Thursday, January 29, 2015

Anderson Cooper 360 - The RidicuList: Food Police +

Anderson Cooper anchored AC360 and ended the program with a RidicuList:

One of the segments was an interview with Charles M. Blow.  Mr. Blow wrote an OpEd in the NYT about the incident of his son, a Yale student, being held by campus police at gunpoint and discussed it with Anderson on AC360.

AC360 tweeted the following to promote the interview prior to AC360.   Guess there was a problem with the LIVE bug?

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aries moon said...

Did AC360 reach out to anyone in the Obama Administration for their perspective on the ISIS hostage crisis? Because a panel consisting only of critics of how the administration is handling the situation isn't exactly fair and having a panelist flatly state that "ISIS has won" is a little irresponsible--that is an opinion and without a balanced view of the entire process, viewers are being short-changed but I'm guessing that's not AC360's concern when their main focus is to always assert that the Obama Administration is wrong on foreign policy.

Wasn't the slightest bit interested in the Hernandez trial--360 tends to go overboard on these somewhat insignificent sports trials--when you're dealing with a major cultural discussion like the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident, heavy coverage is warranted, IMO, but sports trials like Oscar Pistorious and Hernandez's just don't have much importance outside of the sports arena but 360 treats them like big news when they could be reporting on something more impactful.

Speaking of impactful, I still didn't see any mention of the Loretta Lynch Attorney General confirmation hearings on 360--I bypassed the bulletin because I was not going to watch any yammering by John McCain, so I don't know what was in it--I'd like to think they mentioned the hearings but I doubt it.

The interview with Charles Blow was the best part of the show, IMO--so strange to have him recounting an actual incident with police involving his son after having heard him discuss his fears for his sons when dealing with cops so many times on 360. Although there ARE cops who are blatantly racist out there, I do agree with Charles Blow about the 'culture' of cops and how that informs their mindset and how they deal with people of color.

Is there some reason why 360 seems to be deliberately avoiding reporting on U.S. politics?

Over on MSNBC, Chris Hayes beat CNN/AC to the punch by hosting a political game show on All In--I wasn't clear on the object of the game because I was switiching between MSNBC and 360, but it looked lively enough.

Jaanza said...

Thursday's 360 was alright but could have been better. I was three minutes late and the report on the ISIS hostages was in full swing. Anderson talked to Frances Townsend, Daniel O'Shea and a woman with the last name Benound(?) Later Anderson narrated a look at the three hostages.

The news that the first officer/co-pilot was flying AirAsia 8501 when it crashed got a full segment, a report by Rene Marsh and a talk with David Soucie. There was a lot of rehashed information and details. This should have been boiled down to a blip in the Bulletin.

I didn't wach the segment on Aaron Hernandez' trial but later saw Mark Geragos giving his perspective.

The 'Better Late Than Never' award goes to the segment on Tahj Blow (Charles Blow's son) being stopped by Yale police with their guns drawn. This news broke late Monday but I guess there was too much snow flying around then so Anderson finally got to it today. However, it was a good Q&A with Charles Blow.

Next segment was Chad Myers predicting another big snowstorm for the northeast U.S., a forecast for Arizona for Super Bowl Sunday and a Bulletin.

The Ridiculist was pretty good; my favorite part was jeffrey Toobin's comment.

Missing from Thursday's show was anything on the Keystone pipeline vote in Congress, the Loretta Lynch Senate confirmation hearing or the melee that broke out last night in Ferguson MO at a community meeting to discuss setting up citizen review board to check up on the police.

ATA Team - I just always take it for granted that the LIVE button is broken and cannot be turned off. From taped reports seen on earlier CNN shows to interviews Anderson introduces as "…I spoke with John Smith earlier today" the LIVE bug is on. I mentioned this problem several times but now have given up.

aries moon said...

I forgot to add that the Ridiculist was so-so except for Jeff Toobin's brief and very funny appearance it.

Jaanza said...

@Aries Moon - Hayes' show on Thursday was entirely a taped piece called "2016 Fantasy Campaign Draft". I suppose it was set up similar to sports fantasy drafts but I never saw one of those.

Hayes was the emcee and the five panelists included Sam Seder, Josh Barro, Michael Steele and two women I'm not familiar with - one with the last name McIntosh. It was fun and entertaining and i Learned a little bit about a few of the more obscure candidates.

One additional note for everybody (thank you Jon Stewart for reminding me): While there were no political segments on yesterday's 360, the Bulletin made time for a clip of John McCain dissing protesters, calling them "low-life scum". The blip was more about McCain's retort and less about the committee hearing it took place in or what the protester's main point was.