Friday, January 30, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Deflate-Gate

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 on Friday night and it was only a matter of time before "Deflate-Gate" ended up on the RidicuList:

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Jaanza said...

I was a ouple minutes late to Friday's 360. Elizabeth Cohen was already in her report on the measles outbreak; her report foucsed on the Jacks family whose toddler with leukemia is at risk for catching th e measles. During the discussion Anderson asked about measles and the Super Bowl. A valid question but it made me think about Super Bowl security reports from other CNN programs but missing from 360.

The second report started with a report on Sect. of Defense Chuck Hagel. He's made a commetn about the White House pressuring him to release some Gitmo prisoners. To me, this wasn't really big news. Obama has stated he wants to shut down Gitmo so this news wasn't a big surprise.
The segment neded with political news but not the kind I was hoping for. Mitt Romney said he won't run in 2016 so Anderson had to talk to Dana Bash about it.

There's more snowstorms in New England, Miguel Marquez reported from Portland, Maine and Chad Myers was at the weather map. Again, not big news. I started channel-surfing (Hayes was off tonight and Scarborough had the time slot but no way am I watching him). However, I was back in time for Anderson's preview of the next segment, '...will jurors in the Aaron Hernandez tril be able to watch the Super Bowl?' Really? Is that the big question of the day for this murder trial?

More channel-surfing during the segment on the Aaron Hernandez trial.

Randi Kaye reported on Suge Knight's arrest for fatal hit-and-run and Sunny Hostin and Mark Geragos discussed. I barely watched.

The Ridiculist was all about 'Saturday Night Live' and Jimmy Kimmel parodying Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady's news conference on DeflateGate. Someone at 360 found those clips funny but I thought they were 'meh'.

Lastly, more people don't watch the Super Bowl than watch. Will you watch? Will anyone tune into CNN's Anthony Bourdain marathon?

aries moon said...

A bit of politics finally made its way back on 360 Friday night--I thought they'd given up on it for a while. I think Mitt Romney fully intended to run for president again but was pushed out by some of those dark money GOP operatives who see him as a loser and an embarrassment--not that any of the other clowns the right puts up stand a better chance of beating Hillary Clinton. I didn't watch the Chuck Hagel report and the only other report I found interesting was the measels piece--that doctor in the report who showed zero compassion for the threat his unvaccinated children were to others was disgusting. Liked the Ridiculist.

@Jaanza, thanks for the explanation of Chris Haye's political game on Thursday--I switched over to All In during 360 expecting to see Hayes, but he was pre-empted by the awful Morning Joe show--BAD idea MSNBC--no one who watches Hayes & Maddow wants anything to do with Joe and Mika.

Anonymous said...

Right Again aries moon. Caught the discussion on the measles outbreak and the doctor was laughable. These are the kinds of quacks parents without compassion for others have for those who believe in vaccinating their children.
I remember teaching classes of children before the vaccination was a requirement, and the entire class would be infected, for weeks. Luckily, I'm from a generation
that already had all the childhood diseases, but in my humble opinion...these parents who refuse to vaccinate are plain selfish and they should therefore isolate their "charmers" from the public because they
are endangering everybody else.