Monday, December 01, 2014

Anderson Cooper Tweets....

... the reason he wasn't in the AC360 anchor chair.  The very capable John Berman filled in for him.

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Jaanza said...

Yikes! At the start of 360 I thought Anderson was on vacation. But appendicitis! At least as far as serious illness and surgery are concerned, it's not too bad. Good to read he'll be back tomorrow but I'd give him another day off to rest.

John Berman was okay. Both he and Hayes started with Ferguson repercussions.
During the second segment Berman interviewed Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump but I watched Hayes because he moved on to the death-by-police-shooting victim Tamir Rice in Cleveland.

I stayed with Hayes for segment #3 because 360 had a Randi Kaye report on possible charges in the NYC police choke-hold death while Hayes had a great soliloquy on Obama, his daughters, turkey pardoning behavior & attire and dumb Facebook posts by Elizabeth Lauten (communications person for B-grade GOP Representative).

Next for Berman was a talk with Jean Ceaserez about Bill Cosby resigning from the Board of Trustees of Temple University. This should have been a blurb in the Bulletin.

360 got around to Elizabeth Lauten in a segment titled "Facebook Faux Pas". Dana Bash had a great report on what happened and a look at how Presidential kids are treated by the media. Bash gets big points for mentioning the Dubya twins' underage drinking. However, neither Hayes nor Bash said anything about Lauten's arrest when she was a teenager for shoplifting. A Bulletin was tacked on to the end of this segment.

For the final segments, Berman reported on FBI warnings to U.S. soldiers about ISIS tracking them on social media and Hayes talked about "Giving Tuesday" and highlighted Doctors Without Borders and Partners in Health as two possibilities.

It would be awesome if Anderson says something about "Giving Tuesday" tomorrow. And maybe mention a couple of organizations which help poor people receive health care (National Association of Free Clinics is one).

Anonymous said...

@Jaanza; As it happens appendicitis in older adults can be serious.
Even for a younger person it is tricky and there have patients who have died from it, although that is rare.
Yes, AC should take the week.
Berman is a very capable anchor.