Saturday, December 13, 2014

Anderson Cooper's Exclusive Interview With The Mothers of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin and Tamir Rice

Anderson Cooper was back in the AC360 anchor chair Friday night.  Most of the program was spent on Anderson's exclusive interview as described by the AC360 website:

Connected by similar tragedies, on Friday the mothers of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and Tamir Rice found themselves together in one room, all talking with Anderson Cooper. 

Each of the four women is grieving over a lost son, and though the specifics in each instance varied, certain similarities did exist. And one of those similarities was race.

Here's the beginning of AC360 including a background report and the start of the interview ~

Remarks from former President Bill Clinton on the issue and more of Anderson's interview ~

Anderson wraps up his interview with the four mothers ~

And begins the "race and justice" panel discussion with Sunny Hostin, Harry Houck and Boyce Watkins ~

Part 2 of the panel discussion ~

From social media today ~


AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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aries moon said...

What a sad thing those mothers have in common. No parent should have to go through something as horrible as they have.

Speaking of horrible, that retired cop AC360 keeps trotting out, Harry Houck, is a prime example of the kind of bigoted arrogance and bullying that are the cause of these shootings. Anyone who would deny that racial profiling exists doesn't need to be listened to.

Matt said...

I'd Like to say thank you Mr Anderson for allowing this dialog to air about the killing of unarmed Black men.It's telling how the truth for one person is so different from the next.

I'm a black male and I'm in my 60's.grew up in Bklyn and I've experienced be stopped by police while walking from the park after a game of hand ball. Searched and questioned.And as an adult, stopped while driving on the Hwy, five different times, no speeding tickets no arrest but every time I was stopped. My question of "Why did you pull me over was never answered" but always asked can my vehicle be searched. Is that part of being profiled?


Carl Hewitt said...

Very shameful that grand juries can ignore factual evidence and reflexively give brutal and murderous cops the benefit of the doubt.

We live in a society where Black life has zero value, especially Black male life.

The gentleman on Staten Island was not a violent offender and did not deserve to be executed that way.

Unknown said...