson walking the dog is okay.
Does that lay the matter to rest? Or does it stir the kerfuffle up again?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this year's Heroes program. I admire the people for finding a way to make a difference in their own small (some not so small) way and actually doing something instead of just talking about it. The "Young Wonders" were especially inspiring. Guess Kathy Griffin was the comic relief for the night and she played her part well.

Found tonight's AC360 a little strange. I expected much more on the torture report released today and for once John McCain would have been a good AC360 guest. His statement on the floor of the Senate today was newsworthy; and I'm not a fan of his.

Anonymous said...

Why does Kathy Griffin appear to have Joan River's face?
Did they use the same plastic surgeon?
Well Griffin is now the star of "Fashion Police" for those who are interested and she will be taking Joan's place.

Anonymous said...

Off topic from Heros, but Jack Gray seems to have stopped tweeting (last one in July I think).

Is he still with 360? Hope he is ok.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jaanza for saying this about Ben. I don't understand why simply stating that he could be seen on TV sitting in the audience of CNN Heroes caused such a stir around here, so I'm glad to hear you agreeing with me on that one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:20. . I too noticed that Jack Gray stopped tweeting. He had a good sized twitter following so i also wonder why? However Anderson made mention of him on the Ridiculist a few weeks ago. The one concerning his smelly candle so it seems like he is still at CNN.

Anonymous said...

According to TVNewser Heroes came in second on cable after Hannitie's Show on Fox News, Sunday.
It had soemthing like 555,000 viewers, and is being seen as a
CNN success.
All well and good, BUT, if AC and his celebrity fest were on Bravo, his friend Andy Cohen would have Heroes, canceled.
Why? The Housewives have to have at least one million eyeballs an espisode, or they get NEW castmates, and if that doesn't work, they're gone.
Just ask the gals from DC.